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By: Peter S.
A-1 Airport Limo & Taxi
A1 is not only the premier company for Medford that most residents go to but it's the only company that is legally listed on the 411 directory! With real Medford phone numbers and phone numbers that are not cellphones! If you sit back and look at your competition that's out there most of these guys that are here do not have numbers are actually registered in the state of Massachusetts and most of the phone numbers that are out here are their personal softball with the one guy operation type of outfit. Threw the outcome of hard work dedication to its customers and a huge public following from surrounding towns like Arlington Medford Malden Melrose Stoneham Winchester we here at A1 airport limo or taxi make sure that you the customer is totally satisfied not only do we go to the airport like all of them say but also do regular taxi work throughout the city with an average waiting time out 10 to 15 minutes however don't be fooled by the 25 listings out they have the words Medford and Taxi because that's just the way but you the customer they put that somebody out only to have them not show up! The best way to find out who's legally rested and who is legally not listed is by dialing 411 directory and once you do that once take down the phone number and store it in your cell phone it's the best way to always get outstanding service at the drop of a dime very quickly this is what we drive in strive on and after 36 years of being in the business we must've done something right because we're still here . Unlike other companies that have gone out of business around us well have lost 50 to 100% of there Business due to worrying about a hotel in the Square and not putting their time into the residence! We here at A1 have always put the Medford and surrounding residents first because that is the priority and when it comes down to customer service always look for real taxi phone numbers and always know to take care of the residents you'll see every day or every week or every year for the next 25 years not the one guy at the hotel you see once in a lifetime because the hotel will not make or break you the residents will and that's the key to the success of our company! We want to thank you for your outstanding support we want to thank you for your loyalty as a customer and we also want to thank you for the last 35 years of service and we hope that we will grant you 35 years more! Our phone numbers are still the same 781-391-5000 781-391-7777 and 781-395 5000 These my friends are real taxi phone numbers and what you should look for in any city that you travel to. Its like we told you if your feeling skeptical and you're looking at phone numbers on the Internet that happened to look like this(7382) and you're wondering why everybody's number looks like it's a cellphone 9 times out of 10 it is ! When in doubt for your own safety and protection call 411! We also offer van service up to 6 to 8 people and I always recommend you to book one or two days ahead at all times and the earlier the better for your reservation. We want all of you that have a happy and wonderful summer vacation and look forward to seeing and hearing from you again as a repeated customer! Thank you A-1 Airport limo and Taxi LLC
By: kristen7142
A-1 Airport Limo & Taxi
Wrong phone number has been written in several areas please call 781-395-5000 for all your taxi needs we are still here we are in business and we were already been here over 36 years and we're going to continue for another 36 years sorry for the misunderstandingjust trying to get things corrected thank you.
By: maldentaxi
Kido Taxi
The best taxi company around ,flat rate price to Logan Airport.

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