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By: Toshi S.
Daffodils Pre School
My family loved this school. The only reason we aren't still enrolled is that we have relocated. I've seen the same teachers since my first child started there in 2008. My second child graduated this year. We loved this school because it's one of the few places that offered 2 and 3 day programs as well as half day programs. My kids did the 2 and 3 day programs and were reading by the age of 4. My oldest child was reading at a second grade level in kindergarten. The school is always clean. The teachers have been nice to my children and polite to my husband and me, as has the director. We enjoyed the Christmas and end of year performances and the art expos and presentation night gave us as parents, the opportunity to see what our children had accomplished. My kids enjoyed their yoga, and art classes as well as the fun bus sessions. Neither of my kids cried a single day at school and always came home smiling and happy. I would definitely recommend this school to parents who'd like to give their kids a well rounded education.
By: Robbie C.
Daffodils Pre School
Being a very cautious and paranoid parent, I did EXTENSIVE research into several schools in the area before choosing Daffodils. It has an impeccable record. After spending months looking through parents' comments online , physically meeting several parents whose kids went there, and checking independent sources, this school came out a clear winner. I have a VERY difficult time trusting my child to anyone's care after a very bad and traumatic experience I had with an earlier care provider, and so for me to trust my child with Daffodils, that says and means A LOT. In fact, the care, warmth and meticulousness demonstrated by the staff and management has really helped me as a parent to trust again. The owners and management are always willing to go the extra mile, which shows in the consistency, quality and low turnover rate of their staff, the word of mouth business this school gets and the no. of satisfied parents I have met. Every parent deserves the peace of mind that I finally have found with Daffodils.
By: Jt P.
Daffodils Pre School
I would recommend every prospective parent to go tour the school to see for themselves what a wonderful program they have. I have visited many schools and had my children in 2 different preschools (one was a daycare and one a montessori) and was very frustrated by the staff turnover and lack of routine. The directors were hardly ever present. At daffodils we found a perfect fit. The director is hands on, there is a surprisingly low staff turnover. You can tell the owners and directors have a passion for education. They hardly advertise and mostly rely on referrals and word of mouth and that is how we found out about them. It is obvious that the school is being run by people who have a vision and passion for education and children and not as a money making business. This reflects in their teachers , in their educational philosophy and the success of the children when they start kindergarten. We have absolutely loved daffodils, and we are blessed to have found it in our community.
By: Saka K.
Daffodils Pre School
We ve had two of our children at Daffodils over the course of 8 years and during this time we have seen hardly any staff turnover, which is rare in preschools. Majority of Daffodils teachers have been with them since they opened over 9 years ago. All the lead teachers have degrees and training, and the staff is very loving. I have always found the school to be well staffed, they also have a full time float who helps in the classes. Daffodils was referred to us by another parent and we are grateful. The school has provided a caring, loving and nurturing environment for our children and given them a strong academic foundation. Majority of the enrollment is referral based, which is testament to the quality of the program. Sometimes a particular environment is not a good fit for a child, but it is unfair to submit reviews that are not based on facts. We have had a wonderful experience at Daffodils and would highly recommend it. Daffodils is a hidden gem!
By: Lauren G.
The Learning Experience
After 12 weeks of maternity leave I was very anxious to leave my baby and go back to work...I am so glad I found The Learning Experience, they are located very close to my office so I often go there and spend the lunch break with my baby, the management team and the teachers are great about it and make me feel very welcome...their infant room is so clean, and I am blessed because my baby hasn't really fallen sick despite many of my friends preparing me for the worst...touchwood! I love the fact that they teach sign language and also teach curriculum though our babies are so young...they take the babies out to the playground everyday which I love, sometimes they are doing it at lunch time when I am there so we get to hang out together outside...I could not have asked for more as I went back to work...this has been an amazing experience for a nerve wrecked new mom and I recommend them to all my friends...
By: Baily S.
Daffodils Pre School
I couldn't be happier with the care,education and nurturing my boys receive at Daffodils Montessori Preschool. I was looking for a school with values and that would focus on their individuality and education rather than a "daycare" environment plus I needed to be able to afford the school:)!. My sons LOVE Daffodils Montessori Preschool. It is the best feeling in the world to see them so excited about going to school - I love hearing "mommie I had a great day:-)!"... "momme I did... and we did..." I feel very confident that they are getting great instruction in academics and learning essential life skills through the Montessori method. The staff is awesome..patient, sincere, gentle and their love of children shows everyday. I highly recommend Daffodils Montessori Preschool to anyone who is looking for a Montessori school for their children!
By: Keese R.
Daffodils Pre School
I love Daffodil's. We have been going there since my little girl was in the nursery. Both of my kids attend there and we have been very happy. Choosing a daycare is one of the hardest decisions I had to make and I have been very pleased. The staff and teachers feel like family to me and treat our kids like that. Additionally, we are extremely pleased with both of our kids progression through the Montessori program. My 5 year old is already reading and her math skills are impressive for her age level. The school offers all the extras that you usually have to pay for like Spanish, Fun Bus, Music, Yoga & computers. It's already included so they have a very well rounded program. I highly recommend this school.
By: mlopez
Wonderland Montessori Academy of McKinney
We have recently joined Wonderland and could not be happier! The staff has made the transition so smooth and our children have really adjusted quickly. We have a three year old and an 8 month old, we were pleased to see that the school offers so much more but the rates were comparable to other Montessori schools in the area and they offer a discount for Raytheon employees, which was a plus for us! We love that they have so many 'extra specials' that are included in the tuition (Music, yoga, Spanish and Computer) and the meal costs are included as well. It makes life so much easier when you know you are leaving kiddos somewhere that they are happy and truly cared for!
By: Tamara C.
Daffodils Pre School
This school is fantastic. The teachers and all the staff are very loving. I have read some of the reviews and i would like to say that I am not aware of any teacher turnover in the 2 and 1/2 years my daughter attended the school. She learned so much, in terms of personal development as well as academics, and she can already read and write. She used to be very shy around anyone (kids/adults) and now she is a lot more comfortable. She is starting kindergarten next year, and we already signed up our second daughter for the next school year. I would recommend this school to anybody who wants their kids to receive an exceptional care.
By: Erna D.
Daffodils Pre School
We have had both of our children at Daffodils and have been extremely happy with the program. The quality of their staff and low turnover rate is rare to find. We had toured several Montessori schools and did not like the traditional Montessori approach. A friend of mine at work told us about Daffodils Preschool and we loved how they have used Montessori and borrowed from other practices to create a custom curriculum. My older son started Kindergarten last year and was reading and very advanced for his age. The school does not advertise much and gets a lot for referrals, which says a lot about them. Absolutely love it.

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