By: Tammy P.
Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen
Since they built a new chicken place near me and I love chicken I decided to try it. Everyone raved about how good Popeye's chicken was and now I could see for myself. Well I was ok with the chicken and the biscuits were fairly decent but I am a southern girl and a stickler for those side dishes. To me they make a meal worth it. To my surprise none of them were good; as a matter of fact they were down right disgusting. How can you mess up green beans so badly? They were some kind of odd soupy mess that tasted like left over gravy and beans mixed together from that Aunt who can not cook and always insists on bringing the dish to Thanksgiving. The onion rings and fries were horribly greasy and the added heat made it worse. The mac and cheese was like someone cooked the noodles till they fell apart and they dumped a can of that imitation cheese sauce in it. Horrible. The cole slaw was so so but not worth the trip, and you would think corn on the cob would be easy; no this was tasteless and dry. I am not a fan of rice and beans or jambalaya so I didn't try those but after this I will not be going back to try anything. Live and learn. My experience with Popeyes cost me a ton of cash and an upset stomach. I recommend if you want just chicken and biscuits then this is ok..but if you want a real meal complete with good sides- find another chicken house; this one does not meet this southern girls standards.
By: Kia D.
Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen
I love eating Popeye's Chicken. Although at this location the service is awful. Inside and out there is always a line. The few times that I have eaten there in the last 2weeks I've had to pull aside to go inside b/c all of my order was not there. The staff is not professional at all. I even had the cashier to tell me ..... Your gonna have to wait til we drop sum mo chicken. That's exactly how she said it and I was so embarrassed for her b/c she look like me (black) smh. Also when I did receive my food today it was cold or old but to say the least....I'M DONE WITH THIS LOCATION! NOT PROFESSIONAL AT ALL.

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