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By: Cynthy G.
Dr R Eric Tavarez - Tavarez Family Clinic
It is very unfortunate that you and your spouse feel this way Mr. Carr, our office thrives to give the best customer service. It’s understandable human nature of people to get upset and say things that are only half true when they do not get their way. Although it is true that we do not overbook for any doctor at this office, we don’t ever leave a patient without medical care. If a patient calls we do offer appointments with any other doctor that is available, but sometimes the patient insists that Dr X is THEIR doctor and has been for the last X number of years and refuse to be serviced by any other doctor and agree to wait for the next available appointment. Doctor ownership is not option at this office, we are here to provide medical service to any patient in need for it, and if you’re sick you’re sick.Not a day goes by when we don’t hear about Obamacare and government changes for insurances on today’s news. This is such an uninteresting subject that it is no wonder these days patients are completely unaware of the requirements and recommendations for the doctor’s from their insurances. Our family practice is a business but it is based on the medical care of the patient in their interest and not at the interest on the doctor’s pocket book. Constant correspondence is exchanged between doctors and insurances daily to make sure that all the routine examinations are done yearly and to assert that proper treatment is provided for patient. A good description of all these requirements is provided in the insurance handbook and any additional questions can be addressed to member services number in the back of the card, if any doubts on services should ever arise. Every policy instated every action taken at Tavarez Family Clinic, even if it is not to the patients personal liking, is always carried out in the interest of what is medically necessary for the patient.
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By: A S.
Dr R Eric Tavarez - Tavarez Family Clinic
Dr Tavarez and Dr Joule are wonderful, however, Rosalva who is supposed to be in charge of front office has a terrible attitude and has trained her clerks to be the same. Don't even piss her off by asking for things that are the doctors responsibility because she takes it personal and you will never get what you need. It is very sad that Dr Tavarez is not aware of how damaging having that person as part of his staff is. Rosalva has no business working in the health care profession. Just like someone else mentioned, the office staff say things that supposedly the doctors say but is not true. Clean up your office staff Dr Tavarez and replace with staff who represent you and not their own interests. Your staff are ugly people.
By: Lee F.
Care 4 U
This is an great service! I went in yesterday with a terrible sore throat and unable to talk above a whisper. I was seen very quickly. I got 2 shots which started working fast! I started my prescription and I am already much better. These people understand that people like me who work for a living and must get back to work need to be seen quickly. At other Dr.s' offices, even appointments are not kept and I have literally sat in waiting rooms over 5 hours! Thank you!
By: Laura V.
Dr R Eric Tavarez - Tavarez Family Clinic
This doctor is simply THE BEST!! I have worked w/ doctors for about 10 years now & he has the most amazing chair side manners i have ever seen!! My husband & i were in for just a general checkup & Dr Tavarez took his time & explained everything in complete detail!! The waiting time was under 10 min & our whole appt took less than 1 hour!! From the staff in the front office to Dr Tavarez himself, was a wonderful experience!! Keep up the great work everyone!!
By: amazzzing
R. Erik Tavarez M.D., P.A.
This Doctor is awesome! His staff is super friendly and helpful! They actually call the prescription refills in before you leave the office! The time it takes to see the nurse and check all my information to the time i get to see the doctor is less than 15 minutes! And once the doctor comes in to see me HE DOESNT TAKE 2 MINUTES AND LEAVES, HE TAKES HIS TIME TO MAKE SURE IM DOING GREAT! Tavarez Family Clinic is the best most helpful family practice i know!
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By: Encarnacion G.
Prosperity Healthcare
Absolutely a true display of Professionalism and Care. The promptness to respond to any questions or concerns and the expertise to resolve anything that you are wondering truly shows their commitment to their clients as well as their employees. Excellence in their work is part of the model for the care of your loved ones under their care. They truly exceed your expectations. Mr. E. GuerreroEGB~SMSPRESIDENT AND CEO
By: Janie A.
Dr R Eric Tavarez - Tavarez Family Clinic
Dr. Tavarez and his staff are awesome! We have been seeing him for about one year and we always get excellent, friendly treatment. We like how he takes time to explain things to us and how careful he is with our medications. His staff is also very skilled, helpful, and very professional.
By: Phyllis O.
Dr. Pablo Tagle III Chiropractic Wellness
He goes above and beyond with his patients I have the highest regard Of him as a Dr and as a person . He is kind gentle and very excellent professionally. I highly recommend him . One treatment I am better.
By: pablo.i.tagle
Dr. Pablo Tagle III Chiropractic Wellness
Dr. Tagle Chiropractic is one of the best chiropractic clinics that helps reduce neck and low back pain. They are a ver caring office that can help alleviate various types of muscular and joint pain.
By: Valerie V.
Valley Pediatric Surgical Specialists
Dr. Garza is amazing with her patients. The office is perfect for children . Very friendly staff.
Tips & Advices
Under most health insurance plans, urgent care visits will require a copay that is usually less expensive than emergency room visits, but more expensive than standard doctor visits - around $120 on average. Urgent care staff do not have much information regarding individual coverage, so be prepared and check with your insurance provider to understand costs.
It is common for urgent care physicians to recommend follow-up treatment after an initial visit. Most commonly, patients will be asked to return to the clinic or their primary care doctor if symptoms get worse or do not improve in a certain amount of time. Patients might be referred to a specialist for treatment of more complex conditions. Or patients may simply be given a few basic tips for recovering at home. In any case, patients should follow the doctor’s advice regarding next treatment steps.
If needed, urgent care doctors can prescribe medication to treat conditions. This may include antibiotics for an infection or pain medication for a broken bone. Be sure to follow the doctor’s instructions for taking these medicines.
Be sure to explain your symptoms to physicians in as much detail as possible. Note when or where the symptoms first appeared if possible. Inform urgent care staff of any medical conditions you may have, all allergies, and all medications you are currently taking. Also be sure to bring proper forms of identification, and any health insurance cards/information to help process your visit.
You should be able to find a 24-hour urgent care clinic by searching online resources such as yellowpages.com. Be sure the location is included in your health plan network before visiting.

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