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By: Kimbre S.
Liz Kingdom Of Love
Kim L. I am an employee at the Kingdom Of Love and ran past your comment, well first of all like you and I both know he was not living with you nor your family because of his violent behavior, he's been at multiple group homes before Kingdom Of Love and was terminated for spitting and fighting not only staff but the other tenants there, he lived in a single room with brand new Carpet, fully furnished, nice clean environment, air conditioned room and he destroyed it ,had it nasty dirty everyday mustard stains and ketchup stains all in the carpet and would not clean behind his self on top of his dirty nasty mouth calling people racial slur and such ,but you know your brother who couldn't live with you nor your mom. So don't make the Kingdom Of Love out to be your brothers problem he had problems before he came and when he left. She could not help him. Can't help a person that doesn't except any help! Thanks.
By: Thomas K.
Liz Kingdom Of Love
I have lived at Liz Kingdom of Love for over three months. I am very happy. The house is nice, spacious and clean. The others living here are pleasant and considerate of each other. One person might vacuum, another might dust or clean the bathrooms and yet another will cook breakfast or dinner. The harmony among us is amazing.

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