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By: cynpro
Dr. Gary Swan
Ladies, I understand that choosing an OBGYN can be a difficult decision to make. Let me help you. One day I woke up and literally found myself without an OBGYN. After passing out at my BFFs wedding in Canada no doubt, my top priority was getting back to the USA and finding a new doctor. Going through the painstaking paperwork process, relationship building all over again, PAPs and styup tables just rubbed me in the worst way in my time of need. My last OBGYN one just disappeared into thin air. I am not from the area and my nearest support was 600 miles away. I took a chance on sharing my problem with my new neighbor who also has written a review (Escpike). Ironically, we were both in the same situation without a doctor, different medical problems. She had been referred to Dr. Gary F Swann by a co-worker just the day before. I will never forget her handing me his card the very next day. She too was a new patient and was able to get in to see Dr. Swann in 2 days. I called immediately and my appointment followed hers by 3 days! I was happy. My first day walking through the door of my new male OBGYN…I opened the door, signed in and behind the window was my past neighbor whom I adored.... Dr. Swann’s nurse Terri. I knew I was home.It turns out, I had some serious tumors. Dr. Swann and his staff handled EVERYTHING…from beginning to end. I am now 7 days post op (surgery). I am also 129 days smoke free. I thank my Dr. and his staff for walking this walk with me, supporting me and my decisions, for listening to my concerns and teaching me that life does get better…the more you know. I could not ask for more. Ladies I am a 46 year old Dominican Italian woman of color. I have no affiliation with Dr. Swann’s practice other than being a real patient. Turns out, being a male physician was even better. He was “uber” sensitive much more than the female OBGYN docs I have only known. I am blessed to know him and his entire staff. Hope this has helped you. Take the time to read reviews from REAL People like me. You will be glad you did!!!
By: lkornos
Dr. Gary Swan
Dr. Swann recently performed my surgery. During my office visit, I found him to be verycaring, concerned and professional. The day of my surgery he took the time to go over everything again and answer our questions. Not once did he seem uninterested orbothered. Wish other physicians had his great bedside manner. I have recommended him to my sister. His staff is wonderful as well and that is a hard combination to find.
By: annabarnes09
Dr. Gary Swan
I would highly recommend Dr. Gary swann to any friend or family member. Gary is very sweet, friendly, and to the point. Compared to all my other Obs, he has made me feel most comfortable. I dont feel he is judgmental at all, and gives an honest opinion when asked. He is good at what he does and i really feel like he takes his job seriously. He is thorough, and thoughtful. Best Ob iv'e ever had.
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By: Kelly W.
Dr. Gary Swan
DR.Swan has delivered four of my five boys all born by C section, my youngest is almost 16 ,l didn't think I would be needing him anymore , am 47 and just found out am pregnant he is the only doctor I would ever want to to see am having some issues so I called him the day I found out and I got I see him today it's only been a few days since I found out, I really love this doctor.
By: paulsen
Dr. Gary Swan
I have sent several close friends, my daughter and my mother here. Dr. Swann is a wonderful, caring doctor. He has delivered my last 2 children and preformed surgery and many office visits. I believe any lady that wants a caring doctor should see him. His staff is friendly and caring as well. They all make a great team over there. I do wish he could be a doctor for all my needs.
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By: Elisabeth S.
Dr. Gary Swan
Dr. Swan is AMAZING! 4 years ago tomorrow I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Considering I was 42........it was a little worrisome. However, Dr. Swan and his staff made my entire pregnancy and birth perfect! I could not have asked for a better person to monitor my daughter's development. I can't thank him enough for my little blessing!
By: alexis.prokup
Dr. Gary Swan
I have been seeing Dr. Swann for about 20 years now. He delivered both of my children. I had complications in the delivery of both of them and he was there to talk me through it. I would recommend woman I know to see him, because he is a wonderful Dr. I have nothing but the highest regard for him.
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By: Andrea W.
Maumee Discount Pharmacy
Excellent service! Quick and not only very helpful, extremely nice guy who seems to genuinely care!!
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