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By: marc.chouteau.3
Bulwark Exterminating
This has been my second time in need of exterminating services and the first company I went with was all around a disappointment so this time I was a little apprehensive to spend more money on what could once again be a waste of time. However i contacted bulwark and asked them to send someone out as soon as they could to my surprise two days later david Woollen shows up at my door. It was a surprise mainly because my wife actually contacted them and my phone was on silent so I missed the thirty minute warning call that he was coming (my fault). He was very thorough and had a ton of tips and tricks as far as protecting my home from creepy crawlers. The best aspect though was how personable he was which to most people wouldn't matter but I'm not a big fan of letting strangers into my home but David is such a nice guy you never find yourself sitting there trying to ignore the stranger walking throughout your home. In my future bug killing needs I won't be calling anyone else.
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By: Paul T.
Bulwark Exterminating
I have been with Bulwark since building my house last spring. I was not happy with the company that the builder had chosen to treat and service my house. I called Bulwark to come out because I was being overrun with spiders even though the builder's choice "said" they had treated prior to my closing. Bulwark worked with my schedule and treated the inside and outside. They got rid of all of them and have come out on a regular schedule and keep my new home bug free. The last service call could not be completed because of the extreme cold but Marcello did what he could and gave me his personal cell number to call him the next week when it was suppose to be warmer and he would return on my schedule to finish. He returned as promised and completed the treatment and left me a note he had been back and if there were any problems to call him. He was dedicated to completing what he promised and left his card that showed he had been there. He took pride in his work.
By: Asaad M.
Varmint Gone Mathews
We called Varmint Gone because we had a problem with squirrels. Squirrels are a particularly destructive nuisance, as they have very strong, sharp teeth that will chew through walls, causing damage and allowing more destructive pests into the home. The damage they do can be very dangerous; they’ve been known to chew through service lines, causing electrical damage, blackouts, and even fires from exposed wires. We obviously wanted them gone as quickly as possible before they did any more damage to my property. Keith came out and did an excellent job taking care of the flying squirrels, which are a protected species. Not only did he remove the pests and remove their scent, he also sealed the way they got in, as well as the potential weak spots he found with steel, so they could not chew through it and get back in, and even offered a warranty. We strongly recommend him to anyone who is having issues with wildlife. We cannot thank Keith enough for his help.
By: lovelyjirny
Bulwark Exterminating
It’s my first time using a pest control company. I called three different companies and left messages for an estimate. Bulwark was the only one that responded and they responded quickly, the next business day after a Holiday.I needed an appointment right away and they sent Evann McFarley two days later. He jet sprayed the perimeter of my house and any area I asked him to, even the crawl space (really happy about that) and the sheds.The only thing I was not sure of was the Wisdom Lawn Granules that I read on my receipt is one of the products he was supposed to use. Are these granules supposed to be spread over my lawn? I didn’t see him do that. I’m sure if it was supposed to be done he’ll come back to do it. Evann McFarley was professional in manner and appearance and did his job quickly and knowledgeably. Told me I may see a bug here and there until the products took effect but afterward I shouldn’t see them often at all!Thanks, Evann!
By: janet.santorebumgarner
Bulwark Exterminating
I am a relatively new customer with Bulwark Exterminating. We originally had them out to do a termite inspection and treatment and we liked them so much that we decided to sign up for their regular pest control service. BEN SYKORA did such a fantastic job today spraying both inside and perimeter of house outside, as well as, treating yard with granules as I was having a few "pests" in my home since the last spray which was done. He covered every nook and place tiny insect hide or could come in, he really took time to look in all corners, vents, etc. Everyone has been courteous and very proactive, but, I really was impressed with the level of service that we received from Ben during today's appointment.If you are looking for a superior exterminating company; a company where customer service is paramount, call Bulwark.My thanks to Ben and the entire staff who have assisted me during my time with Bulwark!
By: anna.cohn.1
Bulwark Exterminating
I have been using Bulwark for the last 18 months and have had nothing but good experiences. I always receive calls informing of upcoming sprays (I am scheduled every other month) including a time range and reminder that I can change the day/time if the scheduled time does not work for me.I have had significantly less bug activity in my house. In one instance when I mentioned to the technician that I had two bugs in the house within one week he made sure to come inside and spray in the house in the areas where we saw the creepies.I had my last spray last week. The technician, Ron, was courteous and even informed me what they would be spraying for based on the time of year. The is the first time I have met Ron as I am not always home during service and I have had others perform work at my house as well. Never a bad expereince with any of the technicians. I would absolutely recommend Bulwark.
By: devin.kouten
Bulwark Exterminating
Our tech John I. From Matthews, NC was wonderful! He is very knowledgable and thorough. I would give 5 stars but the secretary that answered the phone was rude when I asked why we weren't given a call to setup our follow up appt, the tech just came and we were on vacation. We were given no email or calls which I saw from previous reviews has happened before. She started to tell me that they only do outside follow up and don't call, then I reminded her that we were told we would have an in home extermination for the $75 fee. I would give John I. 6 stars but customer service 3.
By: Julie M.
Bulwark Exterminating
I would like to pay compliment to one of your best service techs,DAVID WOOLLEN! He has provided me with above & beyond service for my pest control these last few months. He is timely,polite, & very efficient in taking care of my pest control needs. Please make note that in January of 2016 I was unable to place a review for DAVID WOOLLEN, due to being in the hospital & no internet service @ home while recovering. So please allow this review to offer him his $15 tip for the month of January as well as his last visit this past March! Thank you Julie Morgan A very happy customer!
By: Kristin L.
Bulwark Exterminating
This was our first time hiring Bulwark Extermination services and what a great experience it was. Jose was the technician that came and he was on time and did a wonderful job explaining everything every step of the way. He also listened to all my concerns and answered thoroughly all the questions I had. Jose Rojas was very knowledgable and there was no pressure at all to buy any other services. Great overall pest control service for a fair price. I would definatly have them come back again if we needed it.
By: ladysinger
Bulwark Exterminating
I purchased a one-time pest control treatment through an Angie's List Big Deal. Within 5 minutes, Jeff from Bulwark called and tried to sell me a long-term contract, which was off-putting. Then they didn't show up for the appointment. Apparently there was some unusual conflict and my time had been changed without my knowledge. Despite this rocky start, Mario from Bulwark showed up this morning on time, explained the process again, got to work, and was very polite throughout. As far as results, time will tell.
Tips & Advices
Ask your pest control company about no-kill traps you can use if you want to get mice, rabbits, opossums or other furry creatures out of your house without harming them.
Many pest control experts now offer environmentally friendly treatment for your home and yard with insecticides that aren't as harsh for the ecosystem. Check with exterminators around your area to see if they provide these kinds of services. Also, keep your plants free from harmful chemicals by spraying cedar oil or soapy water on your flowers.
  • Dispose of garbage regularly.
  • Don't  leaving food or drink out.
  • Clean up after spills as soon as you can.
  • Drain any standing water in your house or yard.
  • Regularly mow and rake your lawn.
If you find insects and other animals trying to get in through cracks or openings, use a caulk gun to fill the gaps. You'll also want to either use traditional bug spray or a citronella candle to keep bugs such as mosquitos away from you during the summer months.
The price for exterminators can range broadly since they can charge for a monthly inspection and treatment. The final bill also comes down to the square footage of your property.
When pest control technicians visit your home or place of business, expect them to first identify what insect or other animal it is that's causing trouble. After identification, they will inspect your building to see where the pests are coming from and locate their hive or nest. Then the exterminator will spray or set out traps and bait according to which pest you have.

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