By: kpmaryville
I have used them for years and have always had outstanding service. They didn't used to provide a can, so when I got married, my husband wanted to use Waste Management. We changed, and the service was so terrible that we eventually came back. For some reason, I have had the hardest time paying this bill on time. I think because it is quarterly, and it gets lost in the shuffle. They have never cut off my service or dumped trash in my driveway. They send a reminder notice. I set my account up on auto-pay to solve the problem. I would highly recommend them.
By: Joni C.
Premiere Tree Svc
Premiere tree service is the best. I called another tree service I shall not mention the name. They cut a tree and fell on top of one of my buildings and just left and left the tree on my building. I called them they would not answer. I called premiere tree service and they came immediately they got the tree off my building and fixed a few shingles that it had messed up. They are a lifesaver and they are very reasonable on prices. I recommend them to anybody looking for a reliable and professional Tree Service.
By: Tracy H.
Carl's Garbage Service
Trying to watch our budget, we changed from a more expensive "giant" garbage pick up service to Carl's (C&W) service and have been VERY PLEASED. We have a great garbage man, Sean, who always goes the extra mile to provide good service. NEVER had any problems with this garbage service like one other "owl" service that would FLY down the gravel road...our garbage man has NEVER driven like that where you would worry about kids or pets in the neighborhood! I would highly recommend them for garbage service!
By: d.stein
Premiere Tree Svc
WOW! Premiere tree cutting service did a WONDERFUL job!, They cut down a huge Walnut tree in my back yard. This was in an extensively landscaped area around the tree. They took down a small portion of fence- and replaced it perfectly so that my landscaping and rock gardens were not damaged in any way. I've had trees cut by other companies- and I have always been upset by the resulting damage. Premiere cleaned up everything- and actually made my yard more beautiful than before!
user avatar
By: dana.rimback
Premiere Tree Svc
I had some very tall trees that needed large branches removed that were hanging over my shed. I had another tree service estimate the job, but was told it would be difficult to do. Premiere Tree Service came out and with complete confidence gave me an affordable estimate. Soon they were at work, completed the job in a timely manner and cleaned up the entire area without any problems or damage to my shed. That's Great Service!
By: Crystal H.
i love this service. they take all the trash even the loose stuff that falls in the bottom sometimes. they provided the can for me as well. they offer recycleing now and i dont have to sort it. they take plastic, paper, cardboard, aluminum, and tin cans. they sort at their facility and take it to spectra to be processed.i think they are the only garbage removal in blounty county that recycles and i just love them.
By: nola.chester
Premiere Tree Svc
I called Premier tree service to remove a tree on my property. They were on time as promised and did a very professional job. They not only removed the tree off my property they took care of the stump as well. They very professional on their clean up and their was no damages to property. I highly recommend Premier Tree Service to anyone that tree and lawn services.
By: arborscapes
Arborscapes tree service
arborscapes did a great job on my tree removal they were very honest and friendly they did very well on cleaning up around my house and i would greatly recommend arborscapes to any friends or family members or to anyone looking for a great company to do the job right so if you ever need any trees removed just give Arbor scapes a call
By: jwaldroop
Nick Dwyer Certified Arborist
Nick did a fantastic job on trimming and pruning several of our trees, balancing aesthetic concerns with the health of the trees. He obviously loves his work, and is very knowledgeable, conscientious, and professional. We found his rates to be very fair and the quality of work was top-notch. I wholeheartedly recommend Nick.
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By: Prefer P.
I have been receiving service from this company for many years, and so have several of my family and friends. I would definitely recommend this service! They are great people and all around get better and better every year! Feels great supporting a local family business! God bless! Thank you!
Tips & Advices
Many services offer long-term contracts that include regularly scheduled cleanings. These contracts sometimes, but do not always, result in discounted prices. Most cleaning services offer discounts in exchange for customer referrals.
Homeowners should review their cleaning service's damage/breakage policy. Some businesses compensate for damaged items, while others do not.
Not always. Before hiring a cleaning service, homeowners should confirm the company verifies its employees' identities and performs background checks. Those planning to hire a self-employed cleaner rather than go through a business should inquire about background check options available from their state's attorney general.
  • The annual costs. Weekly services quickly add up, and homeowners may need to pay additional taxes if they choose a self-employed cleaner.
  • Language barriers and miscommunications. Some professional cleaners might speak English as a second language .
  • Background checks and employment verification. Homeowners can be held liable if they employ a person not legally permitted to work in the U.S.
Some services charge more for pets while others do not. Regardless, homeowners should keep in mind that any pet-related cleaning, such as emptying a litter box, adds to the amount of time the service charges for.

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