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By: Don B.
Blount County Eye Center
My glasses order originally got messed up, but I don't think it was their fault. But they were so impressive in how they offered to help and it got fixed quickly. The customer service was outstanding compared to what I am used to. I did not see the doctors here, just brought in my rx from Knoxville. Extremely pleased and happy and I can see wonderfully now. Was also pleased with prices. They were very reasonable and their selection was good. The space itself was also great. Extremely welcoming and there was no feel of the pushy salesperson I've had in the past. I especially enjoyed the music/feel in there. Very relaxing. I would recommend them to anyone looking for eyeglasses. They went above and beyond to fix a problem for me.
By: stevenkenderick
Blount County Eye Center
i went to other eye doctors in maryville for years growing up. and for years and years i was told that i couldn't wear contacts because of my prescription. then i went to dr. tantum and guess what...he put me in contacts and i'm never going anywhere else!! he took the time to explain everything to me and his staff was EXTREMELY helpful teaching me how to put in my contacts! i'll be sending my friends and family here for years now.if i had to say one negative thing, the parking lot is a little hard to get in/out of when the traffic is busy.
By: Sue G.
Blount County Eye Center
Night and day! I've been going to Dr. Tantum Sr. for years and he's always been a great doctor, but his staff was never that great. This year when I went I was blown away!! I got two "hellos" when I walked in the door, the staff was so extremely helpful and friendly and there wasn't a person in there without a smile. I told Dr. Tantum about it during my exam, and when he asked me to rate my experience I had no problem at all! Well done Dr. Tantum Sr. and Jr.!!
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By: Melissa H.
Blount County Eye Center
Wonderful people!!! Jus the best experience at a doctors office in a really long time. So roomy and comfortable! Dr. Susan is AMAZING with my kids. I now have two "future eye doctors" after our visit and how captivated they were with her every move! If you live in Maryville you need to make this your eye doctor!
By: osmosisjeff45
Blount County Eye Center
This is right down the road from my house so I chose to come here for my eye exam. I was very pleased with my experience too. The staff was friendly and the doctor explained everything to me. I also found a great pair of glasses and they were ready in about 3 days. I'll be going back in the future!
By: Nat A.
Blount County Eye Center
so happy to have these guys around! my husband got something from his workshop in his eye on thanksgiving day morning and was almost crying in pain! the doctor here came in just to take care of my him!! it was a life-saver for our family yesterday. thank you thank you thank you!!
By: Kim B.
Blount County Eye Center
Going the extra mile every time... Whether it's a scratched lens or warranty service on a designer frame, all of their staff try to make me happy and save me time and money. On at least 3 visits, the staff gave service I did not expect, yet I left very satisfied each time...
By: Leslie P.
Blount County Eye Center
Dr. Tantum really knows what he is talking about and always makes it a point to get to know you better with each visit. The staff is also very friendly and helpful. When I was picking out my new glasses they made sure that I knew what I was purchasing before I went to pay.
By: Charles S.
Blount County Eye Center
i have a very rare eye condition and this is the only place in town that understands it. dr tantum is fantastic, as well as the rest of the staff there! only place me and my family will go to for our vision needs! we have been with them for years.
By: Cassandra L.
Blount County Eye Center
Dr. Susan is an absolute doll! I was having a rough day, but she helped to really lift me up. And the staff here are incredible. You can tell customer service means a lot to them compared to other places. No pushy sales people for my glasses!!
Tips & Advices
While the first appointment is the most comprehensive, the majority of appointments with an ophthalmologist begin with a basic eye exam followed by a refraction to test if glasses are needed. Other tests might include an eye muscle coordination exam, a check of pupil response and peripheral vision, slit lamp microscope test to look at the anterior segment of the eye, and an intraocular pressure assessment.
Most eye doctors will charge different amounts for their services, but a basic eye exam with an ophthalmologist can range from $50 to $300. Additional tests and treatment will add to the price.
Ophthalmology subspecialties include strabismus/pediatric ophthalmology, neuro-ophthalmology, retina/uveitis ophthalmology, cornea/anterior segment ophthalmology, ophthalmic plastic surgery, and reconstruction.
Ophthalmologists can diagnose macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, ocular albinism, vitreous traction, cataracts, astigmatism, myopia, retinoblastoma, and many more.
The most popular ophthalmology procedures are cataract, laser eye treatment, and glaucoma surgeries.

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