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Gynecology, Obstetrics & Medical Cosmetic Services.

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Dr. James Dalla Riva, a board certified physician in obstetrics & gynecology and his staff can provide you with quality care. Our services are designed to meet the obstetrical and gynecological needs of our patients. Our services include: well woman exams, infertility treatment, menopause therapy, laser therapy, laparoscopic surgery, and dermal fillers latisse. We also offer a variety of cosmetic procedures using effective FDA approved laserscope treatments and can offer you a line of dermatologist-formulated skin care products. Our cosmetic services include: laser hair reduction, acne laser, vein treatment and skin peels. Call Dr. James Dalla Riva today to schedule your appointment.

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  • Past Patient

    I was referred to Dr Dalla Riva 14 years ago after being admitted to Maryville hospital and a large mass was found on my right ovary. He removed the mass along with the ovary and Fallopian tube. It turned out i had ovarian and uterine cancer. He and his staff were very caring and compassionate. Dr. Dalla Riva referred me to a gynecological oncologist who wanted to follow the growth of my tumors monthly via ultrasound. I was not comfortable with that recommendation as i had 3 young children and a husband to think about. I called Dr Dalla Riva?s office and made an appointment to see him immediately following the appt with the oncologist; his staff got me in to see him 15 mins later. I asked him very frank questions such as ""if I were your sister, best friend, etc what would you recommend that I do?"" he thought for a few minutes and understanding my position from previous conversation that dying was not an option in my mind and I did not want my 11, 5 and 3 yr olds last memories of me to be ones of me being sick. He recommended a total hysterectomy. It was scheduled for 6 weeks later and in the mean time I was prescribed a low dose chemo. What started with one tumor within 3 months until my hysterectomy turned into 11 tumors, he performed my hysterectomy and for the next 5 years I had repeated blood work and other tests to ensure that the cancer had not spread. I am happy to say I have been cancer free since 1998. I now have 3 beautiful adult children, my youngest graduates from high school this may, and I am the very blessed grandmother to 2 beautiful granddaughters with another grandbaby due this July, if it had not been for Dr Dalla Riva and I had followed the advice of the oncologist and Dr Dalla Riva was not the type of doctor who cares genuinely for his patients I believe I would not be here today to enjoy my children and grandchildren. I am forever grateful to him for saving my life by being caring, compassionate and honest. There are not enough thank yous in the world that would be sufficient for what he has given me, he gave me my life, and he gave my children their mother, my husband his wife and my grandchildren the opportunity to know me not just hear stories about me.

  • Dalla Riva Staff

    I have been seeing Dr. Dalla Riva for 18 years and he is amazing. Takes time to talk to me and explain any situation in a way that i can understand. However, his staff is appaling and very unprofessional. I have called and left several messages with the office manager in the past 3 months and she will not return any of my calls. After being a patient for 18 years on my last appt. they wanted to charge me a new patient fee as the doctor had not seen me in the last 5 years. I explained that i was out of the country and that was why there were no appts. made. Then when they found out that my insurance from my new job had not went into effect yet they treated me like i was a criminal asking over and over how i was planning on paying my bill for the visit. This was both embarassing as well as unprofessional. i paid my bill in full before i left the office. Although Dr. Dalla Rive is amazing i would not recommend this office to anyone. He is really hurting himself as long as he keeps this staff employed. I am thinking of finding a new doctor myself.

  • Fantastic DR and NP

    Dr. Dalla Riva and his NPs are fantastic! I just switched from Midkiff and I love the change! The Dr. took time to explain procedures and his staff went above and beyond to make sure that billing was correct and ran approval on new BC methods that would be more affordable!

  • Dalla Riva's staff
    Former Dalla Riva patient

    I have had nothing but problems any time I've dealt with the staff at Dr. Dalla Riva's office. At my first appointment, the nurses stood around eating ice cream and gave me no instructions on what they needed me to do as far as whether or not the doctor would talk to me first, etc. Then, I was misinformed about a billing issue, and they didn't want to do anything to resolve their mistake. I left several messages for the office manager and received no response, which is completely unacceptable. This has been a major fiasco. After everything I've been through with them, they continue to send me notices to schedule my next appointment, knowing I'm not going to return. They are very unprofessional and inefficient. I would not recommend this office.

  • Incompetent Admin Staff

    Had two visits with this office. Got great time with the nurse practitioner. Scheduled a procedure. Days later, I called to cancel the procedure in their office and elected to get it done at the hospital. Dalla Riva office staff, cancelled the appointment with their office and scheduled with Anderson. After the procedure, the next day went to Dalla Riva's office to get the results. I also decided to have an ablation. I was told someone would call me to schedule the procedure. No one did, in fact no one ever has. A few weeks later, I got a bill for a $20.00 missed appointment, the same appointment they cancelled and rescheduled! I couldn't believe it. Called the office manager and left a very detailed message. Also told her no one ever called me to schedule the ablation. To date, I still have received no calls to schedule. If I have this many problems with incompetent administrative staff, no matter how wonderful the doctor is, it's just not worth it. There are other offices.

  • Wonderful Doctor

    I have recomended Dr. Hulsen to all of my girlfriends. He is so wonderful and kind. He takes the time to answer questions honestly. When he doesn't know the answer he will tell you and send you to someone who does. We had years of trying to become pregnant and lots of heartache. His personality and bed side manner where amazing. I spent 26 hours in Labor and he checked on me a ton. I never felt like he forgot me or was too busy. He is an amazing doctor. If you are in need of an OB/GYN...he is THE MAN!!!!

  • He's the best!

    Dr. Hulsen has been my doctor for two years, and both my husband and I adore him. He is always calming and considerate. He takes the time to help us in any way that he can. We are expecting our first child now, and there is not another man in the world I would want to be seeing us through this experience!

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