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By: l.le77
Sensible Heat and Air Service LLC.
David was great. My gas furnace broke on a Sat night and he came out right away when others didn't even return my call. He is very affordable, nice, reliable and I would highly recommend him. Thanks Again!*** And side note, I'm checking out some other reviews from a company I tried calling when my furnace broke down in the winter below freezing outside. I called about 6-7p on Saturday and they said they couldn't come out until next day b/c their guys were already done. I tried 3 companies. Dave answered his phone promptly and literally was there in 30 min to an hour. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Updated review June 2013:I of course contacted Dave when it came time to do a regular check up of my A/C unit. I moved into my house over 2 yrs ago and never had it looked at and I was a little afraid of what he might find. He checked everything out...all's well. I decided I wanted a nice high tech thermostat installed so I can remotely access my thermostat which required a C wire installed for power. He took on the task w/ no hesitation but there was a short in my wiring. He could have easily said he couldn't do it b/c I had bought a 2nd thermostat just in case it wasn't possible or too complicated. But he took his time after hours to get it working. And better yet, after his hard work I was shocked at how small the bill was...he didn't even charge to fix the wiring issue. I bet no other person would do that, especially in this industry. I can't say enough as to what a great person Dave is and I'm so glad I found him. He's so honest and that's so hard to find. He will not try to steal every penny from you. Honestly, I think he undercharged for his services both times. I give him A+++. Dave you're amazing and keep doing what you're doing. Thank you for being a stand up guy. Linda
By: Jerri L.
Sensible Heat and Air Service LLC.
Last year Dave serviced 2 of our mini split heat pumps which are still working the best they have ever worked. Which they are more efficient then ever. Anyway, our neighbors very old heat pump, had stopped working 8 months ago, which I found out discussing with her so we called Dave to have him to check it out. The heat was getting unbearable. Dave came out within a matter of hours {which was also a Saturday}. Within a very short time he had their very old unit running like a new one. Gina and her mom cannot thank you enough as well as I. You became the Hero of the year, for Gina and her mom and I. . I did go over and cleaned out the fins on the outside unit like we discussed to make sure the unit kept working without any problems, to keep the unit working as efficient as possible. Checked it today, still working perfect .. You are truly perfect in your trade and know exactly what is to be done on these units. Other techs that we have used in the past need to take lessons from you from what I've seen. We will always recommend you to anyone that has problems with their units or not working efficiently. Wishing you and your family the best, wish your dad could have made it this time. Enjoyed speaking with him the last time! Posted this for Gina and her mom. Thanks so much Tony
By: ladyapple1234
Appalachian Heating & Air Conditioning
Contacted this company on a Saturday morning. The office is not open on the weekend, but the phone is transferred to someone's cell phone. I know this because we were initially cut off, but she called back immediately. It was very hot that day, so there were already 3 calls ahead of me, but the lady who answered the phone told me to expect a phonecall from the repairman that would be coming, he would call when he was on his way. He called me about an hour and a half later and said he would be here in an hour. An hour and 15 minutes later he arrived. He began looking at my system and I received a phonecall from the lady I spoke to earlier, just to make sure he had called or arrived. Though I had to pay emergency fees because it was a Saturday, the cost was not nearly what I expected. As it turned out, I needed my system replaced (it was 12 yrs old). Monday morning my unit was ordered and Tuesday morning they were already installing it. To my surprise they deducted the charge for Saturdays visit and I was only charged for the new unit and install. I have since purchased a maintenance agreement & have been pleased with their service every time. I definitely recommend this company.
By: Ileana R.
Sensible Heat and Air Service LLC.
My air condition unit had been out of service for a while, I have called the people that I usually call to come and check it out for me, they sent a guy and he said that it was best to get a new unit because they don't use that gas anymore and that the new unit will be $4,250. my husband said forget it so we went and bought window units and were using them. I got tired of the units because we could not install one in the living room. So about 2 week ago I saw a Sensible Heat truck across the street form my house and told my husband to tell the guy to come over and check our unit so he did and Dave came over and told my husband that they had used the wrong gas and that we don't need to replace the unit. He came back three days later and fixed the problem for a fraction of the $4,250. We are very satisfied with the service that Dave provided. He is very professional and gets right to the point. You can count on him to do a great job, my unit is working even better than before. Thank you.
By: Jennifer R.
Sensible Heat and Air Service LLC.
Called Dave for what seemed to be an impossible fix. I had several other companies attempt to fix my heat pump/air handler but was told nothing could be done due to the energy efficient label. Found Dave through a coworker and within 5 min. I had an appointment date and time. Dave arrived, looked everything over, studied the unit, and even consulted an authorized dealer to research the make and model. Come to find out, the unit was never working properly since installation because the installer did not have everything turned on that needed to be on. Within a few minutes I went from a unit that didn't work propertly to a unit that seems brand new. Very impressed with his response time, research of the unit to ensure proper mechanics, and quick service. I highly recommend Sensible Heat and Air and I will definitely call again! Thanks Dave!
By: Jeff B.
Dudley's HVAC & Maintenance
My A/C unit had issues with family in town visiting, very bad timing. I called Thompson Services only because their business sticker was on my unit from when we bought our home. Not only did they tell me they couldn't have someone out until the following week, but I would also have to take off work because they don't schedule appointments after 3PM; not to mention it was going to cost me $109 just to have them come out...wow. I had the same issues with other places I called. Thank goodness I found Dudley's HVAC & Maintenance. Not only was his service charge $40 cheaper, but he came that same day after I got off work. They were very friendly, accommodating to my schedule, reasonable with charges, and highly qualified. Issue was fixed the same day it happened. Thanks again guys!
By: tonycl
Sensible Heat and Air Service LLC.
We called David, he quickly responded, and we set up an appointment to vacuum and recharge two mini split heat pumps. The last guy that serviced these units over charged them with too much Freon and they didn't work right. David came in quickly and jumped on them, knew what he was doing and had the job done within a few hours. They work perfect now! Don't waste your time calling anyone else, this is the man you want to work on your unit. Very easy going and easy to deal with, you won't be disappointed. Also very reasonable with his rates. David, you will be the one I call next time for any work on my heat pumps, I will recommend to all I know for them to call you. Your company name says it all, its only sensible to call you.
By: James W.
Sensible Heat and Air Service LLC.
I had a problem with my furnace/ac and called thecompany who had done my heating/ac servicefor several years. However the former owner of that business had since reired and turned the business over to another individual. I left a message explaining my problem but never received a return call. I went on line and found Sensible Heat/AC LLC. I called this company & spoke to the owner, Dave. He came to my house that same morning, and completed repairs to my furnace/ ac within the hour. I would highly recommend this company, and have three words to describe the service, Prompt, Reliable, and Affordable.---Jim.
By: Tara K.
Dudley's HVAC & Maintenance
Was assigned Dudley's through my 2/10 home warranty and they were awesome. Called on Sunday and set an appointment with them for Tuesday morning. They called on Sunday evening to say they had a cancellation and they came out that day. Turned out to be a blown motor which they took with them and the next day they said they would be there at 6pm. At 5pm he showed up with new motor in hand and had it installed in just a few minutes. The customer service was awesome and they were very knowledgeable. Will definitely be using them again.
By: cameranclayton
Sensible Heat and Air Service LLC.
I called a bunch of people when my heat pump stopped working and they all had high service fees and a long wait. I'm thrilled I now know about Sensible because that will never happen to me again! He came out first thing in the morning...no emegency fee...and his total price was a bit less than the flat rate service fee quotes I was getting from the other companies. He was quick, too (I guess it was a small problem, but still!) Air conditioning stopped working at 7pm on Monday...by 9:15am Tuesday I had air again. Thanks, David!

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