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By: Josh B.
Jump In With Us
My wife and I signed a one year contract with Jump in with Us ($15 per month) so that our son could enjoy the facility. When I was getting details about the agreement, I made sure that the contract would not automatically renew and was told it wouldn't.As another reviewer mentioned, it is clean. The air-filled houses, slides, etc. are all modern and new looking, with no problems. The large room is quite loud, but I think that's to be expected, as large fans constantly run to keep them filled with air.We stopped visiting early on in our one year contract because our son no longer wanted to go there, probably because there were rarely any other children playing there when we would visit. He was bored of playing with just his mom and dad at the gym. So for months, we were paying for the membership without going there, eventually letting the membership expire.When I checked my credit card statement, I noticed my card was charged for 3 extra months past the one year period. I e-mailed to make them aware of this, and asked for them to stop charging my card and to refund the 3 extra months that was charged. They said they could not refund the three months because the membership automatically renews unless I was to cancel in person. I called and spoke to someone about this, reminding them they had told me at the beginning if the membership would not automatically renew. She said it is written in the contract that it automatically renews. I reminded her that I specifically asked about this detail when I signed up and that I was assured, verbally, in person, that it would not.It ends up that I am out $45 for three months of non-use, even after my one year agreement had been completed. I think this is a dishonest policy, to verbally tell a customer their one year contract will not renew, and then sign them to an auto-renewable contract. Needless to say, I will no longer support Jump in with Us.

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