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By: Suzy W.
Rapid Results Personal Training
Rapid Results Personal Training in Marietta is "THE" place to go for weight loss or any major transformations! They will customize a program to fit your needs whether it is body shaping, weight loss, strength building, injury rehabilitation or children's fitness! As well as personal training, they also offer great personal training classes to accommodate different budgets. Ab class (a must to strengthen your core) kettlebell, fitboxing or bootcamp..there is a class for everyone! They do it all! They combine personal training with group fitness to get an optimal program with the one on one training being complimented by encouraging, supportive class members who are there to accomplish the same goals as you! This takes the intimidation out of normal group fitness. Class sizes are NEVER over 10 to 15 people so that you get personalized attention from the trainers there to teach you. They walk around correcting your form and helping to make sure you know the correct movements which is unlike most gyms where you are left in the back of class to fend for yourself.I know I have been with Rapid Results Personal Training for many years and I have seen so many absolutely AMAZING transformations on all kinds of people ranging from young overweight children, new mothers, athletes to 80 years olds who want to improve the quality of their life throughout the years! I have also watched owners,Todd and LaurieAnn, perform post rehabilitation on clients with many injuries from acl, to rotator cuff, to hip and knee replacement and seen these people return to full busy and athletic lives. Even the well re-known Shepard Spinal Center has recommended clients use their services. They TRULY are amazing here!You should also check out their RRPT Weight loss Challenge that they hold semi annually to encourage their clients to make the lifestyle change they are seeking. They use the entry fee not for their own business gain, but to create a money pot for the winner. They also personally fund other prizes as the sponsoring business. I have been a past winner of one of these competitions much to my surprise because I was the oldest contestant at 66! The contest is judged for greatest % of weight loss and greatest % of body fat loss to make it fair across the board for men and women of any age! I am now at my lean pre-pregnancy weight which most seniors do not think they can achieve! Not many women get the pleasure of being able to say that but anyone who joins Rapid Results Personal Training will have that opportunity! They are VERY experienced and knowledgeable and you will NOT regret your money spent there!
By: Bryan B.
Rapid Results Personal Training
Just over a month ago, I got engaged and quickly realized that with a wedding, honeymoon and tons of pictures coming up – I needed to get in shape ASAP. However, I had no interest in joining another mega gym and trying to do it on my own because I’ve tried that in the past and didn’t get results. I didn’t like working out with 100 other people and lost interest and motivation after just a few weeks. Enter Rapid Results Personal Training to the rescue!!! I am in the middle of my third week of working with RRPT and have already lost 15lbs and am well on my way to losing 35lbs total! If you are looking to truly make a transformation in the way you look and feel, then you really need to consider Rapid Results Personal Training. They are a fitness studio, not a mega gym, and are solely focused on helping you reach your goals from the minute you walk in the door. They create a customized program that maps out everything required to get you from where you are currently to where you want to be. The workouts are tailored to your current skill level and ability, and while they are challenging – your trainer is right there beside you the entire way providing motivation and feedback to help you succeed. The program typically includes one group class a week, which gives you an opportunity to interact with others who are also in the process of making a transformation and lean on each other for support. LaurieAnn will educate you on nutrition and create a diet plan for you that is realistic and sustainable. Overall, the entire program sets you up to accomplish your goals and transform into the version of yourself that you have been wanting to become!
By: allisonnicole
Just Fitness Marietta
My husband and I became Just Fitness members over 4 years ago and have been very pleased with the equipment, cleanliness, upgrades (new sauna), new hours (open 24 hours) and new aerobic classes (Over 9 different classes). We're so impressed by the facility that we recently enrolled our daughter. She was given a courtesy trainer session to help her properly use the equipment and loves the Zumba classes with her friends. The Sales Manager, Eric Sherrod went out of his way to make certain that our family was well taken care of and pleased with the membership. The Manager, Phillip Edwards also took time to answer our many questions and ensured that we were satisfied with the overall service. This is not a high pressure gym and the membership price is very reasonable for the membership you're receiving. There are lots of treadmills and ellipticals available in the gym area. They also have a large TV room with many more stationary machines. They're even adding a childcare area in the Fall of 2013. I highly recommend Just Fitness 4U if you’re looking for a great place to “Just” work out at a reasonable price.
By: M L.
Rapid Results Personal Training
While RRPT has taught me so much and has given me a great reason to shop for new clothes (No, not the XL, but a medium – small, please), I want to focus on their work with my 12 year old child. Laurie Ann and her team drove home the point of proper eating, proper exercise and form to make it worth it, and emphasized on all these as a lifestyle change, not just a fad, a phase or just-to-fit-into-that-one-time-special-occasion-dress. In this world of diet pills and quick, unsafe remedies, these lessons are priceless for the growth and development of a young person. The help they provided for my 12 year old’s physique has also spilled over to positive changes such as increased self confidence and positivity. As Adults, we worry about our health, our weight… I also encourage you to do the same for the children (there is no such thing as “just baby fat” for a child who is no longer a baby) in your life. If they need some assistance in that department, Rapid Results Personal Training will definitely meet the child’s unique needs, and together, work towards not only Rapid Results, but lifetime results!
By: Beth K.
Rapid Results Personal Training
If you are not happy with the way you look to others on the outside and the way you feel about yourself on the inside, RAPID RESULTS PERSONAL TRAINING is the answer for you.Master trainer and owner, LaurieAnn Bonus, will put you on the right track for a new you. She will educate you about nutrition; she will help you devise a diet that is right for you that you can stick with; and she will teach you how to combine weight training with exercise to reach your goal. AND she will make it fun!Combining all of the above with any of her fitness classes, such as Boot Camp, Kettle Bell and Fit Boxing, will have you well on your way to reach a new you! I know, because I have been training with LaurieAnn since 2006, and it is still working for me because I have learned to make it part of my lifestyle.All it will take from you is a commitment on your part to make a change in your life. Stop by LaurieAnn’s brand new studio and check out the “before and after” photos of some of her clients who did make that commitment to themselves and, with her help, saw amazing results!BethK, 11/05/13
By: zumoco
SAS Black Ops
We had a great time playing airsoft at SAS Black Ops yesterday along with ZERO HOUR AIRSOFT. Combined, we turned out to be quite a fighting force, taking every corner and building we could and getting many surrender kills. The moments of darkness allowed us to move without being detected. The lights and music spiced up everything and got us pumped. The field itself consisted of many small buildings, some cover, two headquarters, and two spawns. The setup was easy to navigate and we figured everything out after the first few rounds. All in all, SAS is an awesome field. Don't get used to it though because the field design changes every week, so players must prepare themselves for a new challenge every week. If CQB is your game, SAS is the field for you. Check it out sometime.
By: sarahjaneb
Fitness 19 Marietta
Can't say enough about this place! We joined four months ago and it is fantastic! Clean, bright, and lots of energy! Love the people that go there and can't say enough about the employees and management. We signed up with the owner and his wife and thought they were awesome --they spent a great deal of time with us making sure we felt comfortable with the equipment and the nursery. ! Kids room is spectacular and we love Miss Donna! General Manager is cool too! I would tell all my family and friends to go get a membership. Their motto is "where you can afford to get fit" and it is true!
By: davidsr
Orangetheory Fitness
Request Linda! I've been going to Massage Envy for years and she is my favorite therapist. I don't know why someone would write such nasty comments about her. If you want a silent massage, she will certainly accommodate you! I enjoy chatting sometimes during my massage; other times I like to just relax quietly and enjoy her wonderful touch. In my opinion, this is the best ME location in the area. They hire quality therapists and don't have a high turnover like some of the other locations around Marietta/Roswell.
By: James B.
Rapid Results Personal Training
In May of 2013 I decided it was time to take control of my body. I just didn’t know where to start. After consulting with Laurie Ann, I began training with Todd. He took the time to ensure proper form and techniques were being used. I also began fitness classes with Laurie Ann. The classes were tailored for entry level, as well as suited for the more advanced. The Results speak for themselves. I went from 238 lbs and 27.4 % body fat to an amazing 190 lbs and 18.5 % body fat. Thank to RRPT!!
By: jenniferrs
Rapid Results Personal Training
I have trained with RRPT for about a year. In that time LaurieAnn has challenged me to achieve things in workout that I not only didn't think I could do, but never thought I would want to do. Every class I have been to has worked to make me stronger and more fit. Through the year my kids have been to various classes as well as personal training. My 12y/o daughter LOVES Bootcamp. She has gained GREAT muscle strength and her training has really helped her to be a better softball player!

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