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By: gibby29
GA Firing Line
I've purchased a few guns from them over the years but despite being a Class 3 dealer, they don't run their range from an NFA friendly standpoint. While shooting there recently, I was pulled from the firing line when I pulled out an NFA item. The RSO then demanded to see my ATF forms stating it was their policy to inspect forms. I politely declined (only the ATF can demand to see forms) and then promptly placed my firearm away apologizing for violating their policy, which wasn't posted anywhere by the way. Problem solved I thought when about ten minutes later a counter person came in and asked if I was the person refusing to show my tax forms. I explained that yes I was but that I put the firearm away. He explained that putting it away wasn't going to be good enough, if I didn't remove it from the premises, I couldn't shoot there. Their range, their rules, I removed myself and the offending item. However if you're charging me for something based on a block of time, please don't interrupt me for a hidden policy. If you've spent the time and money to educate yourself and acquire NFA items, do yourself a favor and spend your money elsewhere. It doesn't feel if the Georgia Firing Line respects the time it takes you to do so.
By: anmluvr55
GA Firing Line
These folks are terrific! Shortly after purchasing my first firearm just a few months ago, and searching for a place that offers both quality training classes and a firing range, I had the good fortune of finding Georgia Firing Line, and ultimately, attending their first-level training class (of several levels). Not only were the instructor and the training class excellent -- which included both classroom time and hands-on training with our own guns (and/or those provided by GFL) -- but the entire STAFF was incredibly friendly, respectful, helpful, knowledgeable, and informative about everything regarding their industry. And, just as importantly, while these folks are a LOT of fun to work and interact with, they continually maintain their high standards of professionalism and customer service. And, last but certainly not least, Georgia Firing Line offers a huge selection of firearms, accessories, etc., and if, for some reason, they don't have what you're looking for, they're more than happy to order it for you. Needless to say, I'm a fan of GFL, and look forward to spending a lot of practice-time there, and attending all levels of training classes that they offer.

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