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By: veranazon
Lakeside Chiropractic Wellness Center
Dr. Callaway is our family Health Guru – to call him simply a chiropractor and a doctor would largely understate his knowledge and skills. He is a True Holistic health professional, who puts emphasis on the interconnectivity of “things” within and without and their impact on our Wellbeing.Dr. Callaway is our Wellness Achiever, who educates us about the importance of combining proper nutritional supplementation with chiropractic adjustments and the science of energy flow, based on applied kinesiology.We have had a vast trial and error experience with other health practitioners, and are happy to have found The One who truly cares about our health and wellbeing. Dr. Callaway diagnoses each of us at every visit, and provides customized care for each of our ailments-du-jour. By addressing issues we’ve had (such as back and extremity pain; hormonal, or bacterial imbalance), he has given us many a reason to sigh: “Ah, I feel so much better now!”. Dr. Dale, as our 2 kids refer to him, is much appreciated and loved by our entire family - the kids hop on the adjusting table with excitement and speak of wanting to see him when they get hurt. With pain gone, motion ability regained, and physical and emotional balance achieved, we trust Dr. Callaway unconditionally and are truly blessed to have him as our sole health expert.
By: shesleuth
Marietta Square Chiropractic Clinic
I've been a patient of Dr Wurst since 1993 when I was pregnant with our second child. Chiropractic made such a remarkable difference in later part of my pregnancy as well as the 23 hour delivery experience; she was the first doctor I wanted to see after our son was born. Thanks to her care and guidance I no longer have migraines and I am stronger and healthier than ever. During some challenging years, her concern at helping us figure out some health challenges our children were facing turned frustration into rejoicing. It has been so fun watching our sons become huge fans of chiropractic as well. Fast forward 19 years later: Chiropractic has changed our family's outlook on health. Dr. Wurst is our FIRST line of defense and has seen us through thick and thin! When we've been sick and have gone to "regular" doctors we often were handed a prescription, told to take a few and "call me in the morning." Next stop was a trip to see Dr. Wurst. Our family of four cannot remember a time when we did not feel remarkably BETTER after being adjusted. We got real lasting results with Dr Wurst.
By: Pilar G.
Porter Family Chiropractic Center
Porter Family Chiropractic is awesome. They love their patients and are extremely kind. From the first phone call, front desk ladies on to the patient treatment rooms and then some. Dr. Debbie's care and concern go beyond her treatment. She truly knits her life into the care of her people. She wants what is the best for each of us and that happens to be her!! Her husband is excellent in helping you to determine wonderful supplements and other necessities for the body. He recommended magnesium for my after a recent back surgery that left me with leg pain. Within two weeks of magnesium soaks and supplements all the PAIN and achiness is gone. These folks know what they are doing and they do it will all their heart. Patient for approx. 7+ years.
By: shesleuth
Marietta Square Chiropractic Clinic
Dr Wurst has been at this location for over 20 years!! Our family knows when we are hurting or ill, we will be on the road to recovery when we get in the car and make our way to see Dr. Kathy. The method she uses is so gentle that I allowed her to adjust my son when he was 2 days old after a 23 hour difficult labor and delivery but effective enough to put an end to my chronic migraines. Thanks to Dr. Wurst's care, I was able to successfully complete a half marathon after breaking my ankle 10 weeks prior. I was able to speed my recovery by taking advantage of the HyperBaric chamber and Cold Laser Therapy. Currently I am in training for my first marathon (26.2 miles) and weekly adjustments keep my spine aligned and my body strong.
By: angel_awm
Marietta Spine And Injury
I couldn't have asked to meet a nicer Chiropractor! Dr. Emery cares about your health!His staff is simply wonderful! They are all such kind and caring people. If you're in pain then go see Dr. Emery, you wont be disappointed. Oh and his services are very affordable. I got my first Consult and X-ray for only $19.95. If you're looking to get out of pain, I can't say it enough. Marietta Spine and Injury A/K/A Emery Chiropractic is the place to go! You can call them at 770-509-2433 Tell um Sue Sent YA!!
By: lisabergeron.shugart
Back To Genesis Chiropractic
I had chronic back and hip pain which injections did not help. When I started seeing Dr Little I needed assistance with sitting,standing,walking etc until I had a MUA. With the first MUA treatment I saw major improvement that 3 previous doctors could not achieve.By my third MUA treatment I feel like my life had been given back to me! Dr Little and her staff are amazing! You will not meet a more caring doctor! I will forever be grateful to Dr Little and her staff
By: Rhonda F.
Lakeside Chiropractic Wellness Center
When I started seeing Dr. Callaway a few months ago, I was suffering from knee pain, sleep issues and a general lack of energy. After just a couple of adjustments, my knee pain went away. Based on a nutritional assessment and Dr. Callaway’s extensive knowledge of the human body systems and supplementation, I started taking some targeted supplements that have drastically improved my sleep and my energy level. In fact, I just keep feeling better and better!
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By: Linda A.
Warner Family Chiropractic
I love this place. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Dr. Scott takes time to talk to you as well as adjust you. The massages are fantastic. Heather is fantastic. I like that you get a treatment before you go in to your adjustment. We also have been grateful that they will take you on a moments notice if you are in pain and need to be seen.
By: Marion V.
Genesis Chiropractic PC
The staff is outstanding. This is a place where you want to go for healing. Whether you need a chiropractor, a masseuse, an integrative functional nurse practitioner, a doctor of physical therapy, they have the very best and select few who are absolutely knowledgeable about their field.
By: Pam C.
Dr. Philip F Kowalske, DC
My husband and I have been treated by Dr. Kowalske for many years. He listens to us closely and treats our issues, without requiring outrageous return visits. Good results and a pleasant personality are a bonus. Also, his prices are reasonable.

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