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By: Brian W.
A Taste of Asia
Where do I begin?? The food is good, especially the Mongolian Beef, which is why I am giving it 3 Stars instead of 4 or 5. The rest of the downgraded score stems from the dine in experiences we have had over the last year or so. We have gone multiple times, mostly weekends and week nights as our work schedules do not permit other times. EVERY time we go in we are never greeted with a smile or a hello as we are always waited on by 2 children that are unfriendly, rude, and act as if they would rather die or eat poison than to be there WORKING. Always slumping or laying down in the back booth watching TV and cringe every time the door opens and a customer comes in because they know they will have to assist them. I get it teach your children the business, but I assure you, it's not working as they literally act like they HATE being there and are FORCED to help you. I can honestly say, they very clearly SHOW it's NOT what they want to do. It makes for a very unpleasant experience and we really have limited our visits due to this. We have seen Cindy a few times and she is very pleasant and personable, but constantly has to fuss with the children to do things the WHOLE time we are there. The kids are always grumpy or tired and hardly ever say "thank you" or "you're welcome", no matter HOW many times you say it first. Or if they do, it's not audible with the human ear. So one might ask, then WHY do you go in? Why not just order to go or for pick up? Tried that and wasn't pleased with the excessive amounts of liquid that are in the boxes on our favorite dishes, and we prefer to go in and eat when we have Chinese food. It is a personal choice to go there and I get that, but I wanted to at least prepare others for what they may and most likely will encounter if they choose to dine in.
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By: Trevor S.
Bamboo China Bistro
Clean modern atmosphere.A unique aspect of the menu is the coconut. You can get fresh coconut water, coconut soup and other coconut dishes. I definitely enjoyed this less common feature!The staff are kind and helpful.I had the Mongolian Beef as I consider it a safe bet and good indicator of the quality of the other dishes. Their Mongolian Beef is definitely worth having.Something to note about the location, it's within walking distance to Picture Show Entertainment, a modern day dollar movie theater.
By: Gale P.
China Dragon
Very good food! For my first time at this restaurant, I went with a basic order of spring rolls, chicken fried rice and sweet and sour chicken, and I was very impressed with both. This is one of the few take-out Chinese restaurants where the food is as good the second day as it was the first. The chicken was high quality white meat. The vegetables in the fried rice were crisp, not soggy. I highly recommend this restaurant!
By: Mtngirl S.
Hemingway's Bar & Grill
Great place to eat outside and relax in the Square. My kids love the fish and chips. My husband and I enjoy the mahi sandwiches. The inside is a bar and kids are not allowed, so this definitely a “good weather day” restaurant if you’re going with the kids. Since it’s near the train tracks, you might also catch the train going by, which is always fun for the kids.
By: saturn27
Hong Kong Star
Hong Kong Star is excellent. If you are watching your calories, try the steamer baskets - trust me, you won't feel like you are missing out at all. The food is fresh - you can watch them make in as the restaurant has a window to view the kitchen. I have taken out of town guests to this restaurant as well and they really enjoyed it.
By: D D.
China Star Chinese Restaurant
I just moved to Marietta from California and I live literally walking distance from them. But their delivery is so fast and the food is delicious....I call them all the time2thumbs up China Star of Marietta, GA!
By: love2eat22
China Dragon
Great Food! Have been doing take out for many year's! :-) Love the Pu Pu platter the best. They put more items on platter's compared to other Chinese Restaurants. All their soups are great!
By: Anthony L.
House Of Lu
Aside from the decorum I absolutely love this place. My family and I go hear just about every week and the staff is kind and friendly and is always willing to be of any service.
By: bear_e
Tasty China
A disappointment. The won ton soup was watery with little or no chicken flavor. The kung pao chicken was so hot as to be almost inedible. It also contained too much ginger.
By: svengali
Hemingway's Bar & Grill
Great friendly service-- we were one of about 4 tables with a messy baby, and the servers all helped out with smiles. Good food, too--would definitely come back.

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