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By: Sara P.
Part of my job is to handle the travel and shipment logistics for the large amounts of materials we send almost every month or so to trade shows throughout the US. Through a 3rd party company, YRC was contracted to pick up a time sensitive shipment for transport an delivery to Sacramento, California. I was assured the pick up would be before 4pm. Which came and went with no communication from YRC OR the 3rd party. I called our third party and after being put in touch with YRC, was informed the driver came, banged on the back doors (that are clearly labeled with signs stating that there are no employees in the warehouse so they must come to the front of the office or call the contact number so we can let them in to obtain the shipment) and left because no one opened them. They also claimed that they did call the contact number, which went to a different employee (who was in the office all day and received ZERO phone calls) and that it was an incorrect number. So, the driver chose not to do his job and then lied to cover his rear. They chose to ignore that fact. They then informed me it would be 6pm before anyone would be able to get back to the office/warehouse to pick up the shipment. I made sure, for the third time, they had MY contact number and waited. I received a call from YRC dispatch, confirming the address as the driver, again, came to the warehouse, ignored the signs, and left without picking up the shipment or calling me. He called dispatch to let them know it was the wrong address. Again. I finally got to speak with the driver, who wore a name tag with the name Grover, and was informed by him that he saw the signs on the door but, he "just don't have the time to get outta my truck and come all the way to the front of the office.I have other customers I have to get to." In effect, he just didn't feel like doing his job so we, the PAYING customer, have to deal with it. He then proceeded to argue with me over the phone, and then again in person as he was looking over the small skid, saying he didn't have room on his truck-he was too full, and someone else would be on their way to pick up the shipment. Fast forward over and hour and no one showed to pick up our shipment. After many phone calls to their joke of a customer service line, with zero assistance from them, as well as no response from the 3rd party company, I canceled the pickup. I will NEVER use YRC to ship ANY of our freight ever again, as this was the absolute worst experience I have ever had in trying to get anything shipped. I will be contacting their customer service executives, I will be contacting the 3rd party company's executives, and I will look for a different company to contract with for our shipping needs. Steer clear of this company. Their guarantee is worth nothing and they hire rude people who don't know how to do their jobs with even the slightest modicum of pleasantness.
Tips & Advices
Dumpster-rental costs vary widely, depending on how long you'll need the dumpster and what size you choose. They are typically rented out on a per-week basis. Common sizes include:
  • 10 yards: Can hold about three pickup trucks' worth of trash
  • 20 yards: Can hold 4 tons of trash
  • 30 yards: Can hold about nine pickup trucks' worth of trash
  • 40 yards: Can hold about 12 pickup trucks' worth of trash
The most popular size is the 20-yard dumpster, which is used for outdoor projects or home remodels. Bigger options, like the 30- and 40-yard dumpster, are used for major home renovations. If your project or event will be completed in one day, it might be more cost effective to pay for a junk removal service.
Some materials, like broken pieces of wood or boards with nails sticking out, should be directly disposed of into your rented dumpster or a designated waste pile. Be sure everyone working with you knows where this is. Also, see that everyone is wearing protective clothing, close-toed shoes, work gloves, and safety goggles.
If you are handling asbestos on your own:
  • Wear protective clothing and a respirator or face mask.
  • Double wrap the material in plastic and seal it.
  • Do your best to keep the material whole; don't break it apart, and if any remains on the walls, gently remove with water.
  • Batteries
  • Pesticides, insecticides and other pest-controlling poisons
  • Herbicides
  • Flammable liquids, including lighter fluid, carpet cleaner, brake fluid, household cleaners and waterproofing sealers
  • Latex-based paint, paint thinners
  • Chemical drain cleaners
  • Broken thermometers
  • Motor oil and oil filters
  • Wear gloves and a mask.
  • Keep waste in a well-sealed container.
  • Clearly label the container with a waterproof label.

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