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    12655 Tamiami Trl E


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    The food at China Buffett is great. There is a wide variety, something for every taste. The price is reasonable and the staff is friendly.

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By: D.
Marco Polo Restaurant
This was a horrible meal and the staff was rude and had a lot of attitude on top of that!The meal took 3 hours!!! and we were not the only ones. Something MUST have been SERIOUSLY wrong in that kitchen!My mother hosted a wedding celebration for my daughter. There were 12 of us.From the very start the Limo driver was rude and difficult. He said repeatedly to me "are you getting in?" and I replied "do we all fit?" and he said "that's up to you."So I was unsure of what to do, and he was just annoyed and discourteous. Next, we arrived at the restaurant. when we entered we told them there was an additional child with us. She looked at us with complete disdain and told us she didn't know if that would be possible. The table was already set. (Let me say that they were extremely well behaved children who sat quietly and watched a video for 2 1/5 hours while we waited for our meal. I was quite impressed, since I hate to be disturbed by children without manners).Then ... we sat... and sat... FINALLY we got our wine and sat some more. then one roll each, we waited ... and it goes on.I ordered hearts of palm. They were inedible. Like wood.3 of the meals were brought out a good 5 minutes ahead of the rest.My husband had pork chops that were raw. When he sent them back they had obviously been microwaved, were tough and dry. Honestly we have had better on a road trip from waffle house!The vegetables were uncooked and cold. The baked potato was old dry hard and cold. we didn't eat either of these items. I did not get the correct order, but I took it because I was starving. My niece's entire meal was cold. The waitress was apologetic, and complimentary of the children's behavior, but offered nothing to compensate, as well as seeming out of control of the situation and she mentioned that they were understaffed. We had taken a wedding cake in with us to have for desert, but we opted to take it home and had our Champaign and cake at home instead of waiting another 2 hours for desert plates and new glasses. We left without making any disturbance out of respect to my mother. But, Please. I have grown up in 5 star restaurants all over the world. If you think that this is acceptable you are sadly lacking discrimination.
By: louis324
Capt. Brien's Seafood & Raw Bar
This place is a no go!! It's not really my style to hop online and start trashing businesses in this economy, but in this case i need to keep you from making the same mistake i did. First off, the place has a great concept with live comedy and brings something to do in the very tame night life of Marco Island. HOWEVER, the food is less than decent at best. I attended a group dinner with a handful of my friends, going into it in good spirits etc... The good vibe was shot down wasn't the 1hr long wait for food that the server forgot to put in, it wasn't that after we waited an hour for our food when the server came to tell us she only could serve 6 of the 9 fillets we ordered, it wasn't the cold mashed potatoes, or even the empty beer glass that sat in front of me all night...It was the prick owner/manager/bus boy or whatever he was that set us off. We didn't even ask for anything, we didn't want a discount, we simply wanted to be acknowledged for being forgotten, then served the leftovers that had been wrapped up for the night as the kitchen was closed. We ate cold food in the dark while some comedian swore and made bad racial jokes in our faces...this was a less than awful night. The girls were upset and tired by the time we left and couples were boiling from paying their hard earned $150 each for a tired lobster tail that looked like it was swansons frozen brand in the grocery store. And this guy has the nerve to tell my dear friend, who mind you is my BOSS who picked up the $3000 tab that if he doesn't like it, don't come back...he doesn't care about the feedback. WHAT?! that's outrageous. Well, poor Lexi our waitress who was well tipped by us even though she fumbled on the goal line. It's poor Lexi and the rest of the wait staff that suffered that weekend...b/c little did captain cryin know, we were in town with 400 people and the following 2 nights, we had very large parties coming in on back to back nights. Those reservations were cancelled. Oh and captain cryin should also know, we do this event every single year at the same time. Davinci's, see you there, Nacho Mamma great mojitos i'll be back, but you captain cryin wont get one dollar from me, nor the other 400 people we come with...the event planner has actually taken them off of our list of available activities. Soooo, moral is this, bad food and terrible service happen, a less than clean establishment bothers me but hey i shut my mouth for the sake of not grossing out the girls...but then you tell us who cares? HA great work, you are sad. Take that gross mineral scrub soap in your bathroom that hundreds of people soak their hands in and serve will taste better than the filet i never got, YET - PAID FOR. Please tell me how that makes sense?

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