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By: Travis H.
Dean's Professional Plumbing, Heating, Air & Drains
Deans professional came to my girlfriends house for a free water inspection. She is foreign and a single mother, and doesn't know about costs for these services. The technician talked her into getting a water softener that she didn't need, and charged almost $2000 for a water softener that could have been bought for around $400. They only hooked up the softener, it took 30 minutes or less. Then they charged her over $400 to replace a tub stopper in her bathtub that took 10 minutes to switch. When I called and finally was able to speak with a manager, he disputed every charge saying that I don't know what it takes to run a business and all of these charges were justified. I will be sharing this story with as many online outlets as possible so others don't get ripped off like she did.
By: Rob C.
Dean's Professional Plumbing, Heating, Air & Drains
I needed a dryer line hookup and took half a day off from work. I waited and at 2pm received a call that they would be unable to make the 12 - 4pm window appt. They offered another day, which I told them I could not leave early from work again. Then they offered the same day appt I had scheduled, but a later time; however, I would have to pay an additional emergency service fee of $140. Why should I have to pay for a later appt when they screwed up?? Outrageous! I will go elsewhere.
By: Ethan P.
Dean's Professional Plumbing, Heating, Air & Drains
BEWARE OF THIS PREDATORY COMPANY! They are not there to help you but to get as much money from you as they can. When our furnace started having trouble, we called Dean's to figure out what was going on. After an incredibly cursory "examination" of the furnace, Jeff, the "technician," quoted us a $1200-plus repair bill for replacement parts (a circuit board and flame sensor) and suggested that, even better, we buy an entirely new furnace for over $5000. To add to our fear, he mentioned carbon monoxide leaking up through the vents and possibly causing the furnace to explode. He went on to "red flag" our furnace (putting up a tag that said, "Defective. Do not Use"), and shut the furnace off, thereby creating an emergency situation for us and sending us into a panic, which I'm certain was exactly Jeff's intention. We told him we were going to get a second opinion, to which he responded defensively and self-righteously, "when they confirm what I just said, you can call us back." We called a larger company called Owens, and their technician fixed the problem within an hour -- it was simply a matter of rewiring a circuit panel and cleaning a few parts (the igniter, flame sensor, and furnace panel). The man from Owens charged a little over $200, and the furnace was repaired. Dean's company is dishonorable -- at least Jeff was -- and they will prey on you and your lack of specific knowledge, especially in what may be a difficult or desperate situation. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.
By: David Y.
Dean's Professional Plumbing, Heating, Air & Drains
Scam artists. Unethical business. I never write reviews but they should be AVOIDED! When they come to your home they will put their stickers on every appliance you own, then when it breaks, you call them and not the original installer. They then charge you twice the going rate for new equipment. Details:Some time ago my wife had a gas line run to a new gas dryer while I was out of town. She called Dean's out of the blue. Expensive plus they told us our dryer vent needed replacing (it didn't), she was quoted $250 extra. She called me and I said no after being charged $700 for the line. Work quality was not the issue.A few years later on a weekend our 7 year old gas water heater boiled over from a bad thermostat. I called the number on the sticker on the water heater. It was Dean's. I asked if they had a record of our heater and they said no. I thought that was odd but went ahead and scheduled them to come out. They quoted a service fee but were unwilling to give out any prices for repair/replace. I had a good experience with the previous installer, assuming it was Dean's, and had them come out.The tech, Brad- reminded me of Paul Giammata's slimy character in Sideways, said it would be $900 to replace the thermostat (or whatever was needed) and that he couldn't guarantee they had the part and might not be able to do it until Monday. However, he conveniently opened a slick catalog showing a new identical heater that he could have installed in 4-5 hours. $2800 was the quote. Confused, and assuming it was the same contractor as before, I said "gee, seems expensive, is that a competitive price?" He said it might be a little high and could knock $150 off. I didn't remember paying that much 7 years ago but felt stuck, had a full house with guests in town and no hot water. The install went fine, again quality not the issue. Out of curiosity a few days later I called several contractors for bids on an identical or equivalent heater and got quotes for $1150 to $1800, some of them would have done it on a weekend. I called Dean's and pointed out that I likely overpaid $1000 or more for their work. By then I had also figured out that they were not the original installer. After several phone calls and finally threats of calls to the BBB and negative reviews I got them to refund $600. I never got around to doing the reviews until now, a few years later when our furnace broke and there, covering the original installer's sticker, was a Dean's sticker .......... and thus this review.
By: Nicholas P.
Dean's Professional Plumbing, Heating, Air & Drains
Avoid Dean's Plumbing at all costs. They are con men and scammers. My brother and I called them to fix a furnace that wouldn't turn on. We were told by an employee, Jeff, that the flame sensor was broken and that the situation was very unsafe, and could lead to possibly a gas leak or blowout. Of course we became immediately terrified. Jeff told us we would need a new circuit board for $850 and a new flame sensor for $400, OR that we needed an entirely new furnace for $5000-6000. Jeff immediately red flagged our furnace and shut it off, making it an emergency situation for us. We told Jeff we wanted a second opinion and called Owens, a larger company. They came within an hour and told us that it was just a few dirty pieces of equipment, and bad wiring, and solved the problem within an hour for $240. Watch out for Dean's, they will try to take advantage of you. We're grateful we got a second opinion, and did not call Dean's back. Scammers.
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By: Ramona C.
Dean's Professional Plumbing, Heating, Air & Drains
Tina was very professional. I would trust her to be alone in my house any time(although she wasn't). She is honest and trustworthy.
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By: Nate K.
Dean's Professional Plumbing, Heating, Air & Drains
Poor customer service. Had an appointment window of 10 am to 2 pm. Waited for 3 hours then received call telling me they wouldn't be able to make it. They only explanation I received was, "another job went over....this happens sometimes". Unclear about their quality of work, but if it's anything like their promptness and customer service, find someone else.
By: Chris M.
Dean's Professional Plumbing, Heating, Air & Drains
Extremely poor service! They installed an AC in July of 2014 and did such a poor job they needed two more follow up visits to fix the AC. This summer has been a headache as well, the air pumping is not cold at all and green liquid is oozing out of the AC again and I will have to call them a second time this summer as well. It has been very frustrating. Stay away from this company.
By: John J.
Dean's Professional Plumbing, Heating, Air & Drains
Stay away from Deans. Called them out to fix a furnace that wouldn't turn on. We were told our furnace was old and also told it was on hard lockout and that we would need a new furnace. Was quoted $3500 for a new one. Called another company out. Found out that our furnace is only 9 yrs old and in very good condition. Turned out we only needed a new board for the furnace. Watch out, because these guys will take advantage of you. In the end we paid $300 for a new board n labor.
By: Heidi G.
Dean's Professional Plumbing, Heating, Air & Drains
Services and products grossly overpriced. Dean's was called to check a leak coming from the hot water line under our kitchen sink The technician told me I needed to replace my faucet. I asked him to recommend a faucet similar to the one I had. The cost of installation was $330.51 bringing the cost of replacing the kitchen faucet to almost $700. And I was then quoted an additional $200 to replace the shutoff valves. I was beginning to be concerned that I was being grossly overcharged. I then checked online for reviews of the faucet and to my dismay found that many customers had problems with this faucet in the first year or 2 after installation. Then I had asked Dean's technician for a quote to replace a toilet. I was told Dean's only supplied Toto toilets and the total cost for a new drake elongated white toilet + installation and removal of old toilet would be $970. I asked for the price of the toilet but the technician said he could not tell me the cost of the toilet but could only give me the price for the toilet + install,remove pkg. I decided against using Dean's services. Today I had a new Gerber elongated white toilet installed, old toilet removed, for $505 and my kitchen faucet repair only required the tightening of a nut. I did not need a new faucet! Needless to say, I will never call Dean's Professional Plumbing Inc again!
Tips & Advices
  • Are you licensed and registered?
  • Are you insured and bonded?
  • How many years have you been in business?
  • What, if any, professional associations do you belong to?
  • May I have a list of references?
  • Do you offer a written warranty for your work?
  • Will I need a permit for this work?
It is important to have a written warranty for any work or repairs done to the plumbing in your house, especially if it is a major repair. Look for a professional  who is willing to  stand by his or her work.
Before you hire a plumber, contact their past customers if you're able to. These people can be a wealth of information if you ask them the right questions. Pose the following queries to these former patrons when you get the chance:
  • Were you pleased with the work done?
  • Was the project completed on time?
  • Did the plumber give you a written warranty and guarantee his or her work?
  • Were there any unexpected costs that arose?
  • Would you hire this plumber again? If not, why?
A permit provides added assurance that the work is done correctly. Having this in place means an inspector will check the work your contractor or plumber does to ensure he or she did the job correctly. If you plan on putting your house or commercial building on the market, a real estate agent and prospective buyers will want to check any large work you did to make sure it was done properly.
A trustworthy plumber will have both commercial liability insurance as well as be bonded. The insurance and the bond protects the plumber from paying for any damages made to your house out of pocket. Having professionals that carry both of these policies can protect all of you from any mishaps that could occur while they work on your building.

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