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By: Brenda M.
Mangy Moose Cafe
I love this place . I dont even have to order because they know what i love .(GREAT PLACE TO EAT AND VISIT )
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By: Amer A.
Chili's Grill & Bar
I have never been in a place that has worst service than this place. They kept us standing for 20 min before they seat us. I swear the owner of this place need to consider to change the whole staff. Of course the only thing I can do is not give a single cent as tip and so should u .
By: barban0055
Black Bear Diner
Everything was outstanding. I will definitely be returning. Ordered the BBQ Ribs, tender melt in your mouth.
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By: Gabriella S.
Westwood Village Apartments
I called this place home for 8 years, I loved it! Only reason I moved was because I purchased a home. The staff was wonderful, my family and I really enjoyed the our time there.
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By: Anmol n Y.
Chili's Grill & Bar
Worst Experience I ever had. Staff's been so Rude. I mean come on my wife's birthday. We waited 30 mins to ge to the table. While waiting at the bar bought bottle of wine, Age verified with our ID. We were generous to verify our age to the bartender but come on know once we get to our table the waitress asking for our Age verification over a wine bottle we just purchased???? Then we ask for another wine glass she ask for our ID again. HOW RUDE IS THAT? I GUESS WE WERE PROFILED. WE WERE HAD WALK OUT OF CHILLI'S AND FINALLY GOT TO APPLEBEE'S in Manteca where the Waitress, Management were so Professionaland Perfect. After ruff visit at Chilli's, APPLEBEE'S MADE OUR NIGHT A HAPPY ENDING NIGHT.
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By: hiskhaleesi
Pete's Restaurant & Brewhouse
Awesome food and great customer service. Their bbq chicken pizza is soooooo yummy and the New York steak dinner melts in your mouth.
By: Y N.
Sandpiper Village
ATTN: Check Sandpiper Village Apartments off your list:We moved in 2015 from the Sandpiper Village Apartments. The landscape looks well kept, but do not let that fool you.There are frequent burglaries and the “Mail room” has gotten broken into frequently. It had been broken into 3 times during the 4+ years we’ve lived their. Just one time is too many times. We requested better doors and security cameras for the mail room. But they did nothing to stop the mail box break-ins and theft. If you have a problem with mouthy unsupervised loud children, you would not want to live here. Trying to save anyone else from having to go through what we did by choosing to rent at Sandpiper Village Apartments. There have been many nights where kids will be playing loudly late into the night, on week nights as well. Most of them are very inconsiderate and lack parenting, or someone that actually cares about them. Because these children are unsupervised, they vandalize the laundry facilities and the landscaping. They use the tiny fitness room as a hangout and trash the place. Maintenance fixes it later sure, but everyone who pays rent pays for it. In the summer they are loud near the pool area and still unsupervised. Little kids getting in the hot tube in 104-106 degree weather. I brought this to the attention of the onsite manager and she did nothing. They act like they do not care who they rent to, just that they fill their apartments up. Multiple tenants though-out the complex, leave trash outside their doors and leave it there for days sometimes, as the fly larva start to gather. Management doesn’t do anything about it, even when it is brought to their attention. Don’t they know that the trash is like a sign to bugs and bed bugs saying “hey come over here”. They do not have security that patrols, they say they do but they don’t. The company they choose for their security is in Stockton. So, if you want them to come by for something, it takes them over 45min to drive from Stockton get to the apartment complex in Manteca. And by that time usually they end up getting there too late to even catch anything most of the time. And the “security” gate to the front of the complex that they have set up ….the gate provides no security at all, it gets stuck and it stops working, then it is left open all day and night until maintenance fixes it, days to weeks later. Many people who don’t have granted access just wait for someone to drive up who does so they can fallow behind them. So, the gate is pointless. Well, I guess you know by reading this post that I would highly recommend that you find another place to rent. If you have no real expectations of what your money would be paying for by living there…Then you’ll love it!!!
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By: Tammy F.
Paseo Apartments
Nice apartment. Small but cozy. Quick on repairs needed. Nice park for dogs to run.
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By: paullascheck
Chili's Grill & Bar
Excellent food, service could be better though.
By: beaware...
Stonegate Apartments
Yes, I do live here in Stonegate apartments and I have recently been reading other peoples reviews on these apartments to see if there has been others that have had the same complaints I have had living here. And the answer was yes! The quality that they portray in their video of these apartments is not accurate. Starting with the apartment itself...the carpet, cabinets, appliances are all old. Be sure to see what apartment you will be moving in to, not just the model. Also when signing your agreement be sure you understand all that you are signing. I have found that, though I have followed these rules, others have not been held to do the same. Management has bent these rules for neighboring residents which makes it quite frustrating. As others have written, this is not a quite place to live either. (as they state in video) Be aware that people leave there dogs out in their patio areas to bark and bark and there are a lot of cats wandering about. And if you have children and you move in be aware their is no common place that they will have to play. The children that live in these apartments play in the flower beds, breaking plants, pile dirt on sidewalks, pick bark of trees, leave their wrappers everywhere. And you will find all of them (no matter what age) without any parents in site. Oh yes, you can call the office or security to come and quiet the dogs but management will not do anything when it comes to speaking to these parents about their children. The work out room has all broken equipment, and as far as security goes, it is a boy that rides around on his bike (I have been told? I have never seen him) My car has been vandalized twice and my husband's once. The so called banquet room that they also show in their video looks NOTHING like that. My husband rented it out for my birthday and he spent over an hour just cleaning it. He went out and purchased pool sticks because there was none (though they have a pool table that looks like someone had used to serve food on it. With stains, and dried something all over it). The one nice area is the pool. Though there are kids that are allowed down their too w/o parents watching them. So you will find that not a very relaxing area either. So if you don't mind noise, inadequate facilities and management..this is the place for YOU! Enjoy!

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