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By: Bill G.
Precision Automotive
I have been going to Precision for several years now. Ted, Chris, and Rocky have been wonderful people to deal with in the front office. These people know cars inside and out, only because I spent several years studying automotive repair and I know my fair share. Chris especially, worked on my old truck that had a very difficult issue to fix, and that man put every ounce of energy into making it right. I almost gave up after the third try, not because he wasn't doing his job but because my little pick up is just getting old , and they have tricky little problems at the age that my truck is. But God bless that man, he worked on it like a dog, and after the third try, (by the way no extra charge) , he fixed it! My little truck runs just fine and for a vehicle that is now 16 years old, it still plugs around just wonderfully! These folks are honest, they're not high-pressure, and they really take the time to make you understand exactly why something has to be replaced and why the cost is what it is. I will never take any of my cars or trucks to anybody else except these folks as long as I live in Manteca. I couldn't recommend them any higher. I can't believe that there are more reviews out here considering their reputation. My friend, who I also used to wrench on cars with, told me many years ago that these folks were the best place to go to, and this is one guy who had far more superior skills than I did. he told me about them back in the day when we didn't even have the Internet to read reviews on. So, I honestly have to say there is no better shop in this town then Percision automotive. I might also note that if you need bodywork to go to Manteca auto body collision, that is on located just as you are leaving town on about a mile and a half past Wendy's on Yosemite Avenue. Those folks are great body and paint professionals! But again back to precision I can't thank them enough for their kindness, skill and dedication! Sincerely, Bill Gutierrez -Manteca
By: flamekillerr
Honest Automotive
Im writing this review after seeing the bad review about being charged for services done. I have been bringing my vehicles to Honest Automotive for the last fourteen years, and this person must have had a misunderstanding about these charges. I have talked to john about this and john stated that this customer has brought a vehicle in for alignment and was unable to have the alignment done due to a worn out balljoint. He gave the customer a estimate on repair and cutomer denied repair at the time, and advised that his brother would be doing the repair. due to the repair being declined the customer was charged a minimum of $47.50 not the full allignment price of $59.95. the $47.50 would then be reapplied to the full charge of $59.95 if the customer had brought back the vehicle for alignment.John also states that this customer STILL brings his vehicle back after posting this review.....I have never had a problem in the fourteen years of bringing my vehicles to Honest Automotive. And i will ASSURE you that Honest Automotive stands 100% behind its name!
By: dari.abercrombie
Honest Automotive
Besides from the Fact that Mike was a pretty nice guy. I dropped off my car on a Thursday and they called later that day to tell me it was going to be done Tuesday. It has taken then way more time than they've quoted me to fix the car. If they're open from 6-8 then why can't they follow up with the timeline they've told me. They are a bit over priced and I wish they were more thorough on keeping the consumer updated on the status of their vehicle. Not a good place to go of you need your car
By: e2ekibbles
Honest Automotive
Customer service is excellent! The manager, Michael took great care of my car and all the problems that came along with it. This is the only place in Manteca that I will allow to service my car. I trust them implicitly and will recommend them to friends and family. LOVE THIS PLACE. Thanks to staff and a special thanks to Michael!
By: Dawn H.
Sky Auto Repair
This man is honest, caring and knowledgable. His prices are fair and will work with you if you have an unexpected emergency, as I did. recently. I drove 23 miles to ask him to fix what I thought was an electrical fire under the hood. He had me back on the road in less than an hour! Absolutely trustworthy!
By: happyluder199
Manteca Collision Pros
The guys at manteca collision are pretty good, nice people, and they got the work done in good time and perfect, they helped me out alot with my deductable and even went the extra mile and redid my headlamps to make them look brand new. I highly recommend them and will for sure go back if i ever need to
By: Raymond S.
Element 6 Motor Werks Inc.
This company is very great. Still great service and honesty when it comes to doing what is needed and no more. No wasted lies. Great as the old honest automotive if not better. Try yourself I would highly recommend. I won't take my vehicle anywhere else. Great staff friendly and knowledgeable
By: Roxanne F.
Honest Automotive
We have been taking all our cars to John for many years! Always a pleasure working with people who are honest and get things done! I have referred many personal friends to them. But, as most car work cost - don't like to see his shop to often! Great Service :)
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By: Angie F.
Manteca Collision Pros
Exceeded my expectations and the employees and owner are kind and professional. They went above and beyond to make sure I was happy with the results my car looked great after they fixed it. Will be coming back if I ever need to !!
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By: bigsxcee1
Sky Auto Repair
The Best in Manteca he is more than a mechanic with knowledge and skills, he has become family to me my wife my daughter's and my mother. He makes sure you feel reassured that the work that was done is right the first time.
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