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By: Kyle V.
Ataboys Auto Service
I had a minor repair done to my VW GTI and after explaining the issues to a coworker they recommended I check this place out. I am new to the area and was not looking forward to having to bring it back to the dealership and/or hunt down a new garage to go to (horror stories). The car has a lot of miles on it and I just want good work, done by honest straightforward people. The customer service here was some of the best I've received at a garage. They were very professional and they have definitely won me over as a repeat customer. It's been a few weeks (meant to write this review earlier) but I dealt with a younger guy, mid twenties, and I think his name was Ethan, but could very well be wrong. He was a good dude. I'll be back for a CEL and brakes soon. 100% recommend!
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By: Derek P.
Jeffs West Side Automotive Service Center
I purchased a car from Jeff's westside auto about a month ago. Jeff is a shop owner that cares about the vehicles that he and his staff work on. Sometimes it is the little things... On the car that I bought, Jeff replaced a light that was out on it without me even asking him about doing it. There was another issue (it was a car straight from the auction) we found after a couple of days and Jeff went out of his way to try to find a part for me and give me insight as to how to correct the issue. All in all I had a great experience. When I went back to get the car inspected he even put my front plate on for me without me asking! Again, it's the little things that show someone cares. Thank you, Jeff!
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By: John O.
Candia Road Auto Inc
BEST MECHANICS ON THE PLANET! Chris and the Candia Road Auto crew are what you need on speed dial! HONEST, METICULOUS, FAST and FAIR. I actually wandered and got some work done at another garage (I use the term loosly). Now I am out some cash and BACK AT CANDIA ROAD to get the work done RIGHT! If I ever move I hope Candia Road Auto will relocate too!
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By: Ronna L.
Best Union Auto Repair
The mechanics here are awesome and they do as they say, fix your car for less. Very fair prices and Tarik, the main mechanic is awesome and knows what he's doing. I never go anywhere else to have my car fixed. Everyone here is great. They do not accept credit card or personal checks. So be sure to bring cash. I'm sure they accept debit though.
By: Suzanne D.
Auto Care Plus
They are honest, explain everything, help you anticipate and budget, and once fixed it's fixed.Also their wait room is clean, has beverages for free, and current reading material. Staff very friendly, professional, helpful, and send reminders to you.Luv them and the newsletter. Oh and being a member has perks too.
By: liseys1
Ataboys Auto Service
The best auto repair around. They are honest which is in itself a rare find in auto repair and work to get what needs to get to done fixed. This is where I will continue to go and will recommend all and any family/friends/neighbors. I tried a few places and happened upon them thankfully.
By: tomymakers
Manchester Collision Center
When my car was all of a sudden acting up and making crazy noises I went straight here and they fixed it right away. They have great customer service and they have free estimates. I’m glad I chose to come here and get my car worked on by them.
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By: Horatio V.
Douglas Automotive
He is a great mechanic, his son is also very good (he's still learning) and will help you any way can, and that is why I have been bringing all of my cars to him. And you know that he will not rip you off.
By: jeanne.byrne.9
Ataboys Auto Service
Honest, friendly and professional! Love doing business with you and Rain. Highly satisfied with car purchase last month. Fair price for a good reliable car. You care and it shows!!
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By: Nick G.
Best Union Auto Repair
Low-cost and affordable. Went to get my car fixed and they were able to fix it for a great price and in a reasonable amount of time.
Tips & Advices
In some cases, it's worth repairing an old alternator. If some parts go bad, they can be inexpensive to repair. For example, alternator belts can be quite cheap, and parts and labor for handling this repair will run you between $100 and $125 for most vehicles, which is significantly less than the cost of a new alternator. If the total cost of the repair exceeds 50 percent of the cost of replacing the alternator, it makes sense to invest in a new alternator.
If your car's alternator has gone bad, you may be able to squeeze in a short journey, but the car's battery will drain very quickly without the alternator's support. Stop-and-go traffic will place even more pressure on the battery, and so will using auxiliary items such as the radio, air conditioning, heater, windshield wipers, and headlights.
A one-wire alternator is a type of alternator that can be easily put into place with the installation of a single wire. The key benefit that these alternators bring is that they are simple to install.  However, many one-wire alternators provide low output when the car's engine is idle, and this can burden the car's electrical system if you're idling at a red light with the headlights and stereo on. Some one-wire alternators also require you to rev the car's engine to a certain rpm to activate the alternator and begin the charging process.
The most common cause of alternator failure is a weak battery. Your car's alternator works very hard to keep your car's battery fully charged, and, if the battery is weak, it can put a great deal of stress on the alternator. The alternator will increase its output to try and keep the battery charged, and this will eventually overtax the alternator and cause it to fail prematurely.
Your alternator's regulator is an automotive part that monitors and oversees the process by which your car's battery is charged. The regulator also supports the alternator by reducing the stress that is placed on the alternator's drive belts, tensioning pulley, and bearings. The regulator may be located inside or outside of the alternator's housing.

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