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By: Michael R.
Concord Management
I have been a resident here at Waterford east apartments for three years, the management is absolutely nasty, nobody is on the same page, I have been getting high water and gas bills over $100 a month, I have been complaining for three years, they finally fixed it this June and my bills went from $124 gas down to $37 to $45 and I've been complaining for 3 years also with the water bill and now my bill is $45 from $90/$119. Today I got a letter on my door for two blinds that are broken in my apartment and they want their $90, I have no problem giving them their $90 but where's all the back money that they were supposed to give me for the over payments,? I'm still waiting for Veronica Velazquez to give me my money, she said it takes a while. You got nerve to ask for your money by next week but you owe me over a $1,000 or more where's my money? Watch I'm going to get a bill for maintenance dirtying my floor for some reason the pic I had of the Teco gas ticket for my hot water heater was taken down, Teco came and gave the management a red ticket for my hot water heater and Teco told me to stop using it because it could possibly blow up, and I've been complaining for 3 years before it was finally fixed this June. And when they told me that I was going to get a $25 fine for leaving the garbage because they haven't emptied it yet they told me that I need to keep my garbage in my house for two days until they empty the trash. I told them I'm not doing that and if I get charged $25 per bag I'm going to call the health department, after I said that about two hours later I had an eviction notice on my door saying I threatened them to call the health department. I had to call an attorney and it was resolved without get the attorney involved. They got so lucky because if I have one more problem I'm going to sue them for everything they have. And every other month I'm getting an increase in rent, it's just me, I'm on disability I don't work but people who have five people in their apartment and they all work I know got their rent reduced? How is mine getting more and there's are getting less?That's what you call favoritism. Please whoever is reading this do not deal with Concord management they are the worst management company I have ever dealt with.
By: bruicidal
Concord Management
This review is for Vista Haven Apartments in Sanford, FL. The apartments themselves are simple, but nice considering this is subsidized housing. Concord management though made my life hell. Every person I talked to gave me a different answer for the same question. They charged me fees for things and wouldn't show me anywhere in writing what the fee was for. I still have the voicemail saved where they called me at 3:18PM the day before rent is due charging me almost $200 for a repair that they told me weeks before they wouldn't charge me for. I still had to pay it with rent, meaning I had less than 24 hours notice to come up with the extra money. You will have a very lengthy lease, but it is vague in any part that could benefit or protect you, the tenant.People were even murdered here. You can google it, one of them even made the news even though we got harsh notices not to talk to anyone in the media about any of it.When I moved out, I was lied to again and again. They tried to charge me almost $1900 to move out, when they explained the process to me many times implying that I would have a credit. I have worked very hard to finally have good credit, but I could not afford to pay this, and they threatened me very quickly to pay or they would ruin my credit. They refused to give me an itemized list of transactions for my time there. I finally couldn't take the stress anymore and hired an attorney. After my attorney contacted them, I received a letter reducing the charges and offering to "settle" for around $800, and finally got a list of my charges. This was dated the very next day after they found out I had an attorney. Please take your family and live somewhere else. Save yourself the tears and the heartache.
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By: Salman K.
Concord Management
Ive only just had to deal with them. Im trying to fill out an application for an apartment at Loma Vista and want to pay a holding deposit before the apartment thats available gets taken by someone else. The resident screening is pathetic! Never asked for co-signer and then rejected me even though I told Loma I will have one and they said it will be fine. Impossible to get any help from the customer service of the company that does the screening (Yardi). I drove to Loma again and they gave me a long application for my co-signer to fill out. It needs too much information!! complete SSN, ID, pay stubs and employer is fine. But bank account numbers?? What the heck? They're trying to make sure I'm honest but now I'm not sure if they're not scammers.
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By: Sallietta B.
Concord Management
It has been our pleasure to live at Concord of Lady Lake for 8 years. We've seen managers come and go. We would like to thank you for giving our family a great place of stay for our duration. Hopefully after reading this you will understand. After the hurricane in 2007. We moved here. Thank you Ashley for giving us and opportunity. We've struggled to get our credit up to become HOME OWNERS. On 12/03/15 We closed on our home. Thank you for providing the HUD program for refunding funds if your rent is paid on time. We're looking for our $$$ soon....Sallietta & Roderick Bedford
By: Lori M.
Concord Management
I wish I could give them no stars. The worst communication I've ever had to deal with. If you want to speak to someone... A real person! You won't be able to. Appointments only to just speak to someone. If you need to ask a simple question make an appointment. If they call you about their rent money all of a sudden the dead has come alive... Their in their office with the doors locked and Windows close. busy sitting doing to help anyone.
By: Kristin L.
Profitable Properties Inc
This was our third foreclosure purchase and the fifth house we've purchased and I cannot state the frustration or disrespect we experienced when dealing with this realtor.
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By: 2011peeanutt ..
Concord Management
OH my F***ing God. Every review that I have read on here are all correct. I have Lived there for 6months and I truly felt as though I was suckered into signing the least. The reason being I went into the office asked when will a 3/2 become available, they said that I had came in just in time because one opened yesterday and to be on the top go apply now because there's no waiting and I can move in next month. Well my next month turned into two and a half because they said I head them wrong mind you I had applied and paid for the application fee and my old apartment least was up so I was on a month to month least. I had to pay 500 for the two weeks left for that month to move in my new apt. I asked could I just wait to move in the following month so I will be at least paying for a full month. She said if I did that she would have to put me back on the waiting list. So now I fill entrapped. Then my rent apound singing with them was 775.00 a few days into my new apt they had a note on the door that said we're sorry but we reverified your income so now your new rent payment will be 825.00. Then on top of that I just paid 500 for the two weeks of our move in I had to turn around and pay 825.00. So in reality I paid 1325.00 for my first month. Then when I had a situation I called to let them know my rent will be late they okayed it said they had written it down. Lol two days befor my appointment to pay they had already sent in an EVITION NOTICE for me. All with in two months of me moving in I still had boxes to unpack and now faced with an eviction. I went to court signed a stipulation form asked the judge to allow me and my family to break the least a 6 month stay there and all they did was drain my bank account..... PLEASE PLEASE people you have come to read reviews for a reason and you have read my lengthy cry for a reason. If you don't believe everyone's fustation here I understand but I am a single mother, full time student and have a full time job all while being a "soccer " mom, I have a lot on my plate so it must mean something if Ian writing this lengthy review. Don't be there sucker do your homework PLEASE.
By: Hayley D.
Concord Management
Dont go to Heather Glenn. Its as terrible as the rest and days before your lease is up, they will tell you that the state laws require you to recertify your income!!
By: Jenny J.
Concord Management
Why do they never answer the phone is there a another number I can call I've been trying to reach them for the pass 3 week about renting a apt in the loop
By: Yolanda B.
Concord Management
Concord is past Terrible. I really want to rate them as 1/2 of a 1/2 star, I live at Mystic Cove apts. in Oviedo, FL and I hate this place. They are the most unprofessional and unreasonable people to deal with. They treat you like you are beneath them and as if you are wasting their time. If the rent was free I still would not recommend this place to homeless people.

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