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By: amandajane.hogansilvey
Victoria Village
As a residents of Victoria Village for the past 7 years, my family and I have seen management come and go. The last manager named Leah did not do what she was hired to do. She did not care what the residents had to say or listen to their complaints. Repairs were not done and even if they were done it was not to the residents satisfactions. Those days are over. Leah is no longer here. Earlier this year a new manager named Nancy Richardson took over. She is more professional,caring person, She listens to what residents have to say. She goes out of her way (even after hours) to repair any problem a resident has with their mobile home. A good example, my A/C went out in the middle of August and it was after hours. I told Nancy what had happened and instead of hen-hawing, she and her work crew installed A/C window units within 30 minutes. Leah would never do that. She would make us wait 2-3 days. A plus for the new manager is that she lives on the property. She makes time to get to know her tenants. She actually cares. Leah never would have done that. Leah was more of "take the money " and not care what anybody has to say to her. Nancy actually stays in the office during office hours. Leah never did that. So there is a big difference between the new management and the old management. In regards to a person who said that there is a convicted murderer on the property is absolutely hogwash!!!! Nancy does do background checks. Today is a new day and there is new management. If you find yourself in need of a new residence, consider Victoria Village. As mentioned before, my family has lived here for 7 years going on 8.
By: Brandi P.
Victoria Village
My family and I have lived here for 3 years now and we love it. Very nice place to live. Great for family's with kids.

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