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By: Henry M.
Schoepp Motors
There are two sides to every story and most of these are totally one sided. There is a lot more to say about sales situations and it is incorrect for anyone to think the staff at Schoepp Motors would 'yell' at any customer for any reason. It is a family owned, professional business with a good reputation in the Madison/Middleton area for over 35 years. I have bought 2 cars from them and my family/friends have dealt with them also. It isn't always peaches 'n cream every time you buy a car because sometimes the circumstances related to money & credit aren't perfect. All I know is that they try very hard to get you a loan for a car that you will be happy driving. They don't yell at anyone or try to make anyone do anything they don't want to do. I would recommend Schoepp Motors to anyone who wants to buy a decent used car that has been tuned-up, cleaned, and wont be a headache to own. They are a big company and definitely respect people and want to keep their reputation positive. **You have to respect the rule of 10's: One person that is unhappy with their purchase will tell 10 people about it - It takes 10 happy customers to tell 1 person they had a great experience. 1% of the customers [that aren't happy] make 75% of the noise (especially ONLINE). People that are disgruntled feel the drive to make everyone know about it (misery loves company), while happy people are just content with themselves - hence the rule of 10's I used to work in trailer/RV sales so I know a little bit about how this works. I just feel bad because they try so hard to help people get cars, and if you just read these reviews you wouldn't know that at all. I rated them 4/5 stars instead of 5/5 stars because they aren't perfect and given the nature of used car sales, credit, & banks you can't expect them to be. If you go to Schoepp to buy a used car you have the best shot at getting a good car, a good deal, and the best possible bank terms available. I don't have perfect credit [645] and have been shocked at how well they've done to get me a good loan on a car I wanted. Just take all the negative reviews with a grain of salt keeping in mind there are two sides to every story. Be well!
By: deb.comiskey.7
Steve's Auto Sales
I have had nothing but positive experiences working with the owner of Staves Auto Sales at 648 east Washington ave in Madison Wisc.Steve is professional, down to earth, willing to go above and beyond what most car dealers would do for the little man. The quality if vehicles is beyond what you would find from a USED dealership, no hidden fees, and he is knowledgeable in mechanical issues, pricing for repairs is not only honest, but low cost. He is honest, patient, personable, takes time to listen to what you are looking for in a vehicle, price range, and is willing to go the extra mile for you. Definitely a good businessman. I refer all I know who are in need of a vehicle, whether it be car, truck, suv, minivan..he has upgraded inventory worth checking out!! He also is fairly quick in repairs, oil changes, etc. Good place to get that first care for your teenage driver, or when your car breaks down either repairs or a new/used vehicle. Vehicles are unremarkably clean and in great mechanical working condition, with some extras, such as seat warmers, moon roofs, dvd/cd players, good tires, etc..A Must Ck out dealer if you desire honest, friendly service!
By: Dave T.
A To Z Auto Sports
I bought a VW jetta tdi from A to Z autosports. I have put more than 20k miles onit and it has been one of the best vehicles i have owned. My previous car was a a 2012 , and like all cars require maintenance expected or not. I really dont understand why some people who buy cars that is 5 or 10 years old are suprised that they have to fix or replace something that stopped working. I had to do that on my 2012 acura that i bought from the acura dealership. Let alone cars that are 7 or 10 years old with over 100,000 miles. People are quick to jump and blame a dealership anytime something has to be fixed or replaced in a their car. 99% of the time, the parts has to replaced or car needs service, and NO the dealership did not program the part to fail a week or a month after you bought your car. It is part of owning a used car that is 5 or 10 years or older. The guys at A to Z where more than helpful any time i needed help, even a 2 years after i bought my car. Go there and see for yourself. Even if you dont buy a car , and just browse you will see they are laid back and honest.
By: kevinlodholz
Goben Cars
I have a hard time believing these negative reviews. I suspect some may be from the competition and perhaps others from unreasonable customers? I have had nothing but the best experience from Goben Cars. I typically go through several cars each year or so and now buy all of them through Goben. I am a bargain hunter and they consistently have the best prices. They have always gone above and beyond with any issues on vehicles within the warranty period and have provided nothing but the best service outside of the warranty period. If it wasn't something they could fix themselves they always pointed me in the right direction or found the best on price on parts needed. Not to say I've had a lot of problems with the vehicles I've purchased from them - because I haven't. However, vehicles are bound to have problems, even new ones. I highly recommend Goben Cars if you can look past the lack of mega dealer facilities etc and realize that, instead, they pass the savings on to you as a consumer.
By: Alvina T.
Mad City Sales
I normally don't take the time to do reviews on my experiences but felt it was necessary because Harmony was able to make it possible for me to buy my new car. Some of my family had previously went to Mad City Sales so I figured I would give a try too. As soon as I got there, Harmony greeted me and got to know exactly what I was looking for. We looked at a few cars and then found the perfect car. It is a 2011 Nissan Altima. We talked about financing after I took it for a test drive. Now I don't have the best credit in the world so I thought I was going to have to put thousands of dollars down to get into a car but was I surprised! With only a couple hundred dollars out of my pocket I was able to drive off the lot with my new car! I wanted to make sure that Harmony got praised for her diligent work. Thank you Harmony.
By: Chris M.
Ultimate Rides
Recently my wife and I were looking to add another SUV to our family. We had been looking at a Toyota 4Runner or Sequoia and went as far as 200 miles outside of Madison to search. A couple weeks back we just happen to drive by Ultimate Rides and drove through there lot on a Sunday. We saw the 2006 Sequoia they had on there lot. Long story short both Jon & Vince were extremely professional, accommodating and understanding of everything we wanted. We decided not to purchase the Sequoia only due to an unexpected expense. Once we are ready to pursue a vehicle, I will most definitely contact them. We look forward to hearing about there success in the Madison community for years to come.
By: Tina H.
Mad City Sales
After a bad experience at another dealer in Madison, Mid City Auto Sales really came through and helped me out of a bad situation. I wanted to personally thank Frank and the rest of the guys for the best customer service I have ever received from a car dealership. It was one of the best car buying experience is one could ever ask for. There was a large inventory that provided me an opportunity to purchase the best car for me and the best part was that nobody was really pushy or anything. They asked what I wanted and needed. They told me what I could afford. And we were able to come to an agreement on the perfect car at the perfect price.
By: Veronica W.
Mad City Sales
I wanted to say that buying a car from Mad City Sales was one of the easiest buying experiences that I have ever had. Ian answered every single question I had about the cars they had on their lot and even some that were not there. I really liked the 2007 Toyota Tacoma and it was in my price range too. I was able to get really good financing and it was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I really wanted to make sure that anyone that is considering buying a car from Mad City Sales that it is a really good place and I would recommend buying from them. You will not be disappointed. I sure wasn't disappointed.
By: stephanie.nemec
Goben Cars
I had just been in a recent accident this summer coming home from work. My car was totaled in the crash. Goben Cars had really great prices for Ford Fusions the day I went to pick out the car of my choice. I wanted a safe car, because I know I'll be nervous driving back to college this fall. Also, I've heard the Fusions are really safe and a great car that is a nice size. The person who helped me pick out the car of my choice was very helpful and informative. I love the car, and I think anyone will love the cars there and the people who are willing to help make the right purchase. Go to Goben Cars.
By: Matthew K.
Mad City Sales
These guys have some of the funniest commercials ever. That got my attention and figured I should stop in to buy a car. When I got there, TJ came over and asked me a few questions about what I wanted and some credit questions. I told him that I have good credit but wanted to see what they could do for me. I was able to get financed for a 2005 Pontiac Vibe at a very good interest rate and low payment. I really think people need to give these guys a shot over there at Mad City Sales. They work for you and they do have a lot of good deals that I saw as I was walking through the cars they have there.

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