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By: swedish.crow
Forward Management Inc
I am currently living in an apartment from FMI. I will say that when there have been problems they have stepped up and fixed the issues. I have not had to fight to get work done. The building I am in is brand new, and while very nice to there were some problems with the completed work. My check in sheet took up almost 2 sides of the page. There is one door that has only one hinge. There was a spot that was patched after the wall was painted and it never got repainted. There are places where the drywall is cracking and the finish work is shoddy and obviously ignored. All in all it looks like it was done quickly and poorly. There seemed to be very little cleaning done prior to moving in. I only knew the true carpet color because of a spill I cleaned up and then noticed was much cleaner than the rest of the carpet. The one bathroom has gobs of silicone stuck to the wall due to the shower install. We cannot remove it because it will tear off the paint. The painting throughout the apartment is sub par work, with many spots so thin you can see the primer on the dry wall. On of the biggest problems is getting FMI to follow through on the rules set forth in the lease. People let their dogs run without leashes. They take them out right in front of the building, even thought the lease states they are not to. Many people do not clean up after their dogs, a clear violation of the lease. This leave plenty of messes for people to step in when walking around at night. There are even times when messes are left on sidewalks. There are gas and charcoal grills on balconies and porches in violation of city law, and they are used regularly by some tenants. Management sent out a warning to people about storing stuff in front of their parking space saying they would remove any said items if they were there after a specific date. Well the date came and went with no action by FMI. They seem to be all bark and no bite when it comes to enforcing their own lease. The lease is a contract entered into by both parties. If the tenant is expected to live up to the rules set forth in the lease then FMI should be expected to enforce the rules set forth in the lease. THIS IS NOT DONE. It seems if you want to do whatever you want you can do so as long as it does not cost FMI money. They truly sound like they care when you talk to them about problems you know are in the lease as not allowed, but their actions prove that they truly do not care. Were I to stop paying my rent I am sure I would get a legal notice about my responsibility to pay form my home. Funny how that concern is not shown for all of the rules and regulations in the lease. Should anyone ever get bit by a dog not on a leash I would say the person that was bit would be able to hold FMI partially responsible for the incident since they do not enforce their own rules. For the most part the apartment is nice and repairs are done, but FMI needs to take more interest in the day to day workings of their buildings.
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By: Naveen A.
Forward Management Inc
Not so effective in finding a sublease for me when I tried to sublease the apartment due to my job constraints. One disappointing thing to my surprise is i was charged most of the deposit money against the repairs that were needed to the apartment. We did a decent work to cleanup the apartment when we left but, charging most of the deposit money against the all repairs they had to make is unacceptable. This is all good until to a point where you had to leave. If you are planning on taking a lease, don't expect your deposit back as they will come up with some sort of charges after you leave.
By: Tracey H.
Forward Management Inc
I rented from Forward Management for about 4 years, and I have zero complaints. I most recently spent 2 years at Woodland Fields, which was a great experience. Very responsive management and maintenance, friendly neighbors. Tami is a total rock star - she was super helpful, great to work with, and takes her job seriously. I'm shocked there's any negative reviews of Forward Management - I haven't ever had an issue. Highly recommend them.And despite what other people have stated in some reviews, I got every dollar of my security back. FMI is GREAT.
By: Jasmine S.
Forward Management Inc
I live in Woodland Fields on the lower west side of Madison managed by Forward Management and our property manager is Tami Tetzlaff. Woodland Field apartments are so serene. My 3rd floor apartment has vaulted ceilings, fans, recessed molding, in-unit washer and dryer, great appliances, central heating and air, underground parking, and a terrific view. The sound proofing is amazing. The staff keeps the place clean and up to date. If you are looking for a safe, lovely, and great place to live, I would highly recommend Woodland Fields.
By: forwardmanagement
Parks and Regent Development
Forward Management, Inc. has been in business for over 25 years providing excellent customer service and maintenance. We have many people that are available during normal business hours, and we have a 24 hour emergency maintenance service that is available if ever needed. We handle any questions, problems or concerns professionally and promptly, and handle items in a fair and legal manner. Please contact us today!Sincerely,Forward Management, Inc.
By: erinlenore
Forward Management Inc
I'm not saying Forward doesn't have its issues (it does). But, any time I've had an issue with our apartment, it has been dealt with just fine. No, it's not immediate. But, they are a large company just trying to do the best they can for the people they serve.
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By: Jennifer O.
Prime Urban Properties
Prime Urban Properties provides top-of-the-line service to all tenants - residential and commercial - and is deeply invested in the community. The PUP team is responsive, professional, and experienced in property development, management, and maintenance.
By: Morgan S.
Goldleaf Development
I was extremely impressed by how quickly maintenance responded to my request. My front door’s doorknob was replaced within minutes, less than 1 business day after the request was submitted.
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By: Ashley W.
Prime Urban Properties
Great management team! Very friendly and helpful. The properties are very well kept and if you have any issues it is resolved quickly!
By: marcotte57
R & A Properties
nice job plowing my buildings out

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