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By: Olivia S.
Pawn America - Madison
The actual pawn/sell area of the store is quite friendly and helpful towards you, but once you get into the retail area that's where helpful and friendly end. Finding someone to help you look for a specific item or have any knowledge of any kind is difficult. The registers are worse. I waited 7 minutes at a register before being helped. There were 2 other employees near the register talking, and the 3rd one that came up started to join in on their convo. They had all seen me with my items, and I had even asked if one was available at that time to check me out; all I received were sighs and the 3rd employee slowly made her way behind the register and began slowly scanning my items while STILL talking to her coworkers, not even bothering to make any kind of eye contact with me whatsoever, her tone was condesending and bored. Then one of the other employees had to approve 2 of my transactions and had no speed or urgency to her movements at all, even though their body language and tone told me they wanted me gone as soon as possible. Throughout the store I could hear other employees yelling across the store to talk to one another as customers were trying to browse the sales floor. Once done, I didn't even receive a thank you or have a nice day; once the receipt was in my hand she turned and continued her convo with her coworkers. Go for the semi decent items, not the customer service
By: conradd12
I have had excellent service from this company in times of need. Pawns are cheaper then payday loans. Employees are always friendly and eager to help. It is a pawn shop folks. They are very busy due to the recession and employees deal with a lot of stress and unimaginable people. Lets be fair. Just because you did not get what you want. You are quick to write a bad review. They do all they can for me every time and love the ability to get buy financially during these tough times.
By: Sengaroon B.
Avoid the overweight white guy in his late forties. He's a complete douche bag, very condescending. He'll try to offer below the minimum everytime. No matter how stressful a job is, he should still count himself luckily employed and there is never any excuse to act as foul as he. Everybody else is above and beyond in service.
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By: Jehrinee H.
Pawn America - Madison
Breanna Patton did an amazing job with me and her customer service was one most need to have! I came in thinking I was going to get low balled like at most pawn shops and it was the exact opposite not only did I leave with a smile on my face but my pockets larger than expected too! Definitely will be going back ��������
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By: Victoria J.
Very unprofessional. Was standing in line behind a woman wanting to pawn something and the employee that was helping her said to me: "Okay, I'll help you first even though you're buying a crappy PS2 game." I don't want your editorial comments about my purchases. Very insulting.
By: S K.
Pawn America - Madison
Maddie W took care of us on Saturday and was GREAT! We've worked with her on multiple occasions and each time she has been very helpful. Previously she took care of us with a jewelry request and it was handled smoothly. Thanks for the great service as always Maddie.
By: Ashley L.
Pawn America - Madison
The pawn broker Matt is a fantastic employee. He's always fair on the prices he offers and has such a great attitude. His enthusiasm is through the roof and always makes the visit entertaining. If you get a chance to have his as your broker you won't be disappointed.
By: Shawn C.
Give the employees a break. They are all doing the best they can under extremely stressful circumstances. They are severely understaffed and working under a corporation that doesn't have a clue. They have always been as fair as they could be.
By: Michael A.
Pawn America - Madison
Matter wells is the best employee I've ever seen! It's because of her I keep coming back! I would love to see more close and less junk.
By: mjv77
The reason she said that is the law says you can't sell items to other customers on their property

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