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By: Josefina T.
Princeton Club
My husband and I have been members here for 6 years and love it. We mostly use the East side location since it's more nearby for us but go to the West side every so often. We also go to the church that meets in the West side location gym Sundays at 10am - it's awesome (there's even free coffee and bagels and it's very family oriented) and sometimes stay for a workout after church. Some people may not be into that but I think it's great that they use their facilities to bless a lot of people. There's also other good stuff happening to help people like Toys for Tots, food drives and lots of other stuff. Some things I love about the West side location is the resistance pool, equipment, steam room (I like the shower head in there so you can cool down without getting out), and childcare. Like I said, I usually use the East side location. I love the equipment - and I never have a problem with having to wait for what I want to use. They get new, up and coming equipment pretty frequently which I can't say for other gyms I've been a member at. I also feel pretty safe using everything and not worrying about getting other people's dirty sweat on me because everyone seems to adhere well to cleaning equipment after use with the spray bottle and cloth. My husband has made so many friends and amazing connections through people he's met there. I love, love, love the childcare. The staff are great and my 5 yr old and 3 yr old boys love going to the gym because it means toys galore, slide, ball pit (and they keep it pretty clean too), and a chance to make friends. I love a couple hours to myself to watch TV or read while burning calories and working out, relaxing in the hot tub and taking a shower with peace and quiet. :) The staff have been only amazing from what I've seen - I'm sad for anyone that's had a bad experience - I never have! Love the free classes. Enough said although I could say more. Great place.
By: Ade L.
Princeton Club
I just wanted to post about my sign up experience today at the Madison West location. After reading some of the reviews, I was very pleasantly surprised today. Everybody that I worked with and talked to was extremely friendly and accommodating. The facility overall was in excellent condition and the environment was pleasant. After their representative gave me a thorough tour of the entire facility, he then sat down with me and explained the different membership options. He was very clear about the prices and was definitely concerned with helping me make the most economical decision. Unlike some of the reviews, I did not at all feel like they were only in it to take my money. I have toured a few of the other facilities in the area and feel that this facility is by far the best in terms of the equipment, technology, and amenities. And, the membership price was very comparable with other facilities including the YMCA and Harbor Athletic Club. I find the membership price to be very reasonable as well. A lot of people have griped about having to sign a contract. I haven't found many facilities that do not require a contract of some sort. Also, if you know you will not be there for the entire contract, you have to option to pay for the number of months that you will be using the facility. This requires you to pay for your membership up front, but that too can be spread out across a few, more manageable monthly payments. Also, unlike most athletic clubs, Princeton Club does not charge an initiation fee. This is a huge benefit as you will not be required to put $100+ down for an initiation fee before even signing up.
By: Gal P.
Princeton Club
I have been a member of the Princeton Club for a few years. I have moved around a bit and have been a member of other gyms, but I would 100% recommend the Princeton Club over any other I have tried. For the price I feel I am getting an incredible value. All the classes are included- which I was so happy about- and there's so many I have yet to try them all. Plus, I have access to the express clubs. I live in McFarland and so it is so convenient to have the club right there- but if I want to go to the bigger one and use the pool or sauna I can. I have yet to hear of another club that have that! With that being said I haven't had to wait for machines or feel too cramped at any PC location- express or mega club. It's clean, and I come at the busier times which says a lot. Any time I have found it dirty has been by the use of a member not putting their stuff away after use. I have always been really impressed with how personal the staff makes any interaction- it makes me feel like it's my club! Overall I feel like the Princeton Club checks all the boxes I'm looking in a gym for and I would recommend it to anyone!
By: Sascha R.
Princeton Club
I've been a member for nearly 19 years now with hardly a complaint. However, I'm not a high maintenance member either meaning I rarely need anything from the staff. I go in, do my workout, shower and leave -- nearly every day of those past 19 years. When I joined, and hopefully this is still in place, your membership fee is locked in for life. This is what will keep me renewing as long as I continue to live here and want to workout. Truly their best policy. I just recently got involved in group training with trainer Lauren. This definitely has ramped up my workout, something I've really needed after a 19 year rut. Lauren put me and the others in our group through our paces, cheering us on and correcting our form. This is a general body transformation workout and next time I'm going to do "Buns and Guns". Coupled with eating right and my regular workouts, I've managed to take off 13 pounds and I love the results! Thanks for being there Princeton Club.
By: ericmsn
Twisted Fitness
Twisted Fitness is Greater Madison's premier mixed martial arts academy. It is run by Mark Plavcan (BJJ Black Belt under Romero "Jacare" Cavalcanti) and Sonya Barton (Brown Belt under Romero "Jacare" Cavalcanti). Twisted Fitness is affiliated with Alliance BJJ, North America's premier BJJ academy. This means that the instruction and philosophy behind the instruction is work class. John Phelan heads up the Muay Thai program and integrates various other styles of Martial Arts into his classes. John is an exceptionally dedicated and patient Martial Arts Instructor with many years of experience. Twisted Fitness also boasts various fitness courses and a yoga program. Whether you are trying to get in shape, want to try something new, or are looking for hard core competition training, Twisted Fitness has something for you. I've been a member for about 7 years - what a great experience.
By: marla.waughfish
Twisted Fitness
Before I moved to Madison, I had trained Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for six years at three different academies in the Chicago area. The first thing I did when I decided to move to Madison was write a list of academies I wanted to try. There were several on the list and I visited Twisted Fitness first. After my first visit to Twisted Fitness, two years ago, I threw out the rest of my list. I instantly knew Twisted Fitness would be my new home and my training partners would become my new family. Mark and Sonya, owners and instructors, have dedicated themselves to their students and to jiu jitsu. Their passion for jiu jitsu and commitment to their students is overwhelming and they demonstrate it on the mat every night. All students, regardless if they are older or younger, men or women, athletic or want to be more athletic, will find a place (a home, rather) at Twisted Fitness.
By: Caren H.
Princeton Club
I went in with the couples deal and paid for a two year membership up front and it is decidedly less expensive. It will basically cut your price in half. I didn't feel pressured to purchase this membership, it was best for me from a purely economical standpoint and because I have to have access to a 24 hour pool and sauna, these are my requirements. I occasionally use their bikes and weigh machines, all of which I found to be in top shape. I used one bike that the heart rate monitor didn't work on, but my own fitbit is more accurate, so I have decided to keep using that instead. I find that everything is clean and that the workers are polite. I will continue to use my membership for the next 1.5 years because this is the best gym I have had access to in years.
By: Kase S.
Princeton Club
This gym is the best gym because it's open 24 hours and its conveniently located in the east and west side of Madison. But the reason for the 5 stars is for the owner Dave Gerry, what an awesome man he is, just incredible. I had the fortune of listening to him at a Gates of Glory and I could see and feel what a compassionate man of God he was. Truly amazing I'm in awe, words can't describe the zeal this man carries. I thought I had zeal but boy have I got a long way to go my goodness. Thank you David for your awesome obedience and faithfulness to our wonderful creator and Saviour Jesus Christ. You carry him well. Your definitely an inspiration to me to be more Christ like and have challenged me to follow even with more zeal and compassion than I can imagine.
By: Warrie H.
Princeton Club
My wife and I decided to look for a gym that had free child care and that was open all the time. We started with the free week membership, but we were told if we wanted to join after 3 or 4 days, we could trade in our free week membership And they would give us a free month. As of today there are two plans that both require contracts. One is a couple membership for 12 months for just under 100 dollars, and the other option is a two year contract for just under 80. We went with the one year rate, just because we want to make sure we use it as we intend to has a lot of neat features, and the child care is pretty decent. Our daughter gets to play and socialize so its a win win. I would recommend this place.
By: Edmo F.
Princeton Club
We had a Groupon for 2 months, loved the classes and decided to join for good. Right after that, I had an issue with my knee and was out for a month. When I came back today, several of my class members asked how I was doing, glad to have me back, etc! Same with Sandy and Priscilla. This is why I love the club! People care about me and how I'm doing; the instructors are very willing to show me ways to accommodate my arthritis issues. They want everyone to achieve their goals and to work at the speed of their own body. No matter where you are in your own fitness, they're ready to help you be the best you can be. That's worth joining a club and sticking with it. Thanks, Princeton Club!!

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