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By: arelene
Kwon Chiropratic Clinic
I was training for 2012 IRONMAN RACE and got an achilles tendon injury. I was suffering from the pain more than 6 months and I tried different therapies that did very little for my pain. I signed up for the race anyway. During the IRONMAN RACE fair, I met Dr. Kwon who was volunteer at the race. He treated my achilles tendon area for 2 times before the race and I had less pain in archilles area. I tried numerous treatments previously, but nothing really helped my pain. But Dr. Kwon only treated me 2 times and I got better. His treatment really helped and he was very knowledgeable. Thanks to Dr. Kwon and I was able to compete the race.
By: eating8
Chiropractic USA
Before I started with Chiropractic USA I thought I was doing enough to keep my self fit to my surprise I was missing a key link to my health which was Chiropractic work! I feel even more energetic and aware of what to put in my diet. That helps with my posture when I sit stand or walk. I sleep better at night since I've joined Chiropractic USA. This is one of my best investments ever.
By: nicky.ways
Chiropractic USA
Noah is now able to self regulate much better in school and at home. He is more centered in his daily activities and responds better to the daily challenges that life posts in his path. I wish I had know about the positive effects of chiropractic care in treating children with sensory processing disorder. Thank you for the great help and the amazing staff in Chiropractic USA.
By: danield191
Chiropractic USA
The treatment that I was given to follow told me to do exercises like walking and sitting which have helped me a lot doing them daily. I feel a lot better and especially working in the computer makes me feel more comfortable and natural. I think the daily exercises are great! Thank you!
By: mzoey64
Chiropractic USA
I’ve been coming for 3 months now and have found great relief. I feel so much better. I don’t wake up with headaches anymore and my mobility has improved. The staff are always so sweet. Regular adjustments are making such a huge difference. Thanks so much.
By: tyraf
Chiropractic USA
I feel that Chiropractic USA has affected my health and wellness in a good way, I don't have back nor neck problems as often as I use to. During my pregnancy I feel great as far as my back is concern. I'm glad that I'm a patient here.
By: ronaldrlls
Chiropractic USA
They are up to date on equipment and technology and have a good health strategy. Best of all, Sandy and the other experts know some amazing ways to solve some difficult health problems that others can't solve. Thanks so much.
By: billy.greenbean
Chiropractic USA
Amazingly, the treatment here hasn't only helped my lower back but it's also helped to make me more emotionally stable. I feel more sound, clear, peaceful and comfortable all around. I am a new person. Thank you!!
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By: cane4200
University Alternative Health
Dr. Reek was very helpful and spent the time to really investigate all the possibilities why I was not recovering. I am very pleased with his care and cannot say enough good things about this doctor.Kara T.
By: lovemypoodle41
Chiropractic USA
My lower back has become much stronger following adjustments, daily exercises and paying closer attention to eating a nutritional diet. My arms and shoulders have never been this strong.

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