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By: thefordman05
Truck & Machine Service LLC.
Great service. Our fleet of trucks (6) have never been running better. Labor rates are lower then the rest of the truck shops in town. The owners Greg and Dan who are also the only two mechanics are always helpful and completely honest. Our ford 6.0 trucks have had thousands of dollars of work done at the dealer. We have been using them for 4 years now and they have been servicing and maintaning them at half the cost and half the down time of the dealer. We call last minute and they always work us in. They also have a mobile service truck that we use for our loaders and bobcats since our loader is aways at the yard and our bobcats always on jobsites. They service them around our hours which is unheard of by other compainies that we have tried. When they stop by to repair something afterwards they are always pulling dipsticks to make sure the oil is up and checking to make sure we are staying up on our oil change intervals on our trucks and letting us know what they believe should be worked on next. All around a Great Company. They have our business for life because of honesty.
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By: Mark K.
Terry's Car Care
I took my Honda Civic in for its 90k checkup. They called me within a few hours with a short list with a long dollar figure of things to address: timing belt, transmission fluid, new tires and alignment. Bill candidly helped me prioritize them and we decided to just do the timing belt for now, given my budget. He called back a few hours later saying it had already been done, so there was no need. Being I had consented to the repair, he could have easily gone through anyway and I never would've known. I could then get the transmission fluid changed. They did so and were ready the next day. They've earned my future business, and the location for downtown residents is unbeatable.
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By: Tom V.
Crestwood Auto Clinic
I have a 25yr old vehicle that is finally needing some major repairs.. They have done fantastic work, My brake lines were worn to the point that they ruptured while driving. This repair was done efficiently & expertly. They have also repaired my braking system & brakes.. The car is riding safely and effectively. Next to be done is a complete tune-up.. from what we've spoken about, this will be quite complete. Fuel , air and other filters will be done as well as plugs, distributor wires et'al... Looking forward to having a bit more pick-up in the old lad. Vicky and her staff are topnotch..! Prices are fair & reasonable.. Look forward to having my car for a long time to come..
By: massonn795
Dave's Auto Service
The service Dave's Auto Service was great! I found him online and read his reviews, which were great and he was close to my house. I was up against a wall when I went in and explained my case. We were leaving the next day for a vacation/graduation down south. My AC system was shooting out hot air. I knew we'd need the AC working for my eight passengers and three doggies for the ride there and back. He was very professional and assured me that he could have the job done in less than twenty four hours. He told me that he'd be able to locate the actual part needed with no problem. I left my car in his hands and returned the next day. I was hopeful.
By: Nolie P.
Broadway Tire & Auto
I brought my car in cause it didn't run right. They first thought it was the accelorator pedal travel sensor, but that wasn't the problem. It was the throttle body. They were understanding enough to let me find the part and wait for it to be shipped elsewhere other than the dealership cause it was a 900 and they installed it in a few hours. The car runs just fine now I'm grateful they didn't charge for the installation and removal if the pedal. Labor only coast me 200. I was thinking it was gonna cost over 600. So they did a fair to above average job.
By: cliff777
Sparkle Auto Body
My van was vandalized and at the recommendation of my insurance agent (Allied/Nationwide) I stopped in to see what could be done. The insurance agent had good things to say about the shop. Eric the manager took the time to look at and explain what could be done about it. He then worked for maybe fifteen minutes to deal with part of the problem and showed me how to finish up on my own. Very friendly and courteous. He went well out of his way to be helpful. I give them a high recommendation and should I need more body work, will choose them.
By: discoman
Dave's Auto Service
What could we say about Dave's...HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND! I will be coming back for life. He is so honest and that is something that is so hard to find. When my brakes were fixed by another shop -six trips and them telling me they were fine, Dave's changed them and I have had no problem with them again. From engine lights, to the car breaking down, WE can not express our thanxs to him. This is a very inexpensive terrific shop. He has become our car Angel, Dave's a very very good mechanic, a very rare find. Thanxs Dave!!
By: melvin45
Dave's Auto Service
I brought my car in because it was leaking oil after I had brought it in to this shop. Your service men brought the car in immediately, fixed the problem, and had me on my wait within a half an hour. All men were friendly, courteous, and willing to fix the problem. Turns out it was a defective oil filter. Thank you for the quick, courteous, and friendly service. I will always recommend your business to my friends and family whenever I get the chance.
By: tyraf
Dave's Auto Service
I randomly picked Dave's Auto Service from searching online. I read the reviews and surveys and he looked like he was really good and knowledgeable about his work. My brakes were really bad, and had been for awhile. When I took my car in, he worked super fast and did a really good job on it. He didn't mess around at all, he fixed what was wrong. I was never happier to give somebody twelve hundred dollars in my life! Now my car works really well.
By: Yuda P.
Broadway Tire & Auto
I went to Broadway Tire for an oil change. I had a Bucky Book coupon for an oil change. I attempted to go to the location on E Washington first, don't even bother trying there. I stood in the shady looking reception area and was never acknowledged. I went over to Monona where there were actually people working at the desk. I received prompt and friendly service. The waiting room left much to be desired, but luckily I was not there for too long
Tips & Advices
Both types of alignment add value, but front-wheel alignments are more common. Rear-wheel alignments tend to be less costly than front-wheel alignments, since front-wheel alignments are usually more complicated.
Wheel alignment might or might not be necessary when installing new tires, and this depends on the general condition of the car's wheels and when they were last aligned. Misaligned wheels can shorten the life of new tires, so it's a good idea to have the alignment checked by a professional when putting new tires in place.
Wheel alignment services are provided by mechanics and auto repair shops. Some tire shops also provide wheel alignment services. Choose a wheel alignment professional that has good online reviews on an independent review site. Many shops offer free inspections and can tell  if alignment is necessary.
A 3D-wheel alignment is a process that helps ensure the car's wheels are aligned with unerring precision. With 3D wheel alignment, wheels are aligned with machinery that includes cameras and a monitor. A 3D-wheel alignment is both accurate and quick, and each wheel can be aligned in as little as seven minutes.
Misaligned wheels can cause tire wear that is uneven and unusually heavy, and this will reduce the longevity of a car's tires and put them at greater risk for a blowout. Misaligned wheels can also reduce a car's fuel economy, and this will cost  more money at the gas pump.

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