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By: Richard L.
Jian J Hua, MD - Hua Jian J MD
Of all the pain specialists that I have seen I believe him to be the most up to date a thorough Doctor I have had the pleasure of working with to try and manage my pain. The fact that he is a surgical anesthesiologist as well as a Pain Management Doctor makes him uniquely qualified to understand the mechanisms of a persons pain as he holds the lives of people in surgery in his hands every day and that requires an observant eye to ensure his patient lives through the surgery. I have found him to be more observant and hands on than any doctor I have dealt with. There use to be a philosophy in medicine you cannot heal with out touching the patient. today you go in and office and in most cases the doctor asks how you feel then orders tests leaves and comes back with the test results. In my experience the recent trend for doctors to not touch their patients has lead to the mass increase in malpractice Lawsuits. If more doctors did a complete 3 minute exam of their patients while offering reassurance that all that could be done would be done there would to a 1000 fold increase in patient satisfaction with there doctors. There are so many things you can tell about a patient by doing a quick check of the general condition of the patient will instilling in them the feeling that they matter enough for you to touch them and see if you can find if there is anything that may have been missed in your telling of how you feel. The reduction in unnecessary tests, and misdiagnoses would drop dramatically. Dr. Hua is just such a man and he instills confidence that he has done all he can to take care of you.
By: Emily R.
First Choice Primary Care
I did have some problems with a young girl named Lindsey about 6 weeks ago when I was in the office over a copay, I am uninsured and have to pay a copay every visit (and trust me it is a reasonable copay). I had a balance of 35.00 and of coarse copay for that day but all I had was 20.00 because I am in between jobs at the moment. She told me I had to pay a minimum of 40. Lindsey DID NOT care about my situation and she was just rude as hell. I asked to speak to the office manager a d little miss attitude stomped off. The young black girl signed me in any way and took the 20.00. While waiting I heard Lindsey fussing at the other girl for checking me in. Once I got into a room I asked my nurse if she could get the office manager for me without letting the front girls know and she did as I asked. Mrs. Leslie came and sat down with me and apologized over and over again for her staffs behavior. Leslie was understanding and caring about my situation.
By: slperry
The Children's Hospital
My stepson was involved in an accident while playing baseball. During the game he was hit in the head with a baseball. At the time we did not think it was serious due to him having his helmet on. He went back out on the field when he felt better and played. Shortly later he stopped and started crying. We figured he may have a headache and took him home to give him some Tylenol. Before we could give him anything he started throwing up. We took him to the E.R. immediately and he was transferred to the Children’s Hospital PICU. He had a concussion and a small bleed on his brain. Thankfully it stopped and he was sent home. During our stay he was treated like a celebrity. He was so happy and even asked if we could move there. That in it self says a lot about this hospital. He received excellent care and attention from every staff member. I have a new profound respect for this hospital. Thanks to everyone involved!!!
By: Flor de maria V.
Luu, Quyen, MD
I was writing a Review, but sometime happened in my computer. I will starting again. On June 27, 2017 the Nurse Practitioner taking care me. She was very professional, and kindness. She made me feel comfortable, and treat very well. I explained her my health condition. She was attentive. Thanks!Moreover, I would like to express my appreciation to Jackie for its right direction to arrive to the center; same as Rachel and Julie. Employees like them, make happy clients, and prestigious the Institution. Thanks!
By: nic588
The Children's Hospital
My daughter had to stay at the Children's Hospital twice. Very nice and friendly staff. The art and colors added a creative touch that my daughter found fascinating. We were given one of the beautiful handmade blankets that was donated to the hospital. There was a breakroom with a coffee maker and snack machines, which came in handy. All of our needs were met. All around great place.
By: Daniel E.
First Choice Primary Care
Have been a patient with this practice for six years, have always had great service from all aspects of the office. Dr. Graves is excellent.
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By: Frank S.
Mayville, Christina L MD
Dr.Mayville was very through and took the time to explain everything and answer any questions that I had , and in terms that I understood!
By: Derrick W.
Johnston Kim W MD
Great Doctor! Bedside manner sucks! But he is an Excellent Surgeon!
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An osteopathic physician practices a comprehensive form of medicine that takes a holistic approach to a person's health. Instead of specializing in one system or set of organs, an osteopathic specialist focuses on the health of the total body. This includes evaluating environmental factors that affect a person's well-being.
Many family doctors deliver babies, especially in rural areas without a nearby OB/GYN. However, most family doctors only deliver for low-risk pregnancies and do not perform cesarean sections.
Family nurse practitioners are highly educated nurses able to provide medical care individually or with the assistance of another professional. Family nurse practitioners obtain a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and then take the National Council Licensure Examination to begin working as a registered nurse. Then, they continue their education and obtain a Master of Science in Nursing. Following that, they become certified in family practice via the American Nurses Credentialing Center of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, allowing them to become certified family nurse practitioners.
Some family doctors provide immunizations while others do not. Typically, doctors who work as part of a large practice are more likely to offer vaccines in-house. Doctors in offices of one to two physicians are more likely to refer patients to a public health department or other immunization provider.
A physician's assistant is a person qualified to perform routine medical services. This individual is professionally licensed and certified, but they may not have the extensive med school education of a doctor.That said, PAs do complete almost three years of postgraduate study and more than 2,000 hours of rotations.

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