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By: Valerie A.
Yesterday's Antique Market
When I travel to Macon several times a year, one of my "must see" activities is to visit Yesterday's Antique Market. I have purchased many items making room in my suitcases to bring my "treasures" home. I find their broad selection of merchandise very enjoyable, from exquisite antiques, whose origins I recognize from grandparents' homes to retro things of my childhood to unique, non-mall jewelry! The staff has ALWAYS been amazing: helpful, patient and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Yesterday's Antique Market to be added to your Macon visits!! I only wish the vendors offered free shipping so I could bring more treasures home !!
By: avcobb
Ansley Village
So far I have had nothing but a wonderful experience with Ansley Village! Ashleigh has been an absolute joy from the very beginning and really helped me decide that this was where I wanted to stay. The location is literally close to everything you could want (movies, bars, eateries, etc) and is also close to 475/75 depending on where you'd like to go. The amenities are great and I think for the overall price this place should definitely be on the tops of a renter's list.
By: Hiram H.
River Walk Apartments
Lived here for a year. The staff was very professional and always solved very quickly any issue that might came up in the apartment. The families that live here really want to give their children a better way of life. During school days you would not see any kids outside after 8:30 pm. I felt very safe there. My Apt. was very confortable and I loved having 2 bathrooms a balcony. Also loved the fact that there is only 4 Apts. per stairway.
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By: Gessica G.
Thomaston Crossing
Thomaston Crossing has been a fabulous place to live this past year & looking forward for this next year to be even better! Gracie, the new manager- Lisa, & our curitosy officer are AMAZiNG! I couldn't ask for any better customer service from them! They are always willing to help & handle any issue/question you may have. LOVE living in the safe, friendly environment at Thomaston Crossing!
By: Darya B.
The Massee Apartments
The new management has really turned this building around! They are quick to repair any maintenance issues in my apartment, and have restored a lot of the original fixtures in the building from when it was originally built! It's in an amazing neighbourhood, and walking distance to downtown, my husband and I always walk down to the restaurants on Cherry Street. Highly recommend
By: Billy D.
Great store with gas, on-road diesel, kerosene, Huddle House. The store has gas pumps with diesel out front for cars and is a truck plaza with high speed diesel pumps on the side for 18 wheelers. They also have showers and truck parking behind building.
By: ms.cornelius
Windy Hill Manor Apartments
Windy Hill Manor offers affordable living, a quiet neighborhood, and friendly staff. Conveniently located near Macon Mall, I-475, & Presidential Parkway Shopping Center. Making WHM the best location for shopping, dining, college, & living.
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By: Ruth R.
Brookdale Macon
My mother has been living there about a year. The staff is trained in handling dementia patients and do an excellent job. The facility is clean, the residents are kept busy with various activities, and are shown much love and attention.
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By: Patcc84 ..
Thomaston Crossing
These apartments have gone downhill. Pool is dirty, BBQ pits are filthy, roaches and dead bugs everywhere! For the amount of rent I pay I expect more. Very loud and seems like it's turning into section 8 housing.
By: Billy D.
Great store with off-road diesel, on-road diesel to the side that large trucks can use. Hot breakfast and lunch cooked daily. Hunts Brother Pizza sold all day - can call in and have ready for pickup. Free air.
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