By: busybusyguy99
Vineville Beverage And Cigar Shop
After visiting this store, again, this week, for some reason, I felt compelled to write this review. This is the VERY BEST RETAILER that I have EVER visited; not just package or cigar store, but best retailer, period!!!, And I've lived in 4 different states, and I travel all over the country. And because I work and travel so much, I can only visit the store at night. But the 2 guys in there are simply a pleasure to do business with. I think that one of them (the older of the two) owns the store, and the other one is his son. So I think it is a family run business (which I like too). Sometimes another guy works for the son. But the son is probably in his early 20's, and he told me that he is currently working toward his college degree. This young man works exceedingly hard for his father, and always acts like he is so happy to see me every single time I visit the store, and his attitude can put you in a good mood on the worst days. Again, I visited the store again this week and I just felt obligated to write this review because I was having a bad week and the young man in the store simply brightened my day. So I felt the need to tell others about this store that really epitomizes the standard for which all retailers should use for customer service.

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