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By: Kevin H.
Car City
I purchased a 2007 Dodge Nitro from Car city of Lumberton about 2 weeks ago. At first I was a little nervous about this dealership, because none of the vehicles have prices on them. I found almost no dealerships do this. Because prices change daily. And I will admit I would not want to be changing prices on hundreds of vehicles every day. lol. I was shocked by the sales people not wanting to attack me like sharks, like most dealerships. The Sales person came and and just started simple conversation. Didn't even talk about vehicles really. He asked "what a comfortable monthly payment range would be, something realistic, yet won't put you in a financial bind". I told him I wanted to stay under 375. And I warned him, my credit is not good at all. He took my information. And about 30 minutes later after speaking with his Manager. Who I assume calls banks and tries to get them to loan me money. He said he got several banks to approve a loan, And showed me 3 vehicles that I was interested in, I can afford, And was willing to purchase. After discussing Risks and Rewards with my sales person. He eliminated all my fears or risks of buying a car. He told me that the banks were only asking for 1,000 down. Which would make my payments around 350 a month. He informed me of all of there General service warranties to Power train warranties. Also, I think it was called GAP insurance. So if my vehicle would be stolen, totaled, tree falls on it. They would cover the entire cost of the car. Overall I am very happy with my purchase. And i've made 150 bucks due to friends buying cars. For every person I send to them and they buy a car (and they use my name for referral) I make 75 bucks. And they Even wished me a happy Birthday! (: I would most certainly do business with Car City again. And wouldn't even consider going any where else.
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By: wbrj01
Dobb's Enterprises
By: rick.kemker.5
Wilcox Auto Sales
Very affordable and trustworthy. We drive our vehicles from Raeford to have them serviced at Wilcox. Love these guys.
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By: Mikeal O.
Car City
Love my car! Would reccomend to all my family and friends!
By: shoptodrop1992
Haywood Auto Sales Inc
Clean used cars! Great place to buy a car.
Tips & Advices
Salvage yards will have different policies regarding warranties, but, in most instances, the parts you find will be covered. Some salvage yards will offer warranties of anywhere from 90 days to six months, and may even offer the option for extended coverage.
After you've successfully found a part or multiple components, take everything up to the clerk. Inform them of what you have and pay. Avoid lying about what you have as a way to pay less. You will potentially be banned if you're found lying. You-pick salvage yards will display the prices for categories of parts. Prices may fluctuate depending on the demand. Harder-to-find items could carry a higher price tag than a brand-new one. If you are salvaging for auto parts, you might see items that are difficult to find and be able to sell them for a profit. Doing so can offset the cost of the price you're paying for the parts you personally need.
It is in your interest to call the salvage yard before arriving to see if they sell smaller components individually, because some yards do not. Some owners choose to not sell small components for financial reasons.  If salvage lots come across a door without the handle, they will have to pay extra to get the handle and attach it to the entire assembly. It is therefore cost-effective for salvage lots to sell entire assemblies.
When rummaging through a car or walking around the lot, stay aware of your surroundings. Remember, you aren't the only visitor looking to salvage parts. Other individuals are also looking for components, and not everyone works as safely as possible. If you find a car you'd like to inspect, make sure working conditions are suitable, and if anything looks suspicious or dangerous, find a safer vehicle to tear apart.
Typical gear includes:
  • Pliers
  • Hammer
  • Screwdrivers
  • Hacksaw
  • Short pry bar
  • Combination wrenches
  • Gloves
  • Safety glasses
  • Inch ratchet set
Keep these tools in the car:
  • Inch-drive socket set
  • Large hammer
  • Long pry bar
  • Cardboard
  • Coveralls
  • Two feet of pipe

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