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By: Tyea M.
Kool Smiles
I really liked this office. The staff were very friendly and attentive of my children as well as my concerns. Unlike other people that posted a review, I felt this location (Lufkin, tx) was very clean and there was no mold smell. Considering how old these buildings are the office was in decent shape. The staff and dentists were very hygienic and made specific care to keep the environment germ free. Only dislike I had was my first visit's wait time. However, that could have been prevented if I had downloaded and printed the paper work ahead of time and filled it out. Any other appointment has gone quickly with reasonable wait times.
By: calebb643
Element Dental
The staff was GREAT! I went in to work on Tuesday morning with a massive toothache, and I called Element Dental 15 mins before they were scheduled to open and they were able to schedule me in. Once there I received the utmost respect for the entire staff from the Dental Assistant to the Doctor! I had Xrays, verification of insurance and a tooth extraction all within a little over an hour! The doctors assistant was AMAZING! She was there right by my side through the process and even held my hand and told me I was doing great. The actual procedure took about 20 mins. I would recommend Element Dental to anyone!
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By: Brad n stephanie S.
Kool Smiles
I love the fact that Kool Smiles is a place for children. Going to the dentist can be scary but the friendly atmosphere helps relieve a child's nerves. I like Kool Smiles but I only gave this place 2 stars because I do not like the fact that you have to wait 30 mins after your appointment time was schedule for to go to the back and an hour before your child teeth gets clean and checked by the Dr. I figured that this place will do better to get family's in and out due to it servicing children and parents. Children have very little patience.
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By: Happy W.
Kool Smiles
LOVED that they have a play area for the kids in the waiting room. It makes waiting so much easier when the kids are occupied! They don't have to sit down and be quiet. Instead they get to get up and play! Plus, it took my youngest's mind off of how nervous he was about going to the dentist. Great staff...very friendly and professional. They made us feel at home. The dentist was awesome, too! The kids both told me they can't wait to go back, and I look forward to taking them for their next cleaning.
By: Wanda H.
Lufkin Family Dental
I just left Lufkin Family Dental where I had a positive experience. His professional staff performed my twice yearly teeth cleaning and polishing, and then Dr. Williams visited with me about my dental needs, utilizing the latest technology to show me pictures of my teeth and what needed to be done. I felt very comfortable with the explanations and services provided and would recommend families, children and friends to try Dr. Williams.
By: Jennifer C.
Kool Smiles
As a mother of young children I love the fact that Kool Smiles of Lufkin is so kid friendly. The office staff and the dental staff are all very professional and personable. Going to the dentist can be a scary event for young children but the staff at Kool Smiles have gone way out of the way to make the experience for my kids comfortable and they love going to the dentist now. Wow is all that I can say! Thank you Kool Smiles.
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By: Jocelyn B.
Hollywood Dental Center- Ralph W. Rose DDS
The staff are all very nice and the environment is pleasant and clean. My complaints with Dr. Rose are that while he is very competent in his work, I felt like a dollar sign. He put a crown on one of my front teeth and made it far whiter then all my other teeth. I had inquired about teeth whitening and I felt that he did this so that I would have this procedure done. Too expensive for me. Now I just have to look at it everyday.
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By: Samantha G.
Kool Smiles
this is the best dentist I've ever been too!!!! My son needed 3 root canals and 1 tooth pulled. They did awesome at making him feel comfortable with medicine and with there words! all the workers and the 2 main woman dentist were amazing and so sweet!!! I'd recommend them to anyone with kids or for yourself. My husband has had work done there and they did amazing! Nothing but good vibes and workers and experience here!!!!!
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By: Nancy F.
Kool Smiles
On January 18th I went in for x-Rays & Evaluation. The service was Excellent from the girls at the front desk, thru the Hygenist & Dentist, Dr. Forman. There were Smiles all around & they had me Laughing & Joking. It was without a doubt the most pleasant Dental Visit I've ever experienced. I highly recommend them & I have another appt. on the 27th for a cleaning.Sincerely, Nancy Fox
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By: Schnelle O.
Kool Smiles
My son was seen for wisdom teeth. His appt was set quickly his referral was smooth. The appt for oral surgeon was made contending that their was a cancellation. Kool smiles called and text to set the appt. They confirmed that he would be seen on appt date and services for him were excellent. The staff was prompt the Dr s. were professional. They were all caring and helpful.
Tips & Advices
The most common dental problems in children are:
  • Cavities
  • Bad breath
  • Gum disease
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Grinding
  • Canker sores
  • Missing teeth
  • Extra teeth
  • Bite and alignment issues
Thumb sucking is not specifically a dental problem, but it can cause a malocclusion, a condition where the top and bottom teeth don't line up correctly.
To clean a baby's teeth, use a small, soft-bristled toothbrush designed specifically for infants. Apply a tiny amount of non-fluoride toothpaste - about the size of a grain of rice - and gently brush all sides of the teeth and the tongue. Before the baby's first teeth emerge, use gauze or a wet washcloth wrapped around the finger to wipe the gums. This motion doesn't necessarily reduce bacteria, but it does help the infant to get used to the sensation of having his or her teeth cleaned.
Children should visit their pediatric dentist every six months. This recommended frequency does not change throughout a person's lifetime.
No, wisdom teeth do not need to be removed unless they cause pain, lead to dental issues, or are aligned incorrectly.
Yes, dental sealants prevent cavities by filling in deep grooves in the teeth. Without them, bacteria can collect in these areas and cause tooth decay, which can happen with children.

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