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By: tasman.lubbock
Tasmanian Gun Co
We have a very friendly and helpful staff who will do their best to answer your question and find you just what you are looking for. We are a very new business and want everyone to walk out pleased with their experience and products. In regards to the previous post, every store has their own policies, but here the information we ask for is to assist us in making the federally required NICS call (National Instant Criminal Background Check System). A social security number is a necessary piece of information to make this process run smoothly. If you are adamant about not sharing this information, having a CHL or CCL (handgun carry license) means the required background checks have already been done and we do not even have to make the call. Its as easy as picking out your new firearm, giving us a copy of your carry license, and walking out with it. We do our best to make sure every customer is taken care of and appreciated, but we don't tolerate people becoming angry with us over government policies we cannot control. Your courtesy and patience is ALWAYS appreciated while we try to make the process of acquiring a new firearm and accessories as quick and painless as possible.

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