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By: Johnny I.
A-Ivie's Transmission
In Response to Seth's reviewA-Ivie's stands by its impeccable reputation that has been built by the loyal customers over a 42 year relationship with Lubbock and the surrounding area.Seth brought his vehicle in after having rebuilt his own transmission several times. He could not get it working properly. He had also wired up the lock up system with aftermarket parts so that the TCC would not apply unless you flicked a toggle switch. We explained to Seth that the transmission would not function properly the way he had it all rigged and his exact words were, “I don’t want you to touch anything but the transmission!" We explained to him again that the lock up system (TCC) was part of the transmission and it had to be right or we would not work on the vehicle. He replied, "Ok fix it but I know everything that is on that vehicle and I don’t want anything missing!" In our opinion Seth came into our shop with some preconceived notion and we would not have ever satisfied him. As usual, we did our best job to include;Removing the transmission and the wiring Seth had for the TCC system. Rebuilding the transmission completely and replacing the torque converter.Reinstalling the transmission and properly installing the correct components for the TCC to work correctly (this is oversimplifying) I will say that we probably should have cut the wires a little shorter but I can also tell you that the transmission and the lockup system worked perfectly. Those are the only systems we work on. The entire vehicle had been worked on by Seth and if he has problems with other parts of the vehicle it must come from his form of rigging the pickup the way he wants it.As far as the job taking so long, when Seth rebuilt his own transmission he purchased an aftermarket input shaft that was incorrect for the year model of the transmission. The shaft did not have a lube hole for the lockup system. So, even with the toggle switch he rigged for the lock up system it still would not have worked properly. Seth did not tell us this when he bragged about rebuilding the unit and honestly we missed that shaft. We had to take the transmission back out and go over it with a fine tooth comb to be able to see why lock up was not working. When we caught the problem we changed the shaft and it started working correctly. We gave the shaft back to Seth and spoke to him about why it was wrong when he picked it up. He said he was going to get a refund from the folks he bought it from. Now Seth has called us several times to complain that we changed his truck and that he was upset. We explained to him again that we only work on transmissions and nothing else. We also have told him several times about the lock up system being correct the way we repaired it and it was not correct the way he repaired it. We stand behind our work and say that if he has trouble with, even after moving to the North West United States that, our warranties are covered nationwide. So call us if the transmission starts working improperly and we will have a shop in your area to look at it. Although by your own review that transmission has not been giving you any problems what so ever and we are very happy about that.
By: richarda
AAMCO Transmissions & Total Car Care
Let's see where to begin. I recently had a transmission leak (losing about a quart every two weeks), which anyone who has had transmission issue's this can be a nightmare of waiting for you vehicle to be repaired and a huge repair bill. I brought my truck over the folks at Bigham, without any prior knowledge of the shop since I had just moved to Lubbock, TX. They were able to diagnose the leak, as well as some other issues (u-joints, trans mount) with my truck. Well performing the work they noticed that the seal on my transfer case drive shaft to front axle was leaking, but were unsure if it was leaking prior to working on, instead of saying it was, they repaired it at no cost to me. They were able to get my truck back to me in two days so I could drive down to south Texas for work and the bill was very reasonable with all the work done. They could have racked me over the coals, but didn't.Unfortunately one of the seals that was replaced did not hold and the transmission leaked again. I had to bring my truck back there to have it inspected. Now maybe I am just cynical, but I thought that they would come up with some other reason why it was leaking. Instead, they advised me of what the cause was and that they would stand behind their work and repair it at no charge. I honestly could not believe what I was hearing. Not only was there no charge, but they replaced the seal with a higher grade one(which cost more) cleared the ABS code in the computer(thanks for that, I noticed on the way home) from when I changed my own brakes, and cleaned the inside and outside of my truck. I mean seriously, talk about service!I am going to be a customer for life, as well as recommend them to all my neighbors and friends that live in the area. These folks have some of the best customer service I have ever encountered at an automotive repair shop, from informing me of diagnoses, quoting prices for repairs, to informing me when the vehicle was going to be done. Great staff, great place. So if you're in need of a good and honest mechanic, call Bigham Automotive Service Center you will not be disappointed
By: brian-from-michigan
Bledsoe Diesel & Performance LLC
I first met the Bledsoe family in 2011 when I was working in New Mexico and I needed some advice on my 2007 Dodge Ram diesel pickup truck. They helped me over the phone and even called me back to check to see if I got the problem resolved. In March of 2013 when I was planning on buying a new truck, I called them to ask about some specific modifications that I wanted done. Curtis & Shelby said it was no problem and even recommended a part that was less money than what I was considering. I had them order the parts for me and I dropped off my new truck a week after I got it and they had it done on time on the day it was promised to me. The Bledsoe family not only knows all about diesels, they are honest as the day is long. They won't try to sell you something you don't need or want and they won't call you telling you there's some mysterious new problem that needs to be fixed for thousands of dollars like other dishonest shops.There are very few shops that strictly work on diesels, and I doubt you will find a shop that is as honest and professional as Bledsoe Diesel Performance. I can tell you I have not been able to locate a shop as good as Bledsoe. Folks I live in Michigan and make frequent trips to New Mexico and if I'm willing to drive out of my way to Lubbock Texas, you can trust them. I won't let anyone mess with my truck except the Bledsoe family.
By: Seth C.
A-Ivie's Transmission
I had them build a transmission for me.... it took longer than quoted and they tried to charge me for more than the quote due to a problem they should have caught before re assembly in the first place. Due to a faulty part the transmission dint function properly. That part was not there fault but if it was done right the first time it would have been caught before it was assembled. Now the transmission works great but when i recieved the truck back i Noticed there were wires cut and left hanging and it wasn't completely assembled. im missing parts and the truck is in worse condition (other than the trans itself) than it was when i brought it to them. Now that the time has passed and i have left Lubbock getting them to work with me or send me my missing parts has been impossible. The trans technician i ended up working with to get the problem fixed was a great guy and he knew his stuff, but the buisness side of the company is sloppy and deceiving...I hope i never have problem with there work again because i would hate to have to go back and have to work with them on a problem.
By: david.shearer.104
Pena's Automotive & Performance
We brought our first problem- a car that suddenly quit running- to Mark a few years back on the recommendation of a business acquaintance. We had my son's car towed in from another shop in Lubbock that we weren't comfortable with. This other shop estimated an astronomical cost for the repair. Something just didn't feel right, so we paid for another tow to Pena's. In less than 24 hours, and for less than a tenth the cost of the other shop's estimate, my son's car was repaired. After this experience, we have used Mark exclusively for all our auto repair needs and have never been anything less than completely satisfied with his work. An honest and competent auto technician is hard to find. If you're reading this, you've found one!
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By: James R.
Patrick's Auto Repair
The best mechanic I've ever been to, hands down; My car broke down outside of Lubbock as I was traveling to Colorado. This was on a Saturday night. I called Patrick and he was willing to wait for me to have my car towed to his shop; this was passed 8 pm that evening. The next morning, he came in on a Sunday to replace my timing belt for me and had us back on the road in the early afternoon. He even called in workers to help out to speed up the process. It was amazing how much his workers respected him. He told me exactly the problem and explained in great detail what would need to be done. I'm so thankful for this man and his crew. I would recommend over and over for anyone needing work done.
By: Kelley A.
A-Ivie's Transmission
The service I received from this transmission shop was good at first I spoke with Johnny and he was very very polite i took my car to them so they could scan it and determined the problem. The next day i received a call from Mr ivie he was very rude and told me the clutch was blown and the transmission needed a full rebuild and that he wanted it off his property. So i came and picked it up and took it home.were later i found 1 15amp fuse blown after replacing it the car works perfilcty i would not recommend this shop to anyone and i will personal never go back for any reason.
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By: Garrott N.
Nick's Automotive Repair
These guys are great. I wouldn't use anyone else in town. I've taken all my vehicles here when I can't figure out/do the repair myself and they've done am excellent job each time. Nick's is one of the only places in town that doesn't charge a diagnostic fee and they always are up front with what needs to be done and what it will cost. I've rarely had a repair take longer then a day here. There's a reason there parking lot is always full of vehicles. Don't let the negative review from another poster fool you, these guys know their stuff and take care of their customers!!
By: D N.
Scott's Complete Car Care
I take our cars to Scott's on University and the loop anytime we have a problem or need an oil change. Jesse is always super helpful and walks us through any issues that they find. He even sat with my wife after business hours while she waited for her ride just to make sure she was safe after dropping her car off. The price is fair and the service is great. They've even fixed little things they encounter at no extra charge. I'm going to miss having such a trustworthy mechanic to work on our cars when we move away.
By: leslie.hill.lubbock
AAMCO Transmissions & Total Car Care
If you have any issues with your vehicle, whether it's the transmission or other mechanical problems, you should definately give these people a try. I took my car here and they did an amazing job! They called me when they found out what the problem was, before doing the work, so I could tell them if I could afford to repair it. Everything was done for the price they gave me, actually less than the estimate they gave me. I was extremely pleased!Thank you AAMCO for hiring great people to work at your garage.
Tips & Advices
You should change your oil filter whenever you change your oil, that is, approximately every 7,500 miles.
A oil filter is a device that helps remove contaminants from motor oil as it passes through the engine. A pump pushed the oil through the filter where it is strained and goes back to the engine.
High-mileage oil contains special conditioners that are said to help prevent gaskets from drying out and thus preventing leaks. This can be beneficial to engines with many miles on them.
Synthetic oil costs more than conventional oil, but the price is offset by the need for less frequent oil changes due to the oil’s durability.
Tools needed to change your own oil include jack stands or ramps, a wrench, an oil filter wrench, an oil drip pan, funnel, replacement oil filter, and replacement oil.

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