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By: Matt S.
Postal Connections
The service is HORRIBLE, unprofessional, and a complete waste of time. The owner cares more about his stupid dog being there then his customers! He fails to maintain posted hours. He leaves mail on the floor where it is a tripping hazard and where other customers could steal your mail. He never has ink and he claims to be a Cabootal Distributor. When/if he gets ink for you, it takes several months and it is far more expensive then you ordering online. No one understands how he stays in business as he is never accomplishing projects for anyone. It is likely a "front" for an illegal business. The owner is consistently rude, abusive, unfriendly, and unprofessional. He and his dog should just stay at home if they are not sincere and serious about running a legitimate business. While he charges 1/3 the cost of the Postal Annex, that Postal Annex guy is another fellow that does not comprehend to LEAVE THE DOG AT HOME and RUN THE BUSINESS LIKE A BUSINESS. AVOID BOTH POSTAL CONNECTIONS and POSTAL ANNEX as neither puts humans first. If they wanted to work at a Kennel, that is fine, but they should both give up their postal businesses that are supposed to help humans! Being a customer with Postal Connections is similar to being in an abusive/non-productive co-dependent relationship. Who needs all of that baggage!
By: Vinny J.
United States Postal Service
Half of the people reviewing this location are bitter and old. It's very sad honestly. The lady's review under me couldn't even spell "cringe" correctly. And she said grrrrrrr... WHO SAYS GRRRRRRR?!
By: Carol P.
United States Postal Service
Fern Creek Post OfficeI live in a condo. My personal KEYED mailbox was drilled and a new lock was put on between Friday afternoon 6/23/17 and Saturday 6/24/17. I got my Friday mail, but when I tried to get my mail on Saturday my key would not fit the lock; a note was affixed to my mailbox by "someone" who claimed they were a new resident and this was THEIR box. I don't know by who's authority that my mail box was drilled and changed to a new lock; but I've had no help so far getting this resolved. At 8:00 am on 6/26/17 I went to the Fern Creek post office and asked to speak to a supervisor. The person that was there said no supervisors were there and he gave me a sticky note with this phone number 502-231-0110 and said try this. I tried that number several times to no avail. Later, I called (239-2720) FCPS and finally talked to a nice lady and I told her what happened. She told me, that they take all these verifying "measures" like getting verification from a new resident like a drivers license etc. before they would change a lock. I claimed that I was the OWNER of that box and I made no request for a lock change on MY mailbox. After telling me again about their verifying procedures, I said that my key no longer fits MY mailbox as of last Saturday; the new key lock was “shiny” compared to the older key locks and I told her about the note someone put on my mailbox claiming they were a new resident and MY mailbox was theirs! She said she would get hold of the locksmith and call me back. I got no call back as of 2:30 PM today 6/27/17! So, who is getting my mail? I could have all kinds of mail identifying me, my credit accounts numbers, bank statements etc., and lord knows what else that this "New Resident" may have of mine. THIS IS A FEDERAL LAW SOMEONE BROKE!! Why are they being lackadaisical about my complaint? If this "whoever" new resident gets hold of my personal mail, they could hack into everything that identifies me!
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By: Bobbie jo G.
United States Postal Service
This has to be the worst post office I have ever had my packages go through ! Package comes all the way from China smooth as butter ! When it arrives in like Louisville KY (the same state I live In ) it just stuck from 2-10days ! 1hour 45 minute drive from me and they can't get it here the next day ! I kring when my tracking shows arrived In Louisville ! Grrrrrrrrr !
By: yono_71
United States Postal Service
How dumb and dysfunctional do you have to be to get a job with the St. Matthews branch ??? Our offices have been on Shelbyville Road for 14 years. The inconsistent and lazy carriers (most not all) STILL refuse to open our door and put the mail in the MAIL BIN, even after being asked the DAY BEFORE! They drop it on the FLOOR for our customers to either step over, step on or bring to us. :(And their management is no better. Dozens of requests and complaints go nowhere. Today I'm going over their head and filing a Failure to Perform complaint with the Post Master General.
By: Bruce W.
United States Postal Service
This has to be one of the worst post offices in the US. Package come to the this post office here KY and they send it to PA. Good job people. This is why the postal system is loosing $$. More and more people are using different ways to move their product. I think I will to after this little episode!!
By: Alan E.
United States Postal Service
After my mail was received/sorted at this facility, it was not delivered... after 12 days, they can not find my envelop, even when we paid for 2 days express delivery "warrantied"....called every number listed, set up a claim, spoke to "supervisors", and still, CAN NOT FIND MY ENVELOPE !!!!... terrible service, no wonder why no body is using this service anymore !!
By: Brian C.
United States Postal Service
ARROGANT manager. Whereabouts unknown by employees at Christmas time. Blamed me for a card destroyed by sorting machine which took TEN days to return to my house for insufficient postage! I placed three stamps on an oversized card. THREE miles each way. I could make the trip twice a day on my cane. Where does the YEARLY increase in rates go to? Fuel price increase?
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By: Melvis R.
United States Postal Service
The absolute worst postal service in this city. Mail person is the most lazy irresponsible I have ever dealt with, which leaves me to do part of his job that I'm not getting paid to do
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By: algee
United States Postal Service
This post office delivers and picks up your mail at their leisure. The Mail at my business started coming from this branch a month ago and they have missed picking up my outgoing packages on 6 occasions and I have had nearly a dozen checks from customers "disappear" in that same time frame. Can't wait to see what the future brings.

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