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By: Amber A.
Station House Apartments
In the Historic Old Louisville Area this is the best place to rent. My husband and I lived in a two bed, two bath townhouse from 2011 to 2012. Very nice community with a firehouse across the street, elementary school across the street, officer always on call, park just few blocks away, University blocks away, gated community, pet friendly and great staff. The residents here are mainly university students, some families but no worries it is quite. One thing we liked the most is the elementary school grass field where a bunch of us owners with dogs met up everyday to let our dogs play. We had Danes, shepherds, pits, terriers and other mix breeds of all ages plus sizes play together. This was a great way to know your neighbors, make friends and have fun. Note though if your animal is not nice, vaccinated, not trained and you can't pick up after your dog then don't go because it will ruin it for everyone else. Parking was a little bit hard during college semester but there are plenty of spaces around and its empty during school breaks. We never had any problem with noise from neighbors but we were facing Hill Street right by the bus stop so we did hear that traffic only if we were in the kitchen. My husband and I felt safe here and now that the gate is up I feel it is more attractive and nicer. We felt so safe there was a lot of times our door was unlocked but anywhere that is not a good idea. We were not able to experience the gate because they just started putting it up before we left to buy our first home. That's one thing I like to point out because since we bought our first house they were allowing us to sublease which made our move easier. Very flexible. The grounds and maintenance work very hard. When we had our dog chew at the wall and our AC unit leak they were on top of both. We got an AC unit in right away and AC being fixed happened quickly. I also note that since our dog ate at the wall it was our responsibility. People get to quick on these websites about how things are not fair to them, any apartment complex knows what that place looked like before you moved in. They document this well and that's why I agree if you do not write in on your move in day paperwork, yeah you should pay for it. If you do not like the look of Old Louisville then its not a place for you because all these house have to follow the historic district too. Overall this place was a great experience and a 2nd family. We would rent from them again.
By: shaheerb
Eagles Eyrie Apartments
This is the best place I have ever lived in. I moved here from Old Louisville and that was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I lived in a 2 bedroom 2 bath for a year and the apartment was very spacious. We had a huge living room and an attached dining area, including a large patio. The kitchen is decent sized as well.The property manager was great. The response on maintenance issues is fast, they usually get things fixed within one day. The design of the apartment was ideal for me and my roommate because both of us had plenty of private space for ourselves. At the same time the living room area provided a great place to hang out and have friends over. Needless to say we had a lot of friends coming and going all the time.Parking was never a problem. There is a large parking lot right there with no restrictions on visitor parking so your guests always have a safe place for their car. Neither did I ever see the parking lot ever full. There was always plenty of open spots even if we had 30 visitors at our place.The complex is calm and quiet. The neighbors are great, mostly young professionals with families. Clifton area is the ideal location for young people, there's plenty of coffee shops, restaurants and bars on Frankfort Avenue within a walking distance.I would highly recommend this place to any young professional. If I wasn't moving out of town, I would definitely have lived here for years to come.
By: George L.
Jefferson Square Apartments
I live at Jefferson Square going on 10 years! and there's a reason I don't plan to move. They replaced the windows on the building yesterday and I am VERY pleased with the new windows. makes a world of difference. New windows look great and will cut down on (already low) utilites. Thats only the latest thing that has me pleasantly surprised living here. For one thing I haven't paid for cable in almost a decade! And I'm not missing any games either! Cables FREE! Who couldn't use one less monthly bill? They also have a CLEAN laundry room footsteps from my door. The machines are newer, replaced not too long ago, and the price stayed the same with better machines. When I first picked my apt at Jefferson Square, it was because I work for UPS and its close enough for me to ride my bike to work. My buddy upstairs works for Ford and bikes too. Im very active and try to stay in shape mostly runnig and biking. I spend much time running through the neighborhoods and I'm close enough to the mall, the bank, walmart, Dr. grocery, etc. that I run or bike most places I need to go. I picked living here because the great location. Ive kept living here becuase of excellent service
By: Sandy S.
Cypress Pointe Apartments
My mother and I moved in here originally in 2011 because I liked the big bedroom and we liked the location. But because there are so many apts, we are always having to wait for maintenance. Don't get me wrong. The maintenance crew is wonderful and every one of them is polite and more than helpful but they are overworked. They need double the crew they have. We have had about 8 water leaks since we have been here. One leak in December 2012 in my bedroom was so bad that I had to sleep in the living room on the sofa for a week until they could fix it. They knocked $200 off my January rent but I don't think that helped at all. The worst is we keep having an infestation of termites every time they put mulch down in the spring. Thousands of termites swarm in my Mother's bedroom window and then they die. It is a mess to clean up but even though they say they are going to prevent it happening again, it always happens again. 4 times we have had it. We don't have the money to move. Don't move here.
By: Angela T.
Metropolitan Associates Kentucky
**WARNING**If I could give this place a 0 I would in a heart beat! This place is like putting lipstick on a pig!! Long story short, my money order was stolen from box provided by the complex but since has been removed. I went to court 3 times, when I paid rent in June she applied it to Mays rent and told me I didnt pay rent for June. I still got evicted. The manager Gelina Reed is a stone hearted no emotions what so ever person. The place may look nice but there have been so many problems here. Air conditioning leaks they had to take tiles out of my shower,cut holes in my walls, more than once,carpet coming up, cheap laminate floor peeling,walls are super thin you can hear everything, almost a yr landscaping still horrible, no gym as promised. Plumbing backs up.Good riddance to this trashy place, I'm not going to miss anything here at all,except the other office is a doll and super sweet. Take my advice and listen to my warning!! I've heard other horror stories from other residents.
By: Mitchell J.
Countrybrook Apartments LLC
This is by far the best place to live in Westport area. I was a student who stumbled upon this place halfway through a lease that I eventually ended up breaking just to live here. A few of the key points: The staff is some of the best, at least in my own opinion. The manager makes sure you are well taken care of and will do just about any thing within reason to make a resident happy. When I left to go on vacation I thought I left my door unlocked and they went and locked it for me! I was extremely thankful! The quality of the apartment is top notch for the money.The location is one of the easiest to live in and also get where I need to be. Sometimes during rush hour it can take a couple minutes to turn left since there is no light coming out of the complexc, but it would be about the same as waiting at a light to turn so not bad. I feel very safe there. Bottom line, this place is simply amazing. This is an apartment community worth checking out at least!
By: Michelle F.
Maple Brook Apartments
IF you rely on the internet for anything, DO NOT MOVE HERE. My boyfriend and I moved to Louisville about 6 months ago. They supply the internet and cable and you cannot go elsewhere to get those utilities. When we first moved in it took Maple Brook over 2 weeks to get our internet hooked up. They use a third party internet technician company called Korcett to provide service to the tenants and they were incredibly incompetent. I was looking for a job at the time and finishing my degree online so this was obviously infuriating. A couple months later we had another internet outage for an entire week. And yet again, we are currently suffering from another outage lasting over 24 hours now. To make things worse, Maple Brook has a clause in their lease that they are not responsible for any outages occur so that you are powerless to take any action against them. If you work from home or need to do online schoolwork, this is not the place to be.
By: Sarah P.
River Hill Apartments
I've lived in Louisville my whole life, and lived in several different rental properties. BY FAR, River Hll Apartments offers the very best value for the price!!! the units are very spacious, the neighborhood is conveniently located to almost everything in the city...but, it's kind of like living in a little private paradise...even when you drive home and turn in and come up the hill to the parking's like a peaceful forest! We have only had to contact maintenance a couple of times in the last 1.5 years and they always respond in a timely manner--and are friendly! And, compared to other complexes around Louisville, GREAT PRICING!! The pools are wonderful in the summer, never too hubby and I just signed on for another 2 years!! if that doesn't tell you how great the place is, I don't know what will!!! I Highly recommend you check them out when you are searching for a place to rent!
By: Kristen G.
Jefferson Square Apartments
Dear Valued Resident, Thank you for taking time to communicate your concerns. We can assure you that we are on the same team and want your living experience to be as enjoyable and pleasant as possible. We take pride in our communities and enjoy when our resident take pride in their homes as well. We think it is important and valued by many residents to have outside lighting as a benefit to them as well as routine preventative maintenance performed. The monthly maintenance walk-thru is a proactive measure to check smoke detectors, change furnace filters, and check for leaks....view more Also, we do check for cars that are not working and possibly abandoned and taking up resident's parking. This is done as a courtesy to you to keep your living experience easy. Please notify the office of these concerns when they come up and we would be happy to resolve any issues. Thanks again, Management
By: firefighter1aa
Ledgewood Apartments
nice size apartment. great size the negitive about this place. the service is slow or non at all we put an work order in for the dishwasher saying it wont drain they came and looked at it and said they need to replace it. its been 3 months sence they said that. I reported a closet door was broke in july I had to go down at the end of nov and get the parts I had to fix the problems. their was a hole in the floor in the laundry room and they was suppose to be here today in the afternoon they close at 5 its 4 and no one has showed up yet. electric for 2 bedroom apartment during the winter ranges from 163-230. The managers is no big hurry to fix anything. A neighbor called them about no dryer vent outlet the way the fixed this problem was put a hole in the wall and put the dryer pipe in the wall (can we say fire hazard). I can ramble all day but I wont.

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