By: Melissa C.
Joy Luck
Overall: 4 stars. Arrived at by balancing out a high recommendation from foodie friends, welcoming by owner and extra effort describing the dishes (my first visit), good smells, they carry my fave rye bourbon, bad carry out experience (food sitting behind bar), strange new noodles not quite to my liking and outstanding pork buns. One of the owners greeted me, was very personable and explained the menu, listening carefully to my likes and preferences (no spicy, no fatty meats). I settled on the Beef with Rice Noodles and pork buns for an appetizer. I wouldn't get the beef again, the rice noodles were too thick for my taste and kind of gooey. Overall, taste of dish was quite good, though, plenty of beef and a few (needed more) nice garnish-type raw veggies that lightened it up and contrasted crisp with gooey.Pork buns were outstanding. The filling was ground meat, not sure how seasoned but I'd go back just for them. Next time I'll try the gai lan or bok choy as my main dish. The woman who came from the back and straightened out my order apologized as I was leaving. That apology was very important to me and is the reason I'll return for more pork buns and some of whatever dish has more of that filling in it...
By: marla.bolton.9
Naiman's Catering
BEST FOOD AND SERVICE EVER! This was the second time we have used Naimans Catering for a daughters wedding . Les Naiman was friendly, professional and kept in touch from the time we first contacted him until the day after my daughters wedding. He provides the best food that I have ever had at any wedding or party I have ever attended. The staff is friendly, professional, curteous, knowledgable and didn't stop working the entire event. I had many of our guests comment on the excellence of the fare and have requested his name and number for all of their future events. I would not hesitate to use Naimans Catering over and over again. THANK YOU LES FOR MAKING BOTH OF OUR DAUGHTERS WEDDINGS SPECIAL AND TAKING SOME OF THE WORRIES OFF OF US!
By: bbevtee
The Cafe
This is a breakfast/lunch eatery artfully run by Sal Rubino and his wife. The location is unique, set adjacent to the viaduct on east Broadway with Beargrass Creek a stones throw away. If you time your visit to the patio just right you can wave to the engineer of the freight train as it passes on the trestle overhead. The menu is creative, simple and moderately priced and the food is always fresh and well presented. The servers are friendly and efficient even during the busiest times. Don't expect luxury but be prepared for quirky. The concrete block building is beyond unassuming but is adorned with hanging chandeliers and Victorian mantelpiece! Go to have fun and a great meal whether you prefer dining inside or out.
By: jnduvall77
Stoney River
The food at this restaurant makes my mouth water just thinking about it! It is mine and my husbands favortie place to eat. The restaurant is pricey but the food is totally worth it! The atmosphere is great too! Low lit romatic mood setting, or for other non-couples it is a very relaxing set. Table cloths cover the tables and there is a center bar that allows for walk up seating or drink purchase while you wait for a table. Be sure to call and make reservations for the weekend or you will have to wait over an hour to get a table (usually). I would highly recommend this restaurant for anything from buisness meetings to romantic couples nights out! Whom ever you bring will be highly impressed!
By: Cody L.
Southern Style Cuisine
Friendly staff and tasty food! Mama Shelia is bringing it to Kentucky! I met two of her daughters, Julia and Tia and was rather overwhelmed with the kindness the two had! I saw what appeared to be Shelia who is in her 30's I believe and cooking in the kitchen! I also saw another person back there working hard! I heard she has 3 daughters but I couldn't tell if that was her or not since he/she never looked up. Whoever it was keep it up because the food was fantastic. This is actually wayyyyyyyyy better than Big Mamma's and the surrounding area is calmer. I actually went into Big Mamma's the other day and the staff was just plain ghetto. Instead of Big Mamma's you should definitely come here!
By: Mary Z.
German American Club
This site lists that the club accepts Mastercard and Visa. Unfortunately that is not the case. It is a cash only business, but the good news is that there are ATMS located VERY close by. There are 2 banks as well as an ATM directly up the street at the Speedway. But trust me, it's worth the small inconvenience to enjoy their delicious home made food and refreshing German beers & wine, all while listening to the great German music and of course you HAVE to join in when the dancing gets going, after all who could just sit & not participate to the duck/chicken dance! Be sure to check there website for the their next Biergarten.
By: lmc502
Outback Steakhouse
We love Outback, and this location is a good one. The service is typically very good (we've only ever experienced 1-2 "off" nights) and if anything is wrong they are quick to fix. Most of the servers have great attitudes, as well, and like to joke around and make you feel welcomed.It can be a little chilly in the restaurant (okay, it actually feels more like the Arctic instead of the Outback) so bring a jacket or sweater. And be prepared to wait; like every restaurant in he Louisville area, it's almost always packed! The Alice Springs Chicken and yummy bread are well worth the wait, though.
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By: Ashley S.
Delfino's Italian Bistro
What a great, local, restaurant with friendly staff and great FRESH food! We were in Louisville for the evening and found a Groupon for Delfino's and we decided to try it out- it was not a disappointment. This new restaurant takes pride in it's food and truly offered a great dining experience! It was very apparent that they prepare their food from scratch and it wasn't microwaved. Great prices for the value also (for three adults and two children the price was under $50). We will definitely be back next time we come in town.
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By: J M.
Vega's Delicious Wishes Catering
I have no idea how on earth this caterer got poor reviews unless they are competition. I have used delicious wishes to serve celebrity, business person, high profile large arts evebts and video sets and Tony nails it every time and people rave over his food for months after wards. He goes above and beyond with presentation, delivers professionalism from every angle and is one person I know I can always count on to never have to worry about anything related to making sure my guests are fed happy and impressed.
By: Judy C.
Riverwalk Grill
Riverwalk Grill is a GREAT new restaurant at the same site as the recently closed Kitchen Restaurant. This is home cooking at its best. Super mashed potatoes, great roast beef, delicious biscuits and gravy, and some of the best cobbler I've every had. As the name implies, the restaurant is very near the Ohio River Riverwalk in the Shively/PRP area at the end of Lower Hunters Trace. For food this good, it's worth making the trip from any part of the County and Southern Indiana.

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