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By: Olya R.
Careers 2000 - Certified Resume Writer, Career & Interview Coach
When it comes to writing a successful resume Sam Shah is way to go. I find writing a resume to be the hardest part of job hunting. I have no idea why I hadn't thought of paying for this kind of service before, and now I could never go back to writing my own resume. It's not just organizing the content, it's the tedious work of formatting in a way that you know future employers will judge you by. After i saw my new resume, it made me think that if my margins were off on my resume, it could be a potential reason to not get the job I want.Sam was great. He took his time and he gave me a great list to answer some personal questions about my past experiences and qualifications. The questions he asked were some things I would have never thought of mentioning to a future employer, I was very impressed.He is professional, skilled and knowledgeable about the work force industry, he can guide you in the right direction.If you need to get that new career not just a job, Sam is where you want to start, he will make the whole process, so much better and easier for you.To say the least, I'm very satisfied.
By: Kase E.
Careers 2000 - Certified Resume Writer, Career & Interview Coach
If you want the BEST then Sam at Careers 2000 is your ONLY choice. He provides personaized service at a price that is easily affordable to everyone. He is very friendly and is willing to spend the extra time with you personally in order to ensure that you are getting the best personalized service. I spoke with every resume writer I could find in the phone book and over the internet and could not find anyone who was really able to understand how to translate the complex work experience of government work into the language of business in a way that made since until I met with Sam. He went ABOVE and BEYOND in working with me to tailor my resume in a way that truely represented my work experinces. I gave him an impossible deadline which he met with "flying colors". If you need someone who is willing to face a challenege of helping you to help yourself then YOU HAVE TO USE CAREERS 2000 and SAM. If you want the "cookie cutter" resume that everyone else has that does not work then go somewhere else. If you want someone who will work FOR you and not AGAINST you then Careers 2000 is your ONLY choice.
By: Alshah829@gmail.com S.
Careers 2000 - Certified Resume Writer, Career & Interview Coach
Hiring Sam at Careers2000 was a great decision on my part. Sam's gift for resume writing helped me land the job for my current position as an International Franchise and New Business Developer. I consider myself a fairly strong communicator and thought I had written a great resume. However, I know Sam is a Certified Resume Writer and has been in the employment business for a long time, so when I was looking, I thought it wise to solicit feedback and advice from a professional in the field. Sam identified areas of improvement needed in my resume and considering his affordable price quote, I decided to hire him to create a professional resume. The whole process was thorough and engaging. Sam brings world class knowledge and experience in personal branding and in developing a differentiating factor. Sam produced a superior resume that did a strong job of clearly and succinctly telling my story and communicating my values. In conclusion, I recommend Sam at Careers2000 - you will greatly benefit from his power of logic, simplicity and clarity.
By: Glenda H.
Careers 2000 - Certified Resume Writer, Career & Interview Coach
In Feb. of this year after a 36 year tenure was eliminated. I was devastated, I hadn't needed a resume for years. My husband suggested I go to Sam Shah at Careers2000, as he had used him previously with great success. I was in no hurry, but was given information about a job that I felt strongly about applying for. I had three days in which to get this resume together. I called Sam, he got me in the very next day. He took my information and even worked over a week-end to have it ready for me. I had no idea how to put all my information together and put it in the words. He just took "all" my information and created what I call an outstanding resume. He was very pleasant and encouraging. It was actually an enjoyable experience working with him. The results of my resume were very positive, and was impressive. Many commented on how good my resume was. I would highly recommend Sam Shah to any one who wants or needs a very factual and impressive resume.Glenda - RN Professional
By: Patrick H.
Careers 2000 - Certified Resume Writer, Career & Interview Coach
As a Senior Executive of a C-Level corporation I hired Sam at Careers2000 to create a professional profile and market my resume to executive search firm.I was extremely impressed with the level of expertise, vast industry knowledge and business acumen Sam offers. Sam was very professional, courteous and provided expert level advise in guiding me in refining and building my personal brand message.Shortly after using there resume distribution service to Executive Search firms - I was interviewing to some of the leading recruiters in the nation. I also hired Sam to develop my professional LinkedIn profile - which has opened new doors of communication.Careers2000 career tools are state of the art with national and international reach to get your resume in the hands of thousands of recruiters and employers. I highly recommend them if you are mid to upper level executive and are serious about your career. I highly recommend Sam and Careers2000 to everyone.
By: Abby T.
Melodie Power, The Resume & Interview Coach
I recently hired Melodie to help perfect my resume and help start my job hunting process. With her dedicated work ethic and skills she was able to turn my resume in to a professional and attention grabbing resume. She helped me to prepare for every job interview and with her help I was able to land a job immediately. She was there every step of the way helping me make the best decision for my career path. She asked many questions to figure out what path was right for me. I could not have been able to find the job I am at now with out her hard work and dedication to my job search. She is passionate about what she does and highly organized making her the best person to go to when you need help finding a job or advancing in your career. Thanks for all your help!
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By: Austin H.
Melodie Power, The Resume & Interview Coach
Melodie went above and beyond to help build my resume from scratch. Melodie was extremely professional, personable, and dedicated to making sure my resume truly highlighted each and every one of my strengths. Everything from the format to the verbiage on my resume was done to perfection. She highlighted some qualities that I didn't know I possessed and really brought out the best in my resume. She was 100% invested in me throughout the entire process and truly provided the encouragement I needed to succeed. Melodie was very helpful and I would recommend her services to everyone on the job hunt. I have been in my current position for over a year and Melodie was just the boost I needed to get my career started.
By: Shino S.
Careers 2000 - Certified Resume Writer, Career & Interview Coach
As a recent graduate from the University of Kentucky in marketing, it has been a struggle breaking into the field. I needed a professional upgrade in order for employers to take me seriously. After working with Sam on my resume, I feel confident presenting and marketing myself to companies. Sam did all of his research, wrote a beautiful resume, and genuinely cares about the success of each individual client. No cookie cutter resumes. Each one is tailored to the needs of the individual. I plan to return to Sam for an interview workshop and LinkedIn upgrade in the future. I recommend Sam Shah for anyone interested in furthering their professional image. 110%
By: Natalie D.
Melodie Power, The Resume & Interview Coach
I hired Melodie to help guide me through the job search process and to revamp my resume. Not only did she meet me on my time schedule but she was very informative on the job market and how to set up a good looking resume. She is super friendly and laid back, I felt like I was talking with a good friend. She really helped me narrow my focus on my resume (it was a resume I did in college!) and make it look appealing to future employers. Melodie even REDID my resume after our final session when I realized I wanted to take a different route job wise. She is an amazing person and I thank her greatly for her help!! USE HER if you want your dream job!!
By: Kathryn W.
Melodie Power, The Resume & Interview Coach
I would recommend Melodie to anyone needing to spruce up his or her resume before beginning a job search. She was very attentive and responded to all of my communication efforts very promptly -- even after my resume was sent and her services were completed! She is a thorough, invested, resume coach that will take her time to make sure you are presented in the best light possible. The resume is the first impression future employer's see and I am so grateful for my experience with her and the finished product -- I just landed my dream job and I believe the resume and confidence I received from her had a lot to do with it!

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