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By: Alisha B.
Isaacs & Isaacs
My lawyer was Jason and he did a wonderful job at keeping my updated on my case. I would recommend this firm to my friends and family they took great care of me!
By: Andrea S.
Kool Smiles of Louisville
This go around was a whole lot better more organized and done in a nice timely manner and I appreciate on how the staff handle everything
By: Jim P.
Perioimplant Associates PSC
I was referred here by my dentist as I had a non-painful fractured tooth, and wanted an implant. I was seen by one of the dentist. She off course prescribed the treatment plan of extraction, followed by implant..for $3,729. That is without the crown offcourse. She then went beyond what I had been sent there for, and additionally prescribed another 4 hours, at $300/hour, of dental cleaning by "her" dental hygienist.. Total cost at this point $4,929. It dawned on me that, I had not been referred to her for this issue, and more importantly, that I had just been seen by my dentist, and "his" dental hygienist, and they had not felt the need for $1,200 worth of "special" cleaning. Being in healthcare myself, I recognized what she was doing and refused the cleaning, and complained to my dentist. He encouraged me to stay with her. I did. My extraction reminded me of an old western, with the town barber pulling out a cowboys tooth, it was that bad. Finally, I had, had it with her, and her greedy office and got an Oral Surgeon on my own, who was great. I would strongly recommend against the use of this practice. If she had been a physician, and I had been a Medicare patient, I would have filed a complaint with Medicare. As dentist are mostly cash, and are not very tightly regulated, you really have to be careful.
By: Sara D.
Family Care Dentistry
DO NOT GO HERE!!!!! The Doctors do not place the fillings. They allow the dental assistants to do so and do not disclose this prior to the patients!!! I was there for 3 and 1/2 hours for 3 fillings! The cavities were very deep and into the gums (one tooth the ASSISTANT had to build back completely - she should not have been filling a tooth this severe in my opinion). This is the same assistant who hit me in the face with the Xray machine BEFORE I learned that she would be doing the fillings. Because the assistant was very slow in completing the work, the anesthetic wore off and I was in substantial pain during the last filling. The doctor finally came back as I was crying in the chair and provided more numbing medicine and finished filling the last tooth. The next morning at 3:30am after taking 800 Ibuprofen constantly every 4 hours for the pain after leaving the office I was awoken with SHARP pain from the teeth. I took more ibuprofen and contacted the office the next day (Thurs) to see what could be done to help me get through the weekend. The receptionist was kind and attempted to assist but she was told by the Doctor (who was not in office) that she wouldn't call in any medication to assist with the pain until I came back in to be seen. The problem is that it was my son's birthday THAT DAY so naturally we had plans for him that night and I couldn't take another almost 4 hours off work again to go back to the office during the day. The doctor's suggestion was to wait IN PAIN until Monday because this office doesn't work on Friday (must be nice) to see me and offer any relief for the pain. I am SHOCKED that this is how they run this business.The most comical thing is that their commercial states "we cater to chickens or those scared of the dentist" is offices LIKE yours who make people SCARED OF THE DENTIST IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!!!!!!
By: Dori B.
Isaacs & Isaacs
Isaacs & Isaacs done a great job handling my case . Jason done a great job at getting me a good settlement and listening to what I had to say. I would greatly recommend Isaacs & Isaacs to anyone who has an auto accident and needs a lawyer on their side.
By: Manda P.
Kool Smiles of Louisville
Been here twice now. First time I was not happy. Took two hours for a cleaning. And then apparently they cancelled my follow up appointment and didn't tell me and had to Make another follow up appointment. (This was for my daughter to get a tooth extraction,)Well they had called me for another reason and found out they cancelled my appointment AGAIN. Filed a complaint and they fixed it. This last time I went It was great, didn't wait long and was amazing with my daughter and the extraction. Very nice and made her feel comfortable. (Was completely shocked on the turn around considering what I been thru) Hope to have that dentist every time. Have another appointment soon and will update my experience this time. Thanks , I'm hoping to stay at this place it's close to home. ����
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By: Kris B.
Bailey Property Management
Terrible. Oven was filthy, walls were dirty, tub had mode, holes in walls, broken mirror on wall and infested with roaches.
By: Robert M.
Rachelle N. Howell, Attorney at Law
Rachel was very professional while also being very empathetic in helping my family with a terrible situation she was always concise with her answers and her explanations of what things we're going to happen. You know life is messy and to expect people to be perfect at every corner is ridiculous but I will say this you will never find a more qualified, caring & motivated individual as Rachelle I cannot recommend her enough.
By: Dylan B.
Isaacs & Isaacs
thank you for all the work an my settlement, even though it was 4500 an i kept 60% but only got 2400 instead of 2700 i'm still satisfied. Will refer to a friend and use myself if need be. thank you guys
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By: Robin W.
Quality Dentures
I love love love my dentures that they made for me!!!!
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