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By: Jenise S.
Kentuckiana Pain Specialist
Never in my life did I dream there was a Doctor like this in this world. But I was blessed and got into to see Dr. Nair. I had been taking so many pain pills for so long and Could not even sleep in my bed for the last 7 or 8 years. I would wake up really crying from the pain and it would take me about 15 minutes to even get out of bed and get to my pills, and of course then it took time for them to work. When Dr. Nair first showed me the pain pump it scared me to death. He sat me down and told me all about it and sent me home with information about this pump. Well after I went over the papers I got excited. I could wake up without crying because this was going to be giving me medicine 24/7. I would no longer have to suffer just waiting for those pills to get into my system. I bugged poor Dr. Nair to death because my insurance. Seemed like it took my insurance such a long time but finally on July 3rd I got my pain pump!!!!! All I can tell anyone out here looking for a really wonderful Doctor that takes the time to listen to your needs this is the one. Plus on top of everything else if you are like I was and living in so much pain, there really is help right here with Dr. Nair and his Staff. There is a sign that hangs in the office that says H O P E it stands for " Hang On Pain Ends" I am so glad I got my pain pump. We are still working on how much medicine I need but I drive 100 to get to the office so it is slower for me but the pain is getting better all of the time. Wish there was words for me to tell you how much I really care for all of the people in the office to. They really are so loving and you can tell they really do care about you. I promise if you are really, really living in pain please just go talk with Dr. Nair and take home the information on the pain pump. Check it out, you will be so happy you did. Thanks so much to everyone of you, Jenise
By: Marie S.
Kentuckiana Pain Specialist
12 years ago I met Dr. Nair and my life was changed forever - for the better. I was bed bound and in a wheelchair. He determined that by implanting a pain pump I would get off the boat load of pain medication I was taking daily and have a better quality of life.First, it was a relief not having to worry about always carrying pain medicine and having people steal it or beg to borrow some! As we worked together and found the the right dose of medication I was able to do more and more.I I started volunteering at church as an interpreter for the deaf and found so much joy in the ability to help others, but more importantly, I was able to be active in the lives of my children again - no longer parenting from bed! I began volunteering at the high school and continued to work there after my boys graduated. I had a purpose in my life and was helping make a difference in the lives of the students I worked with.I stopped volunteering a year ago because I had some health issues and had gained a lot of weight which in turn put more stress on my body and increased my pain level. Again, Dr. Nair was proactive in finding solutions to improve my life by getting my pain under control. I want to express my thanks to him because he never nagged me about my weight, but when I chose to start losing weight he is in my corner cheering me onwards. Together, we decided it was the right time for me to get a different pain pump that will give me optimal pain relief. Seven days ago I got my new pump and are on track to finding the right level of medication for me to be able to start exercising.I feel like I have entered a new place in my life where I have so many choices. Instead of giving up and giving in to the pain, I know WExactly (Dr. Nair and I ) will get me to the place where I am living my life making a difference not just letting life happen to me.With Dr. Nair's help, you to can start living your life.
By: Tenah C.
Kentuckiana Pain Specialist
My Name is Tenah and I got very lucky when I walked in his office 12 years ago! I have a Neuro Auto Immune Disorder called Crps. I didnt know how that visit would forever change my life. As i get worse Dr Nair finds new ways to help me with this relentless very painful conditon I have! He stays on the cutting edge of new technologies out there. Brings them to his office. He never stops learning different ways to help his patients. Dr Nair is compassionate, caring and truly gets to know his pations. I volunter for a non profit org that helps people with different pain conditions, and I have referred people to Dr Nair and I always get a call thanking me! . I have been told from many I've not had a doctor to actually listen to what I'm having trouble with , but he did! Dr Nair actually took time out of his day and had his SCS reps come they volunteered timed ,and he actually paid for a seminar I had for organization! There were people from all over Kentucky and Indiana came to listen to what the non profit is and what we do to help people and Dr Nair spoke to each person there it was a great success! Its things like that what makes Dr.Nair a great doctor. Also in May of 2015 Derby weekend my oldest son was killed in a car accident. Dr Nair called me and left a very comforting message which I still have and cherish . Once again his amazing compassion. Then the visit I had to go to just a few weeks later, he sat and talked with me a good while! Dalton was a Organ Donar Picture whos still hangs in the office to this day!!! DR Nair every November helps me with Nation PAIN Month! I leave my cards,brochures, and books to share with his other patients!!! NOW TELL ME ANITHER DR THAT WOULD LET ME DO THAT?????I highly recommend him and his office staff! Thank you Dr Nair Your office is like family.
By: Roger M.
Kentuckiana Pain Specialist
I am a 23 year veteran of Fire/Ems, on November 30, 2015 I fell from a fire engine landing on my feet during a live fire training event. I ruptured every disc from L2 down amongst other spinal injuries and nerve damage. Ofcourse physical therapy and epidural injections were tried. I had appointments with Neuro surgeons, physical therapy doctors and hefty regiment of medications. I was sent to a orthopedic surgeon who ordered a Mylogram that showed the damage was as bad as it gets without being paralyzed. The Orthopedic Doctor advised against fusion. So I asked my pain management doctor if I would be a candidate for a spinal stimulator. He recommended Doctor Nair, my first visit with Doc Nair was outstanding. He took the time to explain everything, he answered every question my wife and I had. He looked me in the eyes and told me not to worry that I wouldn't have to live with pain the rest of my life as well as being unable to do the profession I love so much. I had my staples removed today from my spinal stimulator placement. I love this device, it has taken away 65% of my pain away. Thank you Dr. Nair! His office staff are outstanding and Dr. Nair uses Medtronic devices. I cannot say enough about the medtronic representatives. If you're looking for a Doctor that actually cares about his patients this is the one you want.
By: Laura S.
Kentuckiana Pain Specialist
I have been seeing Dr. Nair 9 yrs I first saw him as a broken person both physically and emotionally. I had been over medicated and suffering all related side effects and still in chronic pain. Dr.Nair introduced new procedures, with compassion and the goal of a better quality of life. He is more than simply a "pain manager/meds prescribing" Doctor. I fully believe in him and his staff. My opinion is that his treatment of chronic pain, and the reduction of side effects works but also weeds out "drug seakers" that have made it so hard for those of us truly Suffering with chronic pain, acute pain, injuries and degenerative conditions. I only wish I had the care he and his staff provide 5 yrs prior!Dr. Nair showed me great compassion and used his expertize to help me have a much much better QUALITY OF LIFE.The state of our country's insurance failure's are obviously not his fault ,in fact he has always gone the extra mile to work thruu the obstacles that inevitability come up.See him
By: Susan M.
Kentuckiana Pain Specialist
I just wanted to say how wonderful Dr. Nair and his staff are. Maybe the ones with the negative comments are ones that are looking for a pill doc instead of a pain doc. I have been going to Dr. Nair since 2003 and he has literally saved my life. I was in such severe pain that I tried to take my life. I went to a pain clinic in Lexington that actually caused more damage than what I was dealing with in the first place. I had my first neurostimulator in 2003. I was working great when I was in a head on collision that migrated the leads. After a couple of lead revisions I had another stimulator put in. Due to scar tissue it was not very effective. In 2008 I had a pain pump put in and it has made such a difference. I am still in pain, but I can function so much better than before. Dr Nair has always put me and my medical needs first. Yes, he is a doctor and yes, he makes money from his patients. Would any of us go to work for free each day? As long as he is in business, he has mine.
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By: Troy L.
Kentuckiana Pain Specialist
After having major back issues for 15+ years, a failed spinal fusion, numerous epidurals, ridiculous amounts of pain medications and many other failed treatments I had lost hope of ever being able to live any resemblance of a normal life. I started seeing Dr. Nair less than a year ago and had a pain pump implanted this week. I have to give thanks and praise to Dr. Nair, my trial pump period was the most pain free I have ever been. It allowed me to interact with my family again and to enjoy life which is something I have not done in a long time. Dr. Nair and his staff have been very helpful and considerate in getting me the maximum amount of pain relief available while still allowing me to function daily. Dr. Nair is a very compassionate and caring doctor who has personally called to check on me and I would recommend him to anyone with chronic pain.
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By: Karen M.
Kentuckiana Pain Specialist
I began having back pain in late '90's and suffered thru Med's, nerveblocks and injections and even chiropractors. I found Dr. Nair a couple of years and Finally found relief-17 YEARS later. He implanted a pain pump and my world has changed beyond my expectations. He is a wonderful, thoughtful, caring doctor as is his staff! I also want to also thank everyone who helped with my insurance and getting the procedure-wish more Doctor's were like him!!! THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY (and my family's) HEART!!! Thank you! Also, the aftercare afterwards was second to none! Again awesome dr & staff. He is also extremely knowledgeable and knows his stuff!! Call today!!!Feel better!!
By: Jeri N.
Kentuckiana Pain Specialist
Dr. Nair is by far the most empathic and compassionate doctor I have ever encountered! After undergoing numerous chronic pain treatments, I recently had a pain pump implanted by Dr. Nair. I'm happy to report being on the road to recovery! In addition to my positive experience with Dr. Nair, his staff have also been attentive and compassionate (special thanks to Stephanie, Angie, and Harsha). I also appreciate the professionalism and dedication to Tracy Houchin, Medtronics. Hopefully, I'll continue to control my pain-instead of the pain controlling my life.Sincerely,Jeri N.
By: Robert M.
Kentuckiana Pain Specialist
I was a meatcutter and injured my right arm in a meat grinder I suffer extreme pain in my right arm and upper my upper right extremity I have been seeing Dr Nair for 7 years he is a very patient Dr. and listens to my concerns and has treated the pain in my arm and extremity with medication and pain epidurals he recommended a pain stimulator and I had the stimulator surgically implanted it has really helped the pain in my arm and I thank Dr. Nair and I would strongly recommend him to any person whose life is limited because of Pain Thank you Dr Nair Robert Macy

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