By: Vick B.
Dr. Kathy A Nieder, MD
The ER was an absolute nightmare and exhibited the worst care and attitude I have experienced toward the elderly that I have had at any hospital. HOWEVER, the next day when we came back her surgeon and her nurses have restored my faith. Elderly people are not just to be thrown away. Each of them has made contributions to our society. I finally found people that would listen. Everyone wants to rock the sweet little babies which is great. Life is precious at both ends. God Bless those who understand that. These are the people of integrity.
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By: lauraosborne
Dr. Kathy A Nieder, MD
My sister had surgery at Baptist East Hospital. She was treated by everyone with the utmost respect and care. From the time she entered the hospital till the time she left, much care was given. I just can't thank everyone enough who came in contact with her. Dr O'Koon was wonderful and all his assistants, especially his nurse. Thank you, thank you. Koudos to Baptist East Hospital. I highly recommend this hospital to anyone. Our family and friends all think highly of your care.
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By: Ailyn F.
Norton Immediate Care Center - Preston
so I just called and the receptionist was really rude. her name was brantly something like that. she hung up on me. my husband asked a question so I answered it WHILE I WAS ON HOLD . I did not hear her say hello. I called back and she answered me rudely saying NO I said hello twice. so I hung up on her to not be mean.
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By: Michael J.
Norton Immediate Care Center - Tyler Retail Village
They wouldn't give me a TDP vaccine because I wasn't "already sick," even though they told me they would over the phone. I walked in to Walgreens and they did it no problem. Keep in mind Walgreens is a store that sells beer and Mac and cheese in a box and Norton is a healthcare facility. See the problem here?
By: Jim L.
Dr. Kathy A Nieder, MD
At Baptist Surgical Assoc. my surgery outcome was good BUT my surgeon used outdated protocol and subjected me to an unnecessary bladder catheterization. It turned out that this surgeon just had old, bad habits. Remember that if you're able to empty your bladder before surgery, catheters are not needed!
By: Paige M.
Baptist Urgent Care
Will never go back. Attitude and behavior of the person checking patients in was the worst I have ever experienced. Really unfortunate because I have been going there ever since it opened. It has been getting increasingly bad ever since Baptist took it over. It has all to do with their office staff.
By: Erica B.
First Stop Urgent Care-Dupont
My first vist was awesome they provided me what I needed. And did additional testing to double check. I'm so happy I chose urgent care. Even called back with test results and allowed me to come in the Dr. Office to speak with her. Awesome place. I'vefound my new Dr.
By: ayla.morphew.9
First Stop Urgent Care-Dupont
I brought my daughter in and we have not yet got insurance because we just became citicens of Kentucky. To be seen it was very cheap($59.00). For the life of me I cant remember the doctors name but she was awesome with my baby. Awesome visit to the E.R.!!!!
By: paige23p
First Stop Urgent Care-Dupont
They were very nice, smart, and helpful. The staff too great care of me, knew what was wrong with me, and it was the best experience I have ever had at any urgent care center. the wait to see the doctor was not long either. they took great care of me.
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By: Rachel S.
Baptist Medical Associates
I have such mixed reviews about this office. On one hand,I absolutely love the physicians. They were so nice. On the other hand, the front desk is awful! They have absolutely zero people skills. They need to be replaced or retrained!

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