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By: ajcolcla
Arella Bella Salon
I purchased a groupon and requested to schedule an appt with Nina or Kelly after reading good reviews about them. The groupon was for a cut, color, and style. My appt was scheduled for 230 on a Wed. That morning I got a call asking me to come 30 mins later bc they were running behind. No big deal, so I did. Once I was there, I waited an additional 45 mins to be seen by a girl who was not Nina or Kelly. I told them that it was supposed to be with one of them and the guy at the desk said those two girls don't participate in the groupon program (?). They could have told me this when I scheduled an appt but oh well.As she was washing my hair, the girl says, "Do you mind if I just cut your hair and you go home and dry it? I need to pick my kids up and my boyfriend and I share a car. I figured I'd be done by now, but we are running really late today." Umm yeah I mind. I needed my bangs cut and you can only do those dry. I said I'd be okay with it if someone else finished my appt then. After waiting around for Nina to finish with her client, she took over my appt. The girl had given me extremely blunt layers and rushed through cutting it. When it was dry it looked like crap, but Nina was able to feather it out make it look much better. Forgot to mention, before the appt I had to sign this waiver, basically stating that Arella Bella can't be held responsible for anything that happens to my hair during the appt. One of the bulleted items on the list was, "Are you prepared to wait for the entire appointment to be completed? If not, please leave and return when you are." This was among many other ridiculous statements. My entire appointment ended up taking 3.5 hours for an all over color, 4" taken off my hair, and for it to be blow dried. Who has that kind of time?? I will not be back. I gave them 2 stars instead of 1 because Nina did a great job cleaning up the cut the first stylist gave me.
By: mdsmith400
360-Salon And Spa
I have gotten my massages from 360 for several years now. I always had great service until 7/24/2015. I took my best friend for a couples massage for her birthday. This is something we have done for years. I am writing this review because I am upset by how I feel I was treated. I am a form of a therapist as well and work on a fee basis. It is important to be ethical with your time and rates. The actual massage was great but the therapists only spent 42 mins with us. Before the massage we waited almost 30 mins in the locker room before we were taken to the treatment room. Apparently the massage therapist was still working on someone. This is no big deal as we understood people run behind. After the massage was over and my friend checked the time we realized we were only there for 42 mins. We fully expected to pay for the time we spent on the table. The therapists charged us full price which was 65.00 for 60 mins. When I brought this up the them they knocked off 15.00. I feel that was still a rip off as they charge approximately 1.00/ min. I will not return. I feel this is highly unethical, unprofessional, and deceitful. I encourage you to pay attention to the time and services you are receiving.
By: Julie K.
Bella Nails & Spa
I went in at 7:30 tonight and was very disappointed with the service. The first time my technician spoke to me was when I asked how she was doing and the response was, "ready to go home." She didn't talk to me again for the whole service. I wouldn't have minded that so much if it had been a good service, but it wasn't. She was clearly rushed. Scrubbed my legs so hard it burned and I had to ask her to slow down. I've never had to do that before. The massage literally lasted 2 minutes, for both legs. The paint job was not the greatest, either. It's a shame because the interior is nice and I had an okay experience last time with a different tech. The older woman is great, but this tech (she had on glasses) was awful. For $30 I expect more than a 30-minute pedicure. I usually tip at least $5 but she didn't even speak to me before she left for the night, so I didn't leave any tip. Very annoyed. Only giving it 2 stars because last time was better.
By: jessicaharbor19
Arella Bella Salon
BEST SALON I HAVE EVER BEEN TO.Hi! This was my first time coming to Arella Bella. The lady who did my hair was Nina, and she is a very sweet lady and once she did my hair I felt like a superstar! I guess I would say that I have always my whole life had... difficult taste. My whole life going to so many different salons I was never really satisfied. But when I came to Nina at Arella Bella she did something totally different than all of the other salons that I have ever been to. She just has a keen eye for what looks good on certain people, I told her to do what she thinks is best for me. And when she was finished it was like my eyes had just been opened for the first time in my life. I had never seen myself in such a positive way. She really knows how to work with everyone's beauty and make it shine with just a simple hair change. Thank you Nina, I forever appreciate what you have done for me and I will always come back!
By: vu.do.1238
Classic Nails
@sailorsaturn- My name is Vu Do. I am the manager and nail tech at Classic Nails. I sincerely apologize for your experience with us here. I would like for you to come back in and give us another chance. We are currently running specials on manicure and pedicures. I don't know who did your service so poorly for you to write this review but i can assure you if you come back, you will not have the same experience as you did before. If you would like, you can request for me and I will devote my full attention on giving you the best service. Thank you and also, whoever did the pricing in the menu page is WRONG. Our prices are way lower than whats listed on this page. Feel free to contact us about services, prices, and any other questions you have.
By: janieceloup
Arella Bella Salon
The hairdresser was very nice. The issues I had we're that before the cut we had established that I wanted my hair to be at chest length, so please explain to me why it ended up being chin length?? Also there was supposed to be a deep conditioning with my groupon that I never got. I didn't like that they didn't have their licenses displayed so not only did I not know my hairdressers name (because she never introduced herself) but I didn't know when or from where they went to beauty school. There were no prices or services listed or offered to me personally so I have no idea what else they offer or how much I would have paid if not for the grupon. I really hope I find a good hairdresser in this town someday.
By: emileesmith
Arella Bella Salon
-Best salon I have ever gone to.I really don't understand all of these negative comments? Are you sure you didn't go to the wrong salon? Because all of these negative comments do not represent this salon in anyway. Well at least not with my experience. The first time I ever went to Arella Bella was back in October, I went in just looking for them to dye my hair, they did. And they got the color I wanted perfectly down to a T. But that was all that I was expecting but they went above and beyond that. They not only dyed my hair they also styled it for me and that meant a lot to me that they are willing to spend a little extra time on there customers and there not just money hungry.
By: vivianthet
LaVee Nails
My name is Vivian, the owner of LaVee Nails. First of all, I'm sorry that you did not have a good experience with us. Second, you need to look at yourself and maybe change your attitude and be nice to other people before you talk about them. You called me "Retarded" that tell people you are very educated. We had seven clients witness the whole situation that day. I am proud to tell you that my nail tech did nothing wrong, other than you were harassed her with your bad attitude. I am in business where my job is making people happy when they come to see us and also protect my nail tech from customer like you. Hope you can read this!!!
By: notsogirly
Time 4 Nails
I went in for a pedicure my first time, just a princess pedicure with deep red polish. It was amazing, it was my first time and she was so gentle with my feet. My toes looked amazing, and she even painted my two year old nieces nails a bright pink for free with my pedicure. The second time i went in i got acrylics with a deep blue polish and day 2 they still look amazing. I have got so many compliments, and i am just so happy. The staff was very friendly and even let me and my boyfriend sit in and watch a soccor game while we waited for my nails to dry. Definitely going back, and definitely would recommend.
By: kristen.lynch.980
Arella Bella Salon
Go for it! great place and ask for Nina she is terrific! I have never seen a stylist approaches her job with such precision like how Nina does. She really does have a genuine interest in what you want your hair to look like and how to make you feel good about yourself. She also shared tips and tricks with me to improve my style on a daily basis. What really impressed me most was I showed her a picture of what I wanted my hair to look like and by the time she got done cutting it, it looked almost exactly like what I showed her. Arella Bella is the salon to go to, artsy atmosphere and friendly people.

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