By: pbrownstar
Neutz Brothers Car's Truck's
Recently my wife and I decided we needed to upgrade our vehicle to something newer and more comfortable than what we were driving. Neither of us had bought a vehicle in quite some time so like any other purchasing decision we took to the internet and began our search on both cars.com and autotrader.com. After weeks of looking at models that we thought were right for us we decided to visit a few dealerships to see what suited us best. We dealt with 2 dealerships and test drove several cars before we decided what it was that we wanted. We found what we thought was a good deal and made a fair offer but the dealer refused to lower the final cost by $400.00 on a $20,000.00 offer. That's a 2% difference. After that we intensified our search and found that even at $20,000.00 the car we wanted wasn't the best deal. Years ago I had done business with Roy Neutz when we needed vehicles for our company so after daily internet searching and disappointing results with dealerships we decided to give him a call. We called on a Monday and told Roy what we were looking for and how much we wanted to spend. He didn't have what we wanted on his lot but it so happened that he was going to an auction the next day and there were two cars that met our criteria. Roy called me the next morning while he was at the auction to let me know that he didn't like one of the cars but the other one looked good. He gave me all of the details about the car, mileage, previous owner history, color, etc. while he was inspecting it. My wife specifically wanted a non-smoking car so Roy told us it even passed the smell test. As luck would have it he was able to buy the car for the right price, bring it back to Louisville, thoroughly inspect it, prep it and have it ready for us to test drive by that Saturday. It was exactly what we wanted and well within our budget to we returned on Monday and purchased the car. It was like having our own personal car shopper. The whole experience was pleasant, easy and straight forward. Afterwards I knew we got a good deal but was curious as to how good so I got back online and looked for the same car with the same features and mileage that we had bought. Depending upon who had it for sale we saved anywhere from $1500 to $3500. It feels good when you know you made the right choice on such an important purchase for your family. The next time we need to upgrade our first and only choice will be Neutz Brothers.
By: bpowell82
Cobra Motors
I don't understand all the negative reviews. I've had nothing but good things from the people of Cobra Motors and they've gone above and beyond what any used car dealership would do. Their prices are more than fair and yes some cars may not be perfect but the prices and honesty about them is always good. I've been checking out cars there for years and just purchased one there this week. It did have hail damage but was in great mechanical shape. The price was very reasonable considering the damage and they even agreed to fix a part of the hail damage with my purchase. another thing they didn't have to do, was the car I purchased did not have a radio. It came that way from the auction. The owner Omar said he would look in their storage warehouse and pull one from another car that had an AUX input and mp3 capabilities as that's what I was looking for. He also told me if he could not find one that very day, he would pay for half the cost of any radio I picked out from a store. I don't know about you, but that's a good deal and something he was not required to do. Having received an already good deal on the car, he set me up with a new radio, and added in a free oil change as well. If you just sit down and talk with them, you'll come to understand they're good people running a business. They're here to help, and they do go above and beyond what they're required to do. I was present on their lot when another woman had something come up and they agreed to cover all costs to fix her issue months after she had purchased it, something they were not required to do but they are here to help. If that angry poster below me would have contacted them regarding their issue, which they didn't.. Omar would have accommodated them as well. Instead they wait months after the issue and do not go to them for assistance.I've had nothing but good things to say about the people of Cobra Motors. They've done everything they can to help me, answer any questions, cover any issues I had, etc. They're very understanding people and happy to help. They are a used car lot and do get some of their inventory from auction, so of course there may be some vehicles that aren't 100%, but you're going to get a great deal and if something comes up, it never hurts to contact them for assistance.
By: Kyfix M.
Mehani Auto Sales
I don't take the time to write reviews often and I only write reviews if I was impressed. About a month ago I bought my third car from this place and every time I've interacted with them I was pleased with their service. I was treated fairly and they have a great knowledge about the cars. There's nothing worse than trying to sell a product that you have no knowledge of. Not with these guys. They can tell you about every detail of every car they have for sale. Most importantly, which means more to me than anything else, they are honest and with all of the three experiences I've had, I was never lied and everything they told me about the cars was true down to the last bit. Over time they have improved their array of cars so now they have a much much bigger variety of selections.
By: 50andcounting
Cobra Motors
We bought a 2012 Honda Accord with a rebuilt title (water) in January, 2013. I never would have imagined that we would have bought a car with a rebuilt title. But, Omer and his brother and his crew won us over. The car fit our needs perfectly. But more importantly, Omer was so open, honest, straight-talking, etc., he made us totally comfortable in making this purchase. He encouraged us to NOT buy the extended warranty on the car. He said, "I'll sell you the warranty, if you really want it. But, you'd be wasting your money. You don't need it with this car." I will need to buy another car within the next year or so. When that time comes, I will contact Omer at Cobra Motors.
By: jcecil2
Neutz Brothers Car's Truck's
I was first referred by a trusted friend who travels a lot on the road and thus requires frequent replacement purchases of reliable vehicles. I recently replaced my high mileage vehicle with a purchase from Neutz Bros Auto sales. Shortly after this a leak was noted in the exhaust system along with another minor issue. The issues were promptly repaired and I was delighted with their service. The initial purchase was smooth and hassle free. The auto was immaculate, and had been serviced to bring it up to date. I can say unequivocally that I will be contacting Neutz bros when my next purchase is needed as they always come through.
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By: godislovealways
VA Quality Motors
These people are great. My wife and I have bad credit. It wasn't always this way but life happens. After shopping several places and seeing how high interest rates were and how low quality most places vehicles were we stumbled across VA Quality Motors. 0 percent interest rate. Not a typo. All of their buy here pay here cars come with no interest, regardless of your credit score. Warranties, Carfax, Good titles, Free oil changes and so much more. Jason was our salesman. Very knowledgeable and friendly. He never pressured us and he is the reason we bought there. We are so happy. Go see them. You will be happy that you did.
By: mayweather1980
Okolona Motors
Went to 3 used car dealers they did not get me approved for my loan on any of the cars I liked except 1 buy here lot said they would finance a 2000 Cogar for me the only problem with that is they wanted to charge me 12 thousand for the crapy #$%$ car them Mf's wanted to rip my A$$ off. I went to Okolona Motors test drove a 2007 Charger and loved it. I doubted they would get me approved since most of my work is for cash. They have a small office and was packed with people any way I drove that hot babe out the next day after I brought in the paper work requested. Thank you Okolona Motors for pimping me out
By: johnson7090
Okolona Motors
This place got the hook ups I should oh went there first When I got there I was greeted by a big fat white guy lol the dude was great after we did the woobty woob talking we went inside to an indian lookin brother that asked me a few questions and then I had to stare in his face for an hour lol I couldn't believe it when the brother told me its time to look over paper work and got me into my dream 2009 Malibu with my 600 down when I left home dad told me you will never get a ride as long as you work for cash but he was all wrong once again got my hot wheelz hehehehe
By: Corey D.
VA Quality Motors
went there today I brought a 2005 745li bmw the mile where a lil high but I was told by the salesman to drive the car then make the decision,so me and my wife drove the car,i must say it drive and handled very well it was unbelievable with the miles I was very pleased as we pulled back in, the sales rep along with the General Manger where standing outside the dealership the GM provided me with the carfax and the VIN CHECK these documents explained the mileage and the cars history long story short I brought the car thanks va quality motors
By: Josh B.
Cliff & Sons Auto Sales
As soon as I stepped on this lot, I knew I was in the right place. Cliff and Sons was clean, their lot was in order and the vehicle selection was superb. I love the fact that this place is truly and family owned and operated business. You get to deal with Cliff himself and his two sons. This place is customer service oriented and they are ecstatic to welcome new people into their Cliff and Sons family. They weren't pushy while I was shopping, and they just made me feel really comfortable. Thank you guys for an amazing experience!

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