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By: Erin M.
Discovery Preschool & Child
My daughter has been going to Discovery for a while now and we're very happy. The teachers do a great job and the owners and directors are very involved in all of the classrooms. Seeing them spending time in all the rooms, lending a hand when needed, and helping to keep everything organized makes it feel very cohesive and family-like. The teachers do a lot to work with the kids on their preschool/pre-k skills, and they help kids learn to work through all the social challenges of daycare and school. The center is also great about making things fun -- they always have cute projects, celebration days, special guests (Mr. Magic is definitely a favorite!), etc. Summers are especially fun. Our first summer there we were really surprised at how much they do for the kids. (There's usually a special thing each week -- water slide, bouncy house, sno cones, animals to pet and learn about, theme weeks, etc.). We feel comfortable that our daughter is in great hands. Most importantly, she likes it. Visit a few other daycares and I guarantee you'll notice a difference at this one. It's not just a place to watch your kids-- they really have a sense of pride in their work and want to go above and beyond.
By: lilredshaqfan
Bright Expectations
My child has been at Bright Expectations since she was 3 months old. The experience there has been a wonderful one for her and myself. I learned of Bright Expectations through a co-worker who utilized their services for both of her children. Not only is the environment a healthy one, I can honestly say that I feel comfortable with this being her home away from home during the day hours. The Director and the staff have been very friendly and informative. My now, 2 year old, has a lesson plan scheduled for her monthly which keeps me abreast of what will be "happening" on a daily basis. She looks forward to taking a book each Wednesday. And of course, she comes home wanting to read it to me as well. She also receives a daily report of her activities at the end of the day for me to take home as well.During the winter months, my co-workers complain of daycare closings, however I am very seldom impacted as they strive to be open for parents and their children.If I have any concerns (as you know parents have at least one, we can't help ourselves), the staff is always their to listen and work with you. For this reason and the reasons above, I recommend them highly.
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By: Tom M.
Kribs2Kids Academy Fairdale
This center is in a quiet, quaint neighborhood, which is very important for us due to some challenges our son has. No busy roads with crazy drivers and lots of various things going on with busy intersections or streets. Our son has been at Kribs2Kids Academy Fairdale for four months and gaining in terms of courage and confidence. Until this time he has been timid and withdrawn, especially when put in the company of other children or crowds, but not anymore. He plays and participates in all kinds of activities at the center, except for 10-15 minutes after we drop him off in the mornings.This change in his behavior is completely due to the expert and experienced teachers he has at Kribs2Kids Academy Fairdale. The love on him, read him stories, and play with him. This child care center and preschool has an excellent curriculum, and believe me we have been to quite a few centers. We are not worried about our son like we were at other preschools and day cares.
By: lorinkay
St Matthews Child Development
Before St Mathews Child a Developement Center my daughter had been to an at home caregiver and a daycare. I never felt she was progressing to her potential or that her teachers were being hands on with her or caring. When she started going to St Mathew CDC her entire learning development changed for the better. She is farther along in her vocabulary as well as manners than most children I see her age. Her current teacher, Miss T is awesome! Lilly adores her and Miss T had her potty trained in a matter of a few weeks. She is amazing with her kids. The management is very nice and always quick to help if I need documentation or just want to see how my girl is doing that day. Could not be happier anywhere else. So blessed to have found them. :)
By: Lea J.
Elf Daycare & Preschool
My child loves this daycare! In fact, she refuses to go home :) and asks why the daycare is closed on weekend. I am also very impressed with the level of teaching. I can attest to my child`s learning progress. As for "the people rude on the phone", I don`t expect a daycare to have an appointed secretary. If someone seemed like not having time to talk on the phone- it might well have been so. It`s a teacher, and their job is to take care of kids. I definitely prefer my child`s teacher looking after my baby than sound friendly on the phone.
By: Destinee L.
Tiny Hands Academy
Tiny Hands Academy is hands down the BEST daycare in Louisville, KY!! The staff are so nice and each child is treated as if they are the only kid attending. They also eat a healthy lunch with vegetables, starches, and fruits. My child is 5 and a half and she is more advanced with her writing and just her basic kindergarten knowledge than ALL the children in her class! Her teacher is sending home 1st grade work and she might possibly be able to skip a grade in school. EVERYONE should at least check this daycare out!
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By: Nick O.
Kribs2Kids Academy Fairdale
We were not very impressed with the physical appearance of the center, since it is a home that has been converted to a child care and preschool. It is spacious, neat and well organized but it an older building. However, the curriculum was most impressive. And the experience and qualifications of the teachers was above par. They also teach Spanish with Latin American staff. Last but not the leas, they provide good food, excellent education and superb care - everything we look for a child care center.
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By: Omesh N.
Kribs2Kids Academy Fairdale
Like a breath of fresh air! We did not get the usual hype about how good the center is and wonderful the staff is, etc. etc., but instead we were told that Kribs2Kids Academy Fairdale is the best value for the money we will be spending on our children. Our kids have learned a lot in the last five months, they are obedient, well behaved and knowledgeable. They look forward to spending before school and after school time at the facility. We like it a lot and you just might too.
By: Brittany C.
Beautiful Faces
Beautiful Faces is a wonderful Childcare provider! My children, especially my oldest child, have never liked attending daycare. However, they look forward to going to Beautiful Faces Childcare each day! And honestly, that says so much in itself. The owner is very interactive with the children, doing things such as playing basketball with them! She knows how to speak with them correctly and be firm when necessary with no corporal punishment! Excellent! 5 Starts :)
By: sskids3ss
Whiz Kidz Academy
Just drop in and meet the director and staff. They do not schedule tours and have nothing to hide. I have been with Whiz Kidz for 3 years and I have had my ups and down but they always have worked with me. My children alway have a smile on their face in the morning and there have even been times that they were upset because they did not want to leave at the end of the day. I truly feel like I am leaving my children with family.

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