By: Eric G.
Tree Care Inc
Second time customer. First job was 12 years ago removing an exceedingly large sycamore tree from our deck next to our house. Outstanding job then. Moving to now, We just had a large Oak tree damaged by a storm and insects at our new home. A 40 foot limb (really a medium tree) fell to the ground. Mostly on our neighbors yard. We made several calls to several business. Everyone saying two or more weeks to get the limb removed and rest of tree work.Tree Care said would get crew out in three days. He was able to get a crew out the next day. His crew of 8 showed up, got the work done, then cleaned the grounds and made the neighbors happy and once again left us 100% satisfied customers. Very cost competitive, a local business that clearly has maintained outstanding customer service. We will use them a third time.
By: Dianne S.
Kenny's Tree Service, L.L.C.
I am a "tree hugger" and never had a tree service before so I was apprehensive about how it would go. First of all Matthew (super nice guy) comes and talks to us to get an idea of what we want. I felt he really understood our concerns.He seems educated about trees and also offered suggestions and info that was a big help. Then the appointment was made. The cutter (Bill) and their crew came at the appointed time. Matthew also came to oversee the cutting to make sure it was how we wanted. At the end of the day we were very happy with the results and amazed at how smooth it went. They are experts in their field, professional, great customer service, trustworthy, and very nice people to boot. You won't find a better company, I highly recommend them! D.S. in Lebanon Junction KY
By: moe6684
T' Trees
A couple of weeks ago I had T's Trees come out and cut down several trees and some bushes.They did all the work they said they would for a more than fair price infact out of 4 quotes they beat them all!! Henry and his partner came out at said time and had it knocked out a lot quicker than I had anticipated these guys are professionals and No BS they Get It Done!! The trees were gone and all the waste as well!! I would most definitely recommend T's Trees!! Thanks so much!
By: S D.
Tree Care Inc
Bought some cut flagstone. Turned out we needed bigger stones. They wouldn't take back the untouched smaller ones even though I ended up spending more money in their store for the larger ones. This is after having to take the smaller ones back for a re-weigh due to them not subtracting the weight of the loading cart when they charged me the first time. Was going to have them come out for a landscaping bid but don't believe that is going to happen now.
user avatar
By: Bart J.
Kenny's Tree Service, L.L.C.
I'd highly recommend this company for take down, topping or trimming. They're courteous,fast and efficient. They cut to what you want not to what they want. They completely clean up after themselves before leaving. Most importantly their rates are very reasonable and affordable. After having spent 6hrs watching them remove two others and top ours I rate 5 stars to Kenny's Tree Service.
By: fabes30
Tree Care Inc
From the gentleman who came out to estimate the job, all the way to the crew who came out to do the work, they were professional and courteous. They were quick and cleaned up fast. My yard looked amazing!! They also came in about $3500 cheaper than every other placed I called. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a tree removal service. Affordable and again, excellent!
By: Alicia P.
Despain Tree Service
Richard and his crew took down 3 of my mother's trees recently. They did a job that other tree services said was near impossible and would cost double to triple what DeSpain Tree Services charged. They were courteous and very professional in every way. I, as well as my mother highly recommend them if you are looking for reasonable pricing, timely work and professionalism.
user avatar
By: Carolyn S.
Grasshoppers Landclearing & Tree Service
We just used Grasshoppers to top off a very large birch tree near our house and also near our neighbor's house. They were very careful, did a great job, and cleaned up all the mess. I don't know how many crews they have, but this 4-man crew was professional, safe, and friendly. I would use Grasshoppers again.
By: Amy C.
ACME Tree Service
This review is 12 years overdue! Acme Tree, the Cissell family, has provided my annual tree check/trim since I moved to this yard with trees aplenty! They listen to my thoughts, concerns, and questions and then explain their plan. They are a tight knit crew who are safe, knowledgeable, and dependable!
By: Brittanie O.
Arbortech Tree Removal & Preservation
I had some tree work done for me and I couldn't be happier. Mike and his crew were officiant,professional and not to mention the fairness on price. I would and have recommend arbor tech to everyone I know ! Thank you guys again I will call you first thing for all my tree and landscaping needs.
Tips & Advices
Yes, many nurseries ship plants and trees, but inter-state shipping regulations are complex and strict, and nurseries must be in compliance regardless of whether that disallows a customer order. Also, even if items are allowed to ship, they might not survive if outside the proper USDA growing zones--in which case a nursery might try to discourage the customer from placing the order.
The ease of caring for fruit trees varies according to where you live, but lemon trees and apple trees are widely considered easy to grow. Pear trees are fast-growing but need to be planted alongside another pear variety to bear fruit. Stone fruit trees, especially cherries and plums, are popular in regions with defined seasons and cool winters.  In hot/humid regions, banana trees (producing small varieties of banana) and mango trees are known as “fast fruiters” that require little care.
Plant Hardiness Zones are the government-researched standard geographical breakdown of broad climate regions across the United States. The USDA has created a map of the United States, which includes 11 planting zones. This map helps gardeners determine what to plant when, based on accumulated weather data. Factors like soil quality and microclimates are not accounted for in the USDA Plant Hardiness Zones, and should certainly be taken into consideration as well.
Perennial plants and trees grow anew each spring, and are dormant in the winter. Annuals have a lifespan of only one growing season, and need to be replanted each year.
Evergreen is a term for plants and trees that keep some green foliage year-round. While the term “evergreen” is closely associated with pine trees, many other types of trees are also evergreen, including live oak, blue spruce, eucalypts, and most of the coniferous cousins of pine.

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