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  • 1.The Hounds's Tooth & Cats' Meow

    9614 Taylorsville Rd


    10.80 mi

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    Staff is very knowledgeable and professional, They went above and beyond to groom my yorkie. When I have taken her to other groomers she comes home itching and scratching. They use excellent products

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By: Yajaira A.
Milantoni Italian Restaurant
Great italian restaurant. Food you can teast is homemade. They make you feel welcome. And their bread is to die for!!!!
By: Linda S.
G Q Unlimited 2
First Class Suits and Accessories for men. Service and selection is always above any other store I have shopped in.
By: Patch S.
Doggy Do's
Top rated service! Been coming here for over a year. Have a huskey and a yorkie. They shave them every summer, give them baths, clean their ears, and trim their toe nails. They do this in a few hours. The prices are reasonable for what they do. I highly recommend them.Patch
By: Kim B.
R Furry Friends Pet Salon
If I could give them zero stars I would! I took my Irish Setter to be groomed. Called beforehand to ask if they knew HOW to cut an Irish and was assured they did. I dropped off my gorgeous dog and they told me she would be there a few hours. They would call when she was ready. After about 4 hrs I called and was told she "wasn't ready just yet" They will be calling soon. Another 2 hrs went by and this time I just went there. When I walked in the door they had a fan leaned up against the cage of a large red dog. I didn't even look at that dog because I knew there was no way it could be my Setter. Then they opened the cage and much to my surprise it WAS my baby. They SHAVED my Irish Setter! I immediately was furious and asked them what the hell they did to my dog. The "groomer" (And i use that term loosely) said they had to shave her because she was so matted they couldn't do anything else. They didn't bother to call and ask me if that's what I wanted or not. She was NOT matted and you should NEVER shave an Irish Setter anyway! When she saw how upset I was she even had nerve enough to say to me "It's just hair - it will grow back" Trust me when I say I wanted to shave HER hair and tell her the same! If you love your animals NEVER take them to this shady establishment.
By: Carolyn D.
Chere's Grooming
Very friendly & professional groomer. The service is great and I would refer friends and family to this groomer
By: Ruthie Z.
Burlington Coat Factory
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By: Krista J.
Shaggy Paws Grooming
Horrible horrible horrible. I called and scheduled an appointment. I showed up and no one was there. I waited for 15 minutes and still no one showed or answered the phone. I came back 30 minutes later and still no one was there. I've been calling since 9:30 am which is my scheduled appointment and it's 12 pm. I called around to find another groomer and explained what happened and they guessed this exact business name without me even telling them who it was because of their reputation for doing the exact same thing to other customers.
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By: Carolyn D.
Chere's Grooming
Very nice & friendly owner. I have recommended this place to my family and friends and I will definitely take my pet there again
By: John S.
Bow Wow Grooming
I will never take my dog here again! He was to get his nails trimmed, his face hair trimmed and a flea dip. They cut his nail too short which caused him to bleed a lot and SHAVED him! When we get him home he can't sit or relieve himself. He shook badly and just seemed terrified! I can't imagine the torture they put my baby through. The service was horrible. They didn't seem caring at all and I had to pay $40 for this cruelty which was originally quoted at $28. If you care anything about your animal please don't bring them here!
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By: John G.
Hot Box Eatery
Had the German Schnitzel for lunch, everything tasted fresh/hot.It wasn't trying to be anything special which is why it tasted so good. Stuck to the basic and delivered. Recommend.
Tips & Advices
Many people fear that their pet will be injured at the groomer, but incidents of serious injury are infrequent. For minor injuries , it is appropriate the groomer pay the vet bill, and can usually be worked out between groomer and owner. For moderate to severe injuries, you can attempt to activate groomer’s liability insurance to cover medical expenses. However, be aware that most groomer contracts stipulate that the business does not assume responsibility.
Staff at groomers know that there is inherent risk when handling animals, and they are familiar with being snapped at or bitten. However, it is not a normal occurrence or something you should ignore. Many people choose to cover medical expenses or pay extra--at minimum, apologize and get the dog into behavior classes. It is a given that  you should sedate or muzzle the animal for all future grooming sessions.
It is always recommended to make an appointment to get your pet groomed. While some groomers, especially in the larger pet stores, can accommodate with short notice, popular neighborhood groomers are often booked out two weeks out or longer on weekends.
If your pet has sensitive skin, let the groomer know when you set the appointment. But be aware, all dogs have sensitive skin by human standards--their skin is much thinner. Therefore, you should be on the lookout for signs of sensitivity, and reduce it through regular grooming with gentle, natural shampoo and conditioner. Oatmeal shampoo is a favorite. Daily brushouts and omega oil supplements are recommended for every day at-home care.
For various reasons including insurance clauses and pet-owner relationship dynamics and behaviors, groomers prefer owners don’t stay with their pets while being groomed.

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