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By: Paul W.
Golden Corral Restaurants
Let's start outside, the handicap spaces are always full.Inside there is the bottleneck at the cahier & search for a table. Our server did a great job of keeping drinks filled and empty plates off the table. So far a reasonably good restaurant.Some background. This was late lunch, about 1pm, on Wednesday May 31st. I do not eat grains (wheat, soy, oats, rice, etc.), grain products (oils & flours etc.), starches, sugars, and carbohydrates. So nothing breaded and fried. Also nothing in a sauce containing sugar and/or grain products (BBQ, & Gravy.)On a carbohydrate restricted diet there are very few choices. After going to their website and learning how many of their vegetables contain either soy or wheat the choices are even fewer than I thought when I was there. I'm paying the price for eating soy & wheat today.I started with fresh spinach with real bacon bits, crumbled boiled eggs, and blue cheese dressing with extra blue cheese. The spinach wasn't as fresh as I would have preferred but it was ok. Meat, which is the cornerstone of my diet, was limited to baked fish, bacon, and little hamburgers cooked on the grill.The green beans, which are my son's favorite vegetable, were so bland that he wouldn't eat them and he warned me not to bother with them. It was a first to see him pass up green beans so I skipped them.The bacon was cooked just short of burnt to carbon and had been out there for a really long time. It kind of shattered when you took a bite and tasted reheated.The baked fish was soggy and mushy but tasted good. It was a favorite, probably because it was one of the few unbreaded meats and was gone quickly when they put it out.The little hamburgers, sliders, were my go to for meat without sauce. The buns, rolls actually, were discarded along with the pickles. Unfortunately the guy on the grill cooked the meat until it was tough and dry.Bottom line, we will not return. My digestion was ruined and today my insides are unwell.
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By: Howard G.
Hibachi Buffet
One of the better Asian buffets in the area. They have a nice selection of sushi, although rather bland, rice-heavy and the fish gets pretty much lost. That said, the rest of the seafood in the restaurant, including mussels in several preparations, stuffed small crab shells, salt-and-pepper head-on shrimp, crawfish, raw shrimp, butterfly shrimp, several other hot preparations of shrimp are all good. The oysters (both raw and fried) are for the most part worth skipping, and are rarely fresh. The other hot dishes (and there are many!) are for the most part slightly better than most of the other Asian buffets within a 20-mile radius, and they keep the chafing dishes filled, and they're constantly being replenished. The soups and salads are good and they have a very popular Mongolian grill, with fresh meats and veggies. There's little in the way of ambience, although the restaurant is clean and the service is usually quite attentive. Plates are bussed rapidly and drinks rapidly refilled. Considering the quantity and quality of food, the prices are astoundingly low. The place is definitely worth trying out if you're a fan of Asian food.
By: Cheri H.
Hibachi Buffet
Went in for lunch. After standing there a several moments I left. People kept walking by and never said hello, it will be just a minute or even acknowledged I was there. So until i decide if I want to try it again or not. My review is not good. I wished the Eastern House never closed. Everything was great when it was that.
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By: Kat Y.
Golden Corral Restaurants
Love it, best golden corral hands down. Excellent service and great tasting food. Better management than a few years back, staff is friendly and hardworking, very clean. Will definitely reccomend to anyone in the mood for a buffet!
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By: Baylee P.
Hibachi Buffet
Very good food, and always seems fresh! Loved the sushi and grill. Would recommend to anyone and easily the best of it's kind on Dixie Hwy!
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By: Tim H.
Hibachi Buffet
Food was great,fresh and plenty to choose from. The best on Dixie hwy, I would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone
By: hawg241
Bluegrass Cafe
This is an awesome place to eat. You should go check out the menu and enjoy a great meal.

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